Is Madden 21 Cross-Platform in 2024?

By | January 19, 2024

“I am tired of playing,” said no gamer ever! Games are so addictive that you don’t even notice how many hours you are into gaming. Video games, especially, are completely engaging and interactive, making players feel alive. Apart from the entertainment aspect, games have proven to increase the imaginary, competitive and sports skills of people. We live in an era where we have innumerable video games in the market with amazing features. 

Advanced technologies are being incorporated into video games for the betterment of graphics, soundtracks, gameplay, settings and other features. Action, adventure, sports, role-play, real-life simulation, arcade, puzzles, cooking are some of the popular genres in video games. From these, Sports always stand out because of their real-like nature. 

Creating Sports video games is quite challenging, as the developer has to present it like a real game with references and characters. As people are very fond of sports, they can easily spot a glitch or flaw in a sports video game. This is why the game has to be developed carefully with every minute detail for delivering it as a perfect package. 

In sports video games, there are both fictional and real sports involved. A sports video game should have real-like graphics, the best presentation, multiple game modes & settings, stability and more tools for efficient gameplay. Apart from these, it is recommended the game has a cross-platform compatibility feature. This will help multiple players play the sports game together for amazing gaming. Now, let’s get to know if Madden NFL 21, one of the popular football video games in the market, is cross-platform or not! 

A Quick Introduction to Madden NFL 21

A Quick Introduction to Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 is the latest American football video game released in the year 2020. The game is a successor to the popular Madden NFL series. Developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts, Madden NFL 21 is based out of the National Football League (NFL). As it’s been just over a year since the release of the game, it is yet to gain much popularity like other famous sports video games. 

One good thing is the availability of the game on numerous gaming platforms. Madden NFL 21 is available for Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can also find the game on Android and Apple phones as the developers of the game have released the mobile versions of the game.

The video game has got many features and avails you of multiple options to choose your team, opponents, game mode, etc. You will feel like you are really into a football game on the ground while playing this video game. It has realistic graphics to give you the best sports gaming experience. The gameplay is also quite good, but the fans of this game expect more developments from the developers in the coming years.

As it is a recently launched game, new updates and innovations in gameplay and graphics will happen eventually. Out of all the questions revolving around in the minds of gamers, one common question is, “Is Madden NFL cross-platform in 2024?” If you’re one of those seeking answers to this, you’re on the right page. Know the answer below!

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform in 2024?

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform

To our disappointment, No! Madden NFL 21 is not cross-platform in 2023. Will it be cross-platform in 2023? or in the upcoming years? We have to wait and see if that happens. The sports video game does not support cross-play, which means players with one type of gaming console cannot pair with a player with another type of gaming console to play the game together. 

Cross-platform has many advantages. When a game is cross-platform, the reach of the game will increase exponentially. Players across the world will be able to pair up and play the game together. Cross-platform compatibility will also help the player build his gaming community & engage with multiple players from different regions. The quality and features of the game will be the same without any disparity in all the gaming platforms. 

Now, you might ask why the developers of the game haven’t thought about cross-platform for Madden NFL 21 despite so many advantages. You must know cross-platform is complicated technology and cannot happen overnight. The developers of the game should invest so much money and put extra effort to improve the quality of the game for it to be cross-platform. 

The gaming platforms also have to accept the proposal of the developers and work together to make it happen. As there are both technical and business reasons involved in cross-platform technology, many popular games are yet to be cross-platform. As of now, there is no update from the developers of Madden NFL 21 about the cross-platform feature. 

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

No. Players with PC and Xbox One cannot play Madden NFL 21 together at the same time as cross-platform is not supported. 

If cross-platform is supported for two gaming consoles and not for others, players in these two platforms alone can play the game together, while others cannot. The developers of the game may not want one platform taking advantage of the other. They may have avoided cross-platform for this reason. 

Also, as we already mentioned cross-platform technology is too expensive. The developers should be okay to invest that much amount to upgrade the game and create servers for numerous gaming platforms and consoles to help all the players play with each other. 

As Madden NFL 21 is a sports video game, a cross-platform feature is crucial for it than any other action or adventure game. If a sports game is cross-platform, you can play the match with your friends, adding extra fun to the already fun game. The absence of cross-platform features has disappointed many gamers across the world. 

As the developers roll out new updates of the game every year, we may expect the cross-platform feature soon in its next installment. 

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Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

Is Madden NFL 21 Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

No. Madden NFL 21 is no cross-play between Xbox One and PS5. Players with PS5 and Xbox One will not be able to play this game together at the same time. Not just these two consoles, the cross-platform feature is not available between any gaming platforms when it comes to Maddon NFL 21. 

If you didn’t know, cross-platform technology will highlight the differences between gaming platforms in terms of graphics, gameplay and quality. The hardware of Play Station 4 is not the same as PC. PS4 gamers will have an edge over PC gamers. 

While PC has just a keyboard and mouse, PS4 will have additional devices like a joystick, buttons on a DualShock controller and touchpad. This will make PS4 players experience the game in a better way than PC. To avoid these disparities, the developers of Madden NFL 21 may not have agreed to the cross-play feature.

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Is Madden 21 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Is Madden 21 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

No. Madden 21 is not cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. This can upset Play Station players as they cannot play this sports video game with their friends. 

Madden NFL 21 is the latest game. It was released in 2020. So, there are probabilities for the cross-platform feature to come in the next few years. Madden NFL 21 does not support cross-progression too. As the game is not cross-platform and cross-progression, you cannot play the multiplayer mode with your friends or fellow gamers using different gaming consoles. Though this is a downside for the game, cross-platform also has its disadvantages, which we already explained above. 

Is Madden 21 or 22 better?

A successor to a game is always better than the predecessor. So, when it comes to comparing Madden 21 with Madden 22, we have to give this one to Madden 22. Not only does it have better graphics, the gameplay and the progression in the game are a lot more precise and refined as compared to Madden 21.

One of the unique things about Madden 22 is the fact that playing the game is a lot smoother in Madden 22, especially in the franchise mode as compared to that Madden 21. Most players reveal that you could tell the difference from the first round of the game.

Is Madden 21 still playable?

Madden is a long-running stream of games under the NFL series. If you are interested in playing games of a similar genre, we’d 100% recommend giving this a go without any compromise. It’s easy to work around and it has premium gameplay experience, which is severely lacking in most of the other NFL games.

The games in the franchise are cross-platform as well, which means that you can play them across different gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and even your Windows PC for that matter.

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1. What is the gaming platforms in which Madden NFL 21 is available as of now?

As of now, the sports video game is available on gaming platforms including Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is not yet available for Nintendo Switch and Stadia. The game is also available for mobile phone gamers. It has both iOS & Android versions. Also, the game does not support cross-platform. So, you cannot cross-play between different gaming consoles.

2. What are the two main advantages of cross-platform features? 

The cross-platform feature will make the game uniform and the same in all gaming devices and platforms. This means no platform has an edge over the other. Cross-platform also help gamers build the gaming community and play games with gamers across the world. This will increase the revenue and popularity of the game.

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The cross-platform feature is not supported by Madden NFL 21 sports video games as of now. The main reason for this is the newness of the game. The game was released just a year ago. We can expect cross-platform compatibility for this game in its next installments in the upcoming years. We hope the article cleared all your queries about the Madden NFL 21 game and its cross-play between different gaming consoles. Watch out for this space for more interesting updates about your favorite games. 


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