How Could AI Improve the Live Casino Experience?

By | July 4, 2024

Live streaming has been a game-changer in the online casino industry, and it has helped operators bring the real-world experience to players in their own homes. Now, people can feel as though they are sitting at tables opposite real dealers, with only their device screens separating them from the action.

Because of the popularity of live games, developers are doing all they can to integrate new technology and help it evolve. Artificial intelligence could soon come in and make this game category even more immersive.

The Live Casino Market Is Constantly Growing

When live casino games first started out, developers focused mainly on adapting traditional table offerings like roulette and blackjack. This has led to many new variants of these classic games, with the blackjack at Paddy Power now coming with more than 25 options. There are countless twists on the formula now, with options like Power Blackjack and Buster Blackjack giving players something different to try.

The popularity of live casino games has even led to the emergence of new game genres such as live game shows. These include titles like Treasure Island, Stock Market, and Boom City. The diverse themes on offer among these games are designed to attract a broader range of players.

AI Could Provide Players With Their Own Dealers

Part of the enjoyment of the live gaming experience is the social interaction between players and the real-world dealer. However, the downside is that these dealers are catering to a vast number of players at the same time. The ideal situation would be for every player to have their own dealer, and this is something that AI could potentially provide.

AI has the potential to create NPCs like never before, according to an article in This could be huge for the gaming industry in general but may also represent a massive leap forward for live casino gaming. Imagine if every player had a personal dealer who they could interact with. Perhaps this person would remember details about them, be able to learn, and then rekindle past conversations when they meet again. This sort of bespoke experience would enhance the live casino category massively, and it’s something that AI could make happen.

VR Could Increase the Immersion Levels

AI dealers could be an excellent upgrade to live casino games, but the integrations of new technology are unlikely to stop there. Virtual reality could be set to come in as well, and this would up the immersion levels massively.

According to the latest VR projections from Yahoo Finance, the market will be worth more than $235 billion by 2030. If that comes to fruition, it’s highly likely that online casino developers will have found a way to integrate the technology. It seems perfectly suited to live casino games, so this category could be where it has the biggest impact first.

There’s a strong chance that AI will come in and enhance the live casino experience massively in the next few years. It could lead to each player getting their own personalized live dealer.

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