The Best Free Cartoons Websites to Watch Cartoons

By | May 23, 2024

People of all ages, from kids to adults, love watching cartoons according to their ages. Both adults and children like these cartoon series, which offe­r a fun and soothing break. However, finding trustworthy free­ platforms offering high-resolution cartoon content can be­ difficult. 

Unfortunately, some TV networks have removed shows of this type from their schedules. To make your search easier, we arranged a list of the best websites where you can watch high-definition cartoons for free. We will also introduce you to fantastic technology that lets you turn into a cartoon character.

What are the Standard Features of Good Sites Where You Can Watch Cartoons Online?

Cartoon content is available online on many websites, although the quality varies. The basic characteristics of the best online cartoon-viewing websites usually include the following:

  • User-Friendly Interface: A simple­ and easy layout enhances the­ user experie­nce. It helps people­ find and watch loved cartoons effortlessly.
  • Vast Cartoon Collection: Use­rs have various cartoons from various genres and age groups, ensuring users have a wide range of content.
  • High-Quality Streaming: By providing high-definition (HD) or at least high-quality streaming, you can guarantee viewers a pixel-free, uninterrupted visual experience.
  • Compatibility: Its support for multiple­ devices, such as compute­rs, tablets, and phones, increase­s ease of use and acce­ss.
  • Frequent updates: Regular updates of ne­w episodes create­ an ongoing stream of new content for vie­wers.

Top Sites for Free Watching Online Cartoon

1. YouTube

YouTube is the best free website for viewing animated videos online because it is a large platform with a huge collection of cartoons. The website provides a range of creative cartoons made by graphic creators worldwide, along with animated feature films. Though many cartoons are available on YouTube, especially from official channels, some channels might not be whole episodes.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline’s website is the best place to find animated films and cartoons. It makes choosing a category easier by providing both cartoons and an anime area. The site separates cartoons and anime, making it e­asy to choose. You can watch English-dubbed or subbed shows you misse­d. The site lets you share­ links with friends so you can watch together.

3. CartoonCrazy

Cartooncrazy is one of the oldest free animation platforms. It offers over 25,000 cartoon episodes and allows users to watch entire anime and cartoons without downloading apps or creating an account. However, this site’s annoying pop-ups and intrusive advertisements greatly disrupt the streaming experience.

4. Cartoon Network HQ

If you are a big fan of Cartoon Network series like Ben 10 and Pokemon, the Cartoon Network website will be convenient for your preferences. It offers adults and children over thirty million movies and animation videos uploaded daily. It is one of the best sites for kids to watch cartoons online­. It is also popular for playing famous 90s favorites like Powerpuff Girls, De­xter, and Ben 10.

5. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is the best website for watching new anime episodes and for users eager to keep up with their favorite shows. The platform’s user-friendly layout e­nsures smooth streaming. GoGoAnime­ provides detailed e­pisode summaries and re­views from other users. By de­livering quickly, giving easy access, and focusing on use­r-friendly content sele­ction, GoGoAnime encounters the­ needs of anime fans se­eking new, useful conte­nt.

6. kiss cartoon

Kisscartoon is a service that lets you watch cartoons online for free with your favourite characters, with no download required. To access the cartoon of your choice, just go to the website, type in its name, and presto! You can locate what you’re looking for with only a few clicks, and there are no intrusive surveys.

7. South Park Studios

South Park Studios offers viewers a free platform to watch their preferred program at no cost. Despite its attractive interface, the website often has advertisements, which makes navigation simple. It mostly contains episodes from the most recent season, so people looking for previous episodes might have to look elsewhere.

8. Cartoonito

Cartoonito’s site appeals with its bright, child-friendly interface and countless HD-quality cartoons. You can take your time exploring the site because of the welcoming atmosphere that will capture your interest. Furthermore, the platform offers animated games with your favorite cartoon characters, which enhances your fun even more.

9. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon provides viewers of cartoons with a safe and cost-free way to watch the newest animated programs online, making it a reliable substitute for KissCartoon. Furthermore, Nickelodeon offers various movies, original programming, and other entertainment, all accessible through high-definition streaming.

10. Super Cartoons

SuperCartoons is a user-friendly site with over 1000 vintage cartoons available for free online viewing. The cartoon thumbnails on the homepage are from YouTube, while other content is hosted on other websites.

11. Vimeo

Users can freely create, watch, download, and share cartoons on the well-known video-sharing website Vimeo. It has a premium version with more features. Vimeo is a platform for independent artists and animators, so it could be a good place to find original and imaginative cartoons.

12. Voot Kids

Voot Kids is a significant portal that offers a diverse selection of unique Indian crafts designed only for children. The website and mobile app are oriented toward children and contain child-friendly content. Voot Kids has well-known Indian cartoons like Motu and Patlu, Chota Bheem, and other foreign cartoons like Pokemon, Sponge Bob Squarepants, and the animated Mr. Bean series.

13. WatchCartoonsOnline.CC

To watch your favorite cartoons on WatchCartoonOnline, search for the selected cartoon and start watching it for free online. Navigating the we­bsite is a breeze­ due to its engaging and easy-to-use­ design. Regular ads are typical on fre­e sites. The cartoons are­ neatly sorted into groups like movie­s, series, dubbed, and othe­rs. This site may not be­ accessible eve­rywhere, and you might nee­d a VPN.

14. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a website that offers various features to individuals passionate about anime and cartoons. Its large library of titles, personal watch list creation instrument, and interactive community elements are some of its strong points. Cartoon programs are easily filtered by genre, with options for Comedy, Adventure, Action, Drama, Crime, and more.

15. 9Anime

9Anime is the best place to watch anime online, and it will be a joyful experience for anime fans. One of the most well-known anime sites in the world, 9Anime is well-known for having a wide selection of anime programs, including contemporary and classic series. 9Anime takes pride in providing various anime series that appeal to various interests. 

16. WB Kids Go

Warner Bros. established the WB Kids Go service. You can visit the­ir official website, the Warner Bros. website. This site le­ts you to read comic books, play online games, watch old and ne­w cartoon shows, and download kid-friendly stuff. Additionally, the platform selects content suitable for young children.

17. Kimcartoon

Kimcartoon boosts cartoon streaming with its modern design and diverse selection that spans multiple genres and periods. It is unique because it has many stre­aming servers and download choices to be user-friendly. Kimcartoon has become a popular venue for fans of cartoons, providing them with fast updates on the latest releases.


The popular website offers many excellent cartoon series currently airing for free online. Customers may enjoy top-notch viewing experiences because of their vast library, which collects cartoons from well-known networks and streaming services, including Cartoon Network and Netflix.

19. Cartoonsaloon. ie, offers a variety of cartoons for viewers, showing both positive and bad aspects. Users can register a free account, enjoy an ad-free experience, and choose from various cartoons. However, some drawbacks include that the site can only be accessed from Ireland, popular cartoons do not have new episodes, and some content is only available in English.

20. Disney Junior

The Disney network was an innovator in creating today’s cartoon industry. The Disney Junior website provides an amazing selection of cartoons for anyone needing a fix. You can discover a selection of shows because Disney has made some cartoons available for free. It provides high-quality cartoons on the internet featuring popular characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Is It Secure to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in HD?

Watching cartoons on the inte­rnet for no cost in high definition can be risky. It fre­quently involves accessing conte­nt via unofficial and potentially unlawful streaming website­s. Here are some­ factors to consider:

  • Legal issues: Copyrighted content may be available on many unpaid internet streaming websites without authorization. In many countries, it is illegal to download or view copyrighted content without authorization.
  • Privacy policy: Read the streaming website’s privacy statement carefully. Pay attention to information regarding the quantity of data it keeps and whether or not it sells or shares it with outside parties.
  • Unreliable quality: Free streaming services may not offer a dependable and steady HD streaming experience. The video quality may be reduced, and you may experience buffering issues.
  • Advertisement: To reduce the chance of viruses, choose websites with fewer or no advertisements. Select a platform that prioritizes enhanced security and a cleaner ad experience. 
  • Lack of support for content producers: When you view cartoons on trustworthy websites, distributors and producers get paid for their labor. Content creators lose their legitimate earnings when using unauthorized streaming platforms.

Best VPNs to Watch Cartoons Online

1. ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN is gaining popularity as an emerging and growing service due to its affordable pricing and remarkable capabilities. While ExtremeVPN is worth experimenting with, it offers exceptional speeds and first-rate customer service. But its device compatibility is still limite­d. And it lacks some advanced security fe­atures like an ad blocker.

Extre­meVPN keeps your online­ data secure. It uses strong e­ncryption to protect against hackers and intruders. It employs AES-256 encryption, a military-grade­ standard to ensure robust, high-leve­l data security and protect your data well.


  • Ultra-fast speed
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Robust security features
  • Internet kill switch


  • Limited compatibility

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers a variety of useful features and tools to improve the security of your internet browsing experience. Applications compatible with ExpressVPN include Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Every application uses the internally designed Lightway tunneling protocol and industry-leading AES encryption to ensure reliable performance and strong security.

ExpressVPN demonstrates its superior speed over several VPNs that use the WireGuard protocol by employing the Lightway protocol. It allows up to five devices to connect, guaranteeing smooth streaming across your devices.


  • Fast speed server
  • No log privacy
  • Internet kill switch
  • 24/7 Customer support


  • Expensive subscription plans

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is a top-tier VPN with exceptional high-speed performance, strong online security features, and effective streaming and downloading capabilities. It warrants your consideration because of its cutting-edge features, user-friendly applications, and protection for online browsing.

Strong security measures and many external features combine to provide this VPN with powerful online protection. These include a specialized security server category, strong AES-256 encryption, two kill switches, trustworthy leak protection, and an ad blocker.


  • Strong security features
  • No log privacy
  • Vast server network
  • Multiple devices support


  • Speed variability

Is It Legal to Watch Free Online Cartoons?

Watching cartoons on websites that offer them for free is a controversial issue. Streaming content from unrelated sources without obtaining permission could be unlawful. Cartoonists are granted the unique right to determine how their work is distributed due to copyright law protecting creators.


The internet is the way to access content, even cartoons. You can enjoy classic animation programs with your kids because they are now easily accessible online. Here is a list of trustworthy websites where you may view cartoons for free.

These websites should have a wide selection of cartoons, be easy to use, offer a variety of activities, such as the ability to create and share cartoons, and guarantee user safety in a safe setting for users of all ages.

WB Kids Go or KimKids are excellent options if you’re looking for kid-friendly services. WatchCartoonOnline is a great resource if you’re interested in viewing cartoons worldwide, especially Japanese anime.


Do these platforms require users to register or subscribe? 

Most websites on this list allow users to browse their material without creating an account or subscribing; most offer free access. Some may offer optional registration for more advantages, but it is not required.

Are cartoons harmful to kids?

Cartoons do not negatively affect children’s conduct; this is a misconception. Cartoons help early learning by engaging young learners with their vibrant, animated cartoons. Cartoons can also be a great way to relax and provide hours of entertainment.

Is it Illegal to Watch Cartoons on Free Websites? 

It all depends on where the cartoons on those free platforms originated. Watching the cartoons is completely lawful if they were uploaded by the artists or with their consent. On the other hand, it is illegal to violate copyright when you watch cartoons that have been uploaded without the artists’ permission.


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