About Us

VOIVO Infotech Media Inc. (voivoinfotech.com) is an independent news portal which publishes well-researched quality news and articles. We publish news from the tech world such as Startups, Technology, Apps, and Gadgets. Our news reporters are well-experienced in the field of technology.

The main purpose of starting the portal is to educate people and provide them with relevant news related to startups and technology. Presently, there are very few websites which devotedly publishing quality news articles related to startups and technology.

What we started VOIVO Infotech?

Day by Day, there is increasing in the use of digital technologies worldwide. People are adopting a wide number of gadgets which are useful in their everyday life.

A large number of people are investing their money in the latest gadgets to improve their overall life. Apart from this, they are also searching for software and apps which will be useful to their life.

Various startups are being launched daily in some part of the world. All these startups are focusing on new technologies which will have a great impact on the lives of the people. Due to this, we believed that we should provide the latest news about the upcoming technologies.

But what we observe is that various sites in order to gain profit publish misleading info or provide very less info about the upcoming gadgets and apps. This is a very bad thing about it?

Due to this, we started this website to share the latest news and events running in the technology world. We will never post anything like marketing stuff to our readers, rather then we will give them some quality news and articles. We know that it is hard but we will be happy to serve our community.

Our Purpose

We are not just a tech news publishing site, instead, we will help our readers to decide to which gadgets and apps are good for them. Which technology will be useful in their life?

At VOIVO Infotech we are very serious about journalism and media. We never write any fake news and our readers can expect trusted news about tech. The articles on the website are generated from various different corners of the technology world, hence you can expect a very clear post on all the topics.

Our Mission

Here you can easily find very great and perfectly-pitched articles on tech news. We are closely doing research on all the upcoming gadgets, apps, and technologies in the market.

In this website, we provide the latest details about all the upcoming gadgets. Hence, users can grab the gadgets as soon as it is available in the market. Apart from this, we also provide details about great startups which are running all across the world.

For any queries or inquiries, you Can Visit Our Contact Us page or drop us a mail at contact.voivoinfotech@gmail.com