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Tessa Love is a Senior Writer at VOIVO InfoTech. She is very much interested in the latest startups launching in the market. Her work has appeared at various popular media sites such as BBC, The Outline, DAME, etc. Also, she likes to share the latest tech news from the market. To get in touch with Tessa for news reports you can email her on [email protected] or reach her out on social media links given below.

Is Titanfall 2 Cross-Platform in 2022? [Xbox One, PS4, and PS5]

Since the evolution of video games in the 1950s, the gaming industry has made amazing innovations. Gaming consoles were invented to give players the best gaming experience ever. Gaming consoles come with dedicated game controllers, improved graphics when compared to PC and better settings.  While buying gaming consoles you should make sure the console is… Read More »

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Platform? [PC, PS5]

So many thoughts can go around in the heads of game designers, as to how to make the game highly engaging and fun. But, the only thought in the minds of gamers would be to enjoy the game to the full extent and accomplish the missions.  Since the evolution of the video game in the… Read More »

14 Best Alternatives For Bolly4U in 2022

Introduction The specialty of the bolly4u website is that it works as other piracy sites. When any movie releases, this site leaks that movie to have huge traffic. Those movies are basically leaked on that day when it gets released. When this movie gets broadcasted, the users will be eager to watch the latest movie,… Read More »

10 Best Emoji Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

The advent of Smartphones has given rise to Emoji apps. When we use messaging apps emojis are something unavoidable. Almost all people use emojis these days and are in search of apps that provide them with the best emojis. Emojis have many functions, as it helps in lighting up a conversation while messaging, convey your… Read More »

Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform?

Games have become one of the favourite hobbies of most individuals these days. During the pandemic situation, games have helped many people to relax their minds and chill out for a while. Playing games indeed help to resolve all the mental issue that people go through on a day to day life. However, much of… Read More »

Is Apex Legends Cross-Platform?

Nowadays, online games have gained immense popularity among the younger generations. Gaming has taken over the world now, and most of the youths of today are engaged in online gaming activities. There is a lot to learn from all these online games. It is proved that people, who are engaged in gaming cultures, are more… Read More »

Is Call Of Duty: Warzone Cross-Platform in 2021?

Games are always associated with fun. Apart from the fun element, games are known to increase the creativity and imagination levels of the players. After the evolution of video games, the gaming market rose to a whole new level.  Gaming consoles or devices like Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and… Read More »