Is Outriders Cross-Platform in 2024?

By | February 3, 2024

Cross-platform is one of the best gaming technologies ever invented. The technology evolved in the 2000s. Cross-platform technology allows multiple players to play a single game together at the same time from their respective gaming platforms. As cross-platform is quite expensive and advanced, you cannot find many games with this feature. This technology is slowly developing. In the next ten years, we could see more numbers of cross-platform games in the market.

As of now, only some games like Minecraft support cross-platform features. The technology is also technically difficult to implement. It will consume more time. The game has to be optimized by the developers to suit all gaming platforms. 

Have you heard about cross-progression? The Cross-progression feature allows players to resume their game progress from different consoles. They can play on the Play Station console one day and continue the game progress from Xbox One another day. The game should support cross-progression for this purpose.

Similarly, there is a feature called cross-generation. The Cross-generation feature allows gamers to play the game from a different generation of the same platform. Example: If a game is cross-generation, the player from Xbox One can play the game with a player from the Xbox Series X/S console.  

Now, let’s see if Outriders is a cross-platform game or not!

A Quick Introduction to Outriders

Outriders is a recent video game developed by People Can Fly. It was published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Play Station 4, Play Station 5, and Stadia in April 2021. 

This is a cooperative action video game with role-playing features. The third person online-only game received mixed comments from the critics. The gameplay of Outriders received appreciation. The game’s visuals and customization features were also praised. Its plot and characters were criticized.

The game has both shooters and role-playing elements in it. The players are supposed to create their characters. They can choose the character’s traits from the 4 classes available. Each will have unique powers or abilities that players can enjoy. These four classes are Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer. 

The game has a skill tree that will help players upgrade their skills. Players also have access to weapons like rifles and shotguns, which they can use against their enemies or opponents. The health points of the player will increase only if he/she defeats the enemies by hurting or killing them. Players have both humans and monsters as their enemies. 

When the player reaches top levels, the game will get difficult and more hurdles will pop up. At the world level, the player can defeat the enemies and collect unique armors with powers to protect themselves. The game is available both in single-player and multiplayer modes. Players can play alone and defeat the enemies or they can play the game together with fellow players.

As the game is equipped with multi-player mode, the important question among gamers is if the game supports cross-platform technology. If yes, players can get utmost fun from the game by playing it with other players from different gaming platforms. 

Is Outriders Cross-Platform in 2024? 

We are excited to tell you that Outriders is Cross-Platform in 2024. Players from one gaming platform can cross-play the game with players from another platform. Players can develop their gaming community and get to know different players across the world. Cross-platform also eliminates differences between platforms based on graphics, sound or gameplay. All the players will experience the game in the same manner and quality.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Yes. Outriders are Cross-platform between PC and Xbox One consoles. Players from these two gaming platforms can play the game together and have the utmost fun while defeating their enemies. The cross-platform feature delivers the same game experience and game quality for players across all gaming platforms without any differences.

Gamers with multiple gaming consoles can play the game from any console they want. The game features and performance will also be the same across all the gaming platforms. No player has an advantage or perks over another player. The players will experience no lags or disparities in graphics between different gaming platforms as we already mentioned. 

Is Outriders Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

Yes! Outriders are Cross-platform between PS4 consoles and Xbox One consoles. Though the online services of Play Station and Xbox are completely different, as the game is cross-platform, players from both platforms can play the game together at the same time. This is great news, as you can now play the game with your friends irrespective of what console they own. 

Cross-platform has both pros and cons attached to it. One of the biggest benefits of the cross-platform feature is being able to play the game with other players and build the gaming community. The disadvantages are some people might feel alienated if they don’t own a specific gaming console that supports cross-platform. This will restrict them to play the game with other players. They will only be able to play the game with people who own the same gaming platform as them. This can let players feel down.

But, if a game is cross-platform compatible with all gaming platforms, it will not just be an advantage for the players, but also the game developers & the gaming platforms. There will be a great rise in the reach of the game across the world. This will help the game developers generate more revenue and earn additional profit.

Is Outriders Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yep. Outriders are Cross-platform between PS4 and PS5 consoles. This shows that Outriders is not just cross-platform, but also cross-generation. This feature allows players to play the game from a different generation of the same platform. 

Cross-platform is not supported in certain games because of technical and political reasons. Sony & Microsoft are competitors. So, games developed by Microsoft will naturally not support cross-platform between PC and Play Station consoles. Likewise, there are technical complications involved with the cross-platform feature. The game developers have to make vast changes to the game to make it cross-platform.


1. Do Outriders support Cross-Platform between Xbox One and Xbox One Series X/S?

Yes. Outriders support Cross-Platform between Xbox One and Xbox One Series X/S consoles. Players from these two gaming consoles can therefore play the game together at the same time. 

2. What do you mean by cross-platform feature?

The cross-platform feature allows multiple players to play a single game together at the same time from their respective gaming platforms. If a player owns PS4, he can play a multi-player game with a PC player, if the game supports Cross-Platform.

3. What is cross-progression technology?

Cross-progression technology allows players to continue their game progress from different gaming platforms. Example: A player can play a game from the Play Station console one day and continue the game progress from PC another day. For this, the game should support a cross-progression feature.


To summarize, Outriders is a completely cross-platform game in 2024. The game can be played by multiple players from gaming platforms at the same time. Just like Outriders, players also want other popular games to become cross-platform. So, they can play their favorite games with their friends and other players from different parts of the world.


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