12 Best Lip Sync Apps For Android And IOS [2023]: Apps Features & FAQs

By | November 8, 2023

In the present day, many people want to be popular with some of the other unique skills. If you are interested in singing and are willing to get fame by singing then you can make use of the lip-sync feature. Lip sync is an abbreviated form of the term lip synchronization which is a technology-based term if you want to match the lip movements of singing or speaking. There are many lip-sync available for both IOS and Android users. Any one of these apps can be used and you can create lip-sync videos on the smartphone you use. Lip sync apps can be used very easily. 

Lip sync is an exciting feature that can help you in singing a song even if you don’t have the required musical instruments. These apps can be used very easily and you can use apps on both Android as well as IOS. You just need to start your front camera of the smartphone you use and start to record what you sing. If you are looking for the best lip sync apps that you can use to record the songs you sing, this is the right post for you. Here are some free to use lip sync apps for you to use: 

12 Best Lip Sync Apps For Android And IOS in 2023

1. Dubsmash


This is one of the top-rated lip-sync apps that can be used on IOS as well as android devices. It is a reliable app for music and dancers which can help you to make dance videos on your desired tunes as well. You can utilize this app as a dancing app and start dancing to your dub. You can also add different filters and captions. You can find a lot of songs on this application and these songs are in different languages. 


  • Easy to collect over social networks 
  • Regular updates 
  • Attractive effects 

2. MuStar


MuStar is another well-known app created for both IOS and Android devices. It allows the users to make clips and face competition with all other users by earning rewards. You can create different videos with the help of this application on your smartphone. 


  • Features over millions of songs 
  • Provides sharing options 
  • Available for both Android and IOS 

3. MadLipz


It is an application that offers instant dub. The developer of this app is Eigenuity Inc for IOS and Android users. It is an amazing app that lets you made more parodies and memes with the help of brand new features of the subtitle. You can make immediate voiceovers and parodies that can be shared with all. You can create lip-sync videos in your regional language as well and this is the best thing about this application. 


  • Can be availed both for free and as the paid version
  • Easy UI
  • Provides attractive features 

4. LIKE Video

LIKE Video

This is another video making app which is developed by Bigo Technology for IOS and Android users. It offers over 300 distinctive special filters and effects which let you create a new video with the feature of a lip-sync facility. This app can allow you to get transformed into a protagonist of your favourite actor in a very short period. You can download this application and install it on your device before you finally start using it to create lip sync videos. 


  • Functions smoothly 
  • Features many attractive effects 
  • Special effects 

5. TikTok


It is another great application that has been created by the musical.ly for both IOS and Android users. It can be availed with the purchase option and free. You can easily explore and create exciting videos and capture memorable and funny moments. You can find many attractive, funny effects and filters in this application. These effects can make your video even more exciting. There are many other stickers in this application too. You can use these filters and effects in any kind of video you make. 


  • Provides customized video feed 
  • Quick adaptation 
  • Different functions 

6. Dubeos


This is also a video making app that has a very engaging user interface. Both IOS and Android users can avail of this app. It is also a lip-syncing app that lets you record and dub the videos. You can search for your desired video, tv moment, and movie scene and can be shared on the dubeous app. With this app, you can start lip-syncing and creating your own dubbed videos when you watch the video. This app can be downloaded very easily. 


  • Interesting UI 
  • Can be used on IOS and Android 
  • Search options

7. StarMaker


 It is also a famous app that lets you create lip sync videos for both IOS and Android users. You can make videos for free using this application on your smartphone. The karaoke apps can be used and you can sing whichever song you want to. You can create the videos in many different layouts. You can send each other direct messages on this application. 


  • Optimization of taking the mic experiences 
  • Provides a sing feature 
  • Customized songbook 

8. Funimate


This is an editor application that provides a lot of musical effects. It was created by Avcr Inc for IOS and Android users. It is an amazing lip-sync app that lets you record new videos free. It is an outstanding video editing app with excellent effects that can be edited easily transformed. 


  • Touch magic 
  • Unique effects 
  • Easy to use 

9. Zoomerang


It is a very popular app that lets you create short videos on your IOS and Android devices. It offers options for recording a video with music in the background and add unique effects and create delightful content with different features of lip sync. This app also can be availed in both the free version and paid version. 


  • Unique AI algorithm 
  • Varied effects 
  • Can be supported on both Android and IOS 

10. Triller


This is a video platform that is highly interactive and can be used by IOS and Android users which lets you create short time videos on your device. It can be used for free and everyone can use this application on the smartphone without facing any trouble. When you use this application on your device you can make a video, share it on different social media platforms after which you can also get connected with new friends from all over the world. 


  • Personalization of feed 
  • 3D Emoji option 
  • A lot of sharing options 

11. Trell


Another one on this list, Trell is a very popular app that has been created for both IOS and Android users. It can be availed free without having to pay any extra charges. It offers a variety of features that can be used on your smartphone. With the help of this app, you can make lots of funny videos, and then you can share all of them with your friends and close ones. It features a distinctive collection of effects and filters too. 


  • Can function as a travel diary 
  • Can be used for free 
  • Interactive user interface 

12. Dub.ly


It is a very popular video making an application for both IOS as well as Android. You can use this application for free and it offers lots of exciting features. People from different parts of the world can use this application. It was created with the main aim of serving such video creators who want to make a sarcastic video along with lip-syncing. With this application, you get the choice of using a wide variety of stickers and effects which can make your video even more attractive. 


  • Work with your favourite dubber
  • Join different communities 
  • Intense UI

Numerous lip-sync applications can be availed online. You can use these applications for both Android and IOS devices. Although the majority of the applications are free to use some of them might ask for charges if you want to access some added features. Generally the basic version of these apps doesn’t offer you the added features. You can create your lip-sync videos using these applications on your device. The best part of these applications is that you can use them in any language you want. Apart from that, you can also try the other apps of the same category to create the videos and share them with all your closed ones. 


1. Are these lip sync applications free to use?

Maximum applications that are mentioned above are free to use and they feature content that can be accessed by everyone with a lot of simplicity. However, certain applications might ask you to subscribe. 

2. Can these applications be used on devices running on both OS?

These applications can be used on both Android and IOS. There are no specific requirements for this application.  

3. Are lip-sync apps safe to use?

All these applications are completely safe to use and they ensure that you don’t have to share your data with the application.

4. Can I use music from my library in these apps?

Most lip sync apps have a library of songs and audio which you can select from. Some also allow you to upload your music, but this feature may have restrictions due to copyright issues.

5. Are there any privacy concerns with lip sync apps?

Yes, some lip sync apps may collect and share your data. We’d recommend you read the privacy policies review them and adjust your settings to control who can see your videos and profile.

6. Do these apps have filters and effects for video enhancement?

Some of these apps come with a variety of filters, effects, and editing tools. However, you might have to pay for them since these are advanced features.

7. Are there age restrictions for using these apps?

This will depend on the specific app you are using. Most of them should be good to use for 15+ years users.


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