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Alex Rowe is the Founder and CEO of VOIVO InfoTech. He looks after the work done by all the reporters. He manages the entire blog and makes necessary updates on the blog. Apart from this, he also loves audio, design, and writing. To get in touch with Allen for news reports you can email him on or reach him out on social media links given below.

Trademark Monitoring Software and it’s Importance

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. A trademark is protected by law and gives its owner the exclusive right to use it in commerce. While trademarks can be precious business assets, they can also be vulnerable.… Read More »

How to Make Money Selling Your Photos & Stock Content on 123RF

Although there’s no substitute for quality writing on a blog, it can always be improved with a picture or two. If you are looking forward to download free images, then we might have the perfect solution for you. Content creators, freelancers, and businesses need royalty-free stock images for their projects and designs. Although there are plenty of sites… Read More » – Free Robux without Human Verification

Do you know about Robux? If not, let us give you a brief rundown. Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox, which allows you to customize different Roblox characters, improve your gameplay and elevate your overall gaming experience. Now, if you are a standard Roblox user, especially beginners who don’t have much idea about the… Read More »

Apple includes new features in its latest iOS update

Apple has already released the new version of its operating system for the iPhone, iOS 16. In this article, we will tell you about some of the new features. Which iPhones can iOS 16 be installed on? iPhone SE iPhone 8 and the version Plus iPhone X and XR iPhone XS in standard version and… Read More »

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How to Turn Off Location Without the Other Person Knowing?

Sharing your location via your iPhone or Android is a great way to ensure that everyone is aware of where you are. There is no doubt at all that the process is ideal for when you are visiting somewhere that’s shady and you don’t want to get yourself in trouble. But, the biggest downside to… Read More »

What are the Best Ways to Implement a Remote Desktop?

As businesses strive to become more efficient and productive, they are turning to remote desktop software to cut costs. Remote desktop allows employees to access their work computers from any location with an internet connection, saving the company money on office space and equipment. In addition, a remote desktop can improve employee productivity by allowing… Read More »

Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages for Free on iPhone

Do you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you? If yes, chances are that you will consistently fret about your partner, about their whereabouts, about what they are doing, etc. These overwhelming emotions are quite burdening and can take a toll on your mental health.  The easiest way to overcome the issue is by… Read More »

Everything About EB-3 Visa

The United States offers visas for foreign workers who wish to come to the country for work. The EB 3 visas are one such visa, and it is available to skilled workers, professionals, and other officials. Workers must meet a few requirements to be eligible for this visa, and this article will outline those requirements.… Read More »