Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform in 2024?

By | February 2, 2024

Games are a widely chosen form of entertainment and one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. Games not only make your life full of fun and excitement, but they also promote the imaginary skills of a player. Games are regarded as the best stress-busters for many people. They can also keep you mentally healthy by generating good vibes and improving your mood after a long tiring day. 

If you are already into gaming, you must have been familiar with the different well-known gaming platforms in the market like Stadia, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and many others. The gaming experience you get on a PC is quite different from that you get on other gaming consoles. There are obvious reasons why gaming consoles are more preferred over PC as far as gameplay and performance are considered. 

But, all games are not supported on cross-platform. The reason is cross-platform is quite expensive and a little complicated. It also needs a huge investment, time and hard work. There are many technical features to be looked after too. 

This post is going to tell you whether the secret neighbor is cross-platform or not. 

A Quick Introduction 

Secret Neighbor is an online multiplayer game from the Survival Horror genre. It incorporates an online multiplayer mode. The primary concept of this game is working together with different players in opposition to one player who becomes the killer. 

The developer of this game was Dynamic Pixels and the publisher was Tiny Build. The gameplay of this game begins with any player who acts as the main assassin and is supposed to select anyone amongst the hidden players to kill. This game is fun to play and can be played on all major gaming platforms individually.

However, if you want to play this game cross-platform, you should know whether it supports cross-play or not. Read below to know more about this. 

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform in 2024? 

Yes, Secret Neighbor supports cross-play in 2024. It features gameplay that is slightly different from the original. It is comprised of both online co-op and PvP gameplay. In this game, there is a group of people trying to rescue their friend from the scary basement of their neighbor. It is a multiplayer game and can be played cross-platform across many platforms. Anyone can play it for $19.99 on Steam. 

Cross-platform is a very good feature as it promotes effective competition amongst the gamers. There are many reasons why several game developers have made their games available to be played on cross-platform. 

There are a lot of chances for cheating to happen in cross-platform gaming. Alongside, when any particular game is made available to be played cross-platform, players of other games which are not supportive of cross-platform feel bad. Significantly, it becomes really expensive for players to play a game on cross-platform. Making a way out of the cross-platform may save a huge amount of money for the game developers. It also consumes a lot of time. 

The game developers should invest in terms of efforts and time if they want their game to be available on cross-platform. Maybe in future, many other games will be supported on cross-platform. For now, the number of games available for cross-platform gaming is very less. 

 Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Luckily, the players of secret neighbor can now play it cross-platform on PC and Xbox One. It is available for cross-platform gaming on PC and Xbox One. As already mentioned above, it is difficult for game developers to introduce the cross-platform feature but they have implemented it for this game. This means that even while you play secret neighbor on the Xbox One gaming console, you can play this game online along with people from anywhere across the world who own a PC. 

It requires a huge amount of time and investment. Consent from the gaming console owners is also of great importance. The developers of secret neighbor could make it available cross-platform only after all the requirements were met. You can play secret neighbor on cross-platform. That is mainly because present-day gaming platforms are opting for a better multiplayer approach. It also offers an opportunity to the players to play with friends irrespective of the platform used by them. 

 Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

Well, the answer to this will be yes. Secret Neighbor is available for cross-platform between Xbox One and PS5. Hence, you can play Secret Neighbor on your Xbox One gaming console and coordinate with a player who uses a PS4 gaming console. 

There will be differences in terms of the graphics, gameplay, and visuals of the game as available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. So, the players will get to play this game in several ways. Several technical complications have been resolved to make this game cross-platform in between PS5 and Xbox One. 

Is Secret Neighbor Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes. The gamers with PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles can be relieved for the fact that they can play secret neighbor cross-platform in between PS4 and PS5. It is supportive of cross-platform in between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This is just because both these gaming consoles make use of similar online services. Cross-platform amidst them is quite easy to implement in comparison to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. 

Players who use these consoles find it very easy to play this game along with different players in the world. They can also develop their gaming community and involvement in healthy competition. However, players with different gaming consoles need to hunt for suitable players for playing the multiplayer mode of this game. 


What is cross-platform gaming?

Cross-platform gaming is an advanced way of gaming that enables the players from various gaming consoles to play a particular game together at once. Players from various gaming consoles can only play a multiplayer game together. Cross-platform is a feature that helps gamers develops their gaming community. 

Can cross-platform gaming be advantageous?

Cross-platform gaming helps the gamers play their desired game with anyone from different parts of the world. It develops a having community that ultimately leads to healthy competition. It also enables the players to have a similar kind of gaming experience without any partiality by ensuring the availability of the same graphics and gameplay on all the gaming platforms. 

Can you play Secret Neighbor cross-platform between PS4/PS5 and PC?

Secret Neighbor can be played cross-platform between PS4/PS5 and PC. It is possible for the players who use PC as well as PS4/PS5 to play this game together. This is a great thing for the owners of both gaming consoles as they can now get into healthy competition with their friends across the world. 


To conclude, it can be said that cross-platform gaming has become a recent trend in the world of online gaming. The main reason for this is the ease of playing a game with friends across various devices. It is a piece of great news for the players of secret neighbor that it is not cross-platform and is available for cross-play. You can play this game across all major gaming platforms with your friends from anywhere in the world. 


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