Microsoft office 2010 Product Key & Simple Activation Methods

By | November 2, 2023

Microsoft Office is a software that is widely used in the professional sector as well as for personal purposes. This tool has different versions with different features and graphics that are popular among students and professionals. MS Office 2010 was introduced in the year of 2010 as a successor of Office 2007 and allows productivity suite.

The product key is also known as the Activation key, which is a 25-digit code, which is a series of numbers or letters. You need to purchase the product key that helps to unlock all the features of the M.S. Office software. However, several people are using the crack version as they might not afford the product key. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

If you have the product key, then there are some benefits that you can get.

  1. The ms office 2010 product key is a license that provides higher security to the user. It helps the developer to identify the users who legally purchased the software. Therefore, if a user wants to get future support from the developer, then they are able to get it.
  2. The product key ensures the version is not a cracked version and does not contain any malware. Free product key programs include a keygen program that offers malware. Thus the user should purchase the original product key to avoid such keygen programs that can corrupt the operating system.
  3. A user without having a product key faces several problems at the time of the up-gradation of the software. At the time of up-gradation, software generally asks for the valid product key of 25-digit code. Without entering the product key, a user could not be able to go to the next steps of up-gradation.
  4. The product key helps to unlock all the features of the software that might not include in the cracked version. Especially in the professional sector, the user may require all the features of ms office that help in professional tasks. The Microsoft office 2010 product key unlocks all the features of MS Office 2010 software.

Methods to Find Out MS Office 2010 Product Key 

Methods to Find Out MS Office 2010 Product Key

There are several methods to find out the product key.

  • Many users prefer to purchase the MS Office 2010 software from offline stores in a CD/DVD format. A user can get the product key in the box of that CD/DVD, which is also called the certificate of authentication.
  • A user also has the option to purchase the software online, and they also get a valid product key. In that case, the user can get the product key through the email that comes along with the receipt.
  • There is another option of using special software known as “product key recovery” software. Many users this particular software to fetch the valid product key of the software. People using crack versions prefer to use this way to get product keys.
  • It may be possible that you suddenly lost your product key and might get worried about it. You don’t need to get worried about it as you can find it through Microsoft Support. You can contact Microsoft Support, and they will issue a new product key after some verification.
  • Ar the time of windows installation, the product key is also saved in the installation wizard. First, go to the “Run” option and type “Regedit,” then press enter. The file “ProductId” shows the number of the Microsoft office product key on your screen.

How to Activate the License of The Product?

There are two specific methods to activate your product key after you find out the valid key of the software. The activation methods that a user can follow-

  • By Using The Internet

After you get your product key, you need to enter your key when the options display on your screen. You have two options that display on your screen before processing the activation method. There you have to choose the online mode.

Then you need to re-enter you the key, then click on the next option. This process may take some time as the software will verify your product key. If your product key is a valid one, then the next step will occur.

Now you get the activation alert of your product key and then get the option for installation. Then just click on the install option that initiates the installation process.

  • Activate the License of the Product Bu Using Telephone

This process is for those users who prefer the offline method.

  • At first, you need to find out the phone number to connect with the Microsoft Support team. This number will connect you directly with the support team of your region. There you need to ask for the confirmation I.D. of your purchase.
  • Then you need to switch on your P.C. or Laptop and run the installation application of MS Office 2010. The software installation wizard might ask for the confirmation I.D. and the product key.
  • After verifying the confirmation code, the activation process will start, and then the installation will continue. This process might take some time to verify the product key.

You have to be careful about the web page you are using to activate the product key. Some web pages don’t update the keys available, and you might get a used key. Then you will not get the activation and need to do the process once again.

How to Download MS Office 2010 For Free? 

How to Download MS Office 2010 For Free?

You can check out so many websites that offer the free download option of MS Office 2010, where you can get the setup file. A user needs to be careful about the website and avoid proxy sites that could contain malware. However, you can download it from the official Microsoft website that may ask for Microsoft ID.

The size of the software of MS Office 2010 could be 700 MB or more. However, a user must have at least 3 G.B. of free space on their hard disk for better performance. This official site also provides the setup file of Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

How Can You Activate MS Ofiice 2010 For Free? 

How Can You Activate MS Ofiice 2010 For Free?

How can you activate MS Office 2010 on your laptop or P.C. for free? The answer is quite simple. Few users know about the KMS license that enables free activation of the M.S. Office. The official website provides this key that allows free use of any version.

  1. There is a way to do it without using any additional library, which is a little bit complex. Here you have to search the command of KMS license and then copy it from the web page. Then you need to paste that code in your command prompts and turn on your internet connection.
  2. Users can follow another way that involves the use of an additional library. In this method, you need to download the KMS key from the web page. Then you need to extract the main file and move it to C drive, then follow the previous method.

Another method you can follow is when you have the product key, and that process is also very easy. First of all, you need to get your product key for free and then click the “help” option on M.S. word. Then a window will open for activation where you need to put a serial number of the office 2010 product key.

The installation will begin after the verification of the product key. You can do the process in the offline method also by using a telephone. This process might take a few moments, do not shut your desktop while processing.

Microsoft Office 2010 Serial Keys

MS Office 64-Bit 32-Bit
MS Office 2010 Activation Key 4983Y-W3D73-QY6TX-K7FQD-V7Y8Q HYRWT-T9RWG-43TFB-4X7HQ-T2TTQ
MS Office 2010 Product Key BHUG6-UYTXN-89KH7-HSTR3-MNZX7 DDY79-433JV-2RXGX-MQFQP-PFDH8
MS Office 2010 Genuine Key W4D2C-3YK88-KMYP2-2QTXY-28CCY OR859-85EWP-EWUTI-UYADK-FLXNV

Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Keys

Office 2010 32-bit key Office 2010 64-bit key Office 2010 Product key (STD.)

How to Reinstall MS 2010?

If you have uninstalled the software no need to worry about it, you need to follow some simple steps to reinstall the MS Office 2010.

  1. Find out the original product key of 25 characters that you need for verification of your legal purchase. The serial number you can get from the package of the original product or from the email you received after purchase.
  2. You need to type “get backup of Office 2010” on the google search engine and search. Then you can get the download option of the file. You may enter the ms office 2010 product key at the time of downloading.
  3. After finishing the download of the file, starts your installation process. Just double-click on the downloaded file, and the window of the installation wizard will open.

Procedure to Download MS Office 2010 If You Have Product Key

As we know that we can have two types of system configurations, one is 32-bit, and another one is 64-bit. We need to follow a few steps to install MS Office 2010 if we have a product key. First of all, we need to know that both the setup file is different from each other.

Installing 32-bit MS Office 2010

Installing 32-bit MS Office 2010

In a 32-bit system, we need to follow these steps.

    • At first, insert the original disc of MS Office 2010 in your drive and wait while loading. If the setup does not start automatically, then click on the disc icon, and “setup.exe” loads automatically. This will open a window that initiates the installation. 
  • Then the software might ask for the Microsoft office 2010 product key. You need to enter the 25 character code and click the next button. After verifying the code, the activation of the ms office will start.

Installing 64-bit MS Office 2010

Installing 64-bit MS Office 2010

In a 64-bit system, we need to follow these steps.

  • As we know that a 64-bit setup file can run only in systems having 64-bit windows. Hence you have to make sure that your P.C. or laptop is operating on a 64-bit window. Before starting the installation, you need to check your windows and then download the file.
  • You have to uninstall a 32-bit version of MS Office 2010 if you have that in your system. The same software can’t exist in different configurations.
  • At first, insert the disc on and click on “start.” Just go to my computer and click on the drive icon and open it. Then double click on “setup.exe,” which starts the installation process.
  • At the time of installation, a window will open that asks you for the product code. You need to write the code and submit it. Then after verification of your code, the ms office starts the activation process.
  • You have to wait for some time after entering the office 2010 product key. The processing time is needed by software to verify the validity of your product key.

How to Install of MS Office 2010 Professional? 

How to Install of MS Office 2010 Professional?

This version of the M.S. Office is generally used in any professional organization by individuals to perform official tasks. The version is a paid version, and you can’t have any crack set up for it. After purchasing, you get the serial number of your product key.

There are a few steps to follow.

  1. First, click on the icon of MS Office 2010 professional after installing. Then open the file tab and click on the help option. Then click on the “Change Product Key” option and enter the serial number of 25 characters.
  2. After entering the code, click on continue, and then you get the option showing “install now.” After completing the installation, there is a notification display on the screen that shows “restart your pc.” 
  3. After you restart your computer, open the MS Office 2010. The system then shows that your professional version is successfully activated.
  4. However, there is another option that you can follow while choosing the offline process. You can find out the telephone number of the Microsoft Support team of your region. You can verify the confirmation code of your purchase.
  5. That code is required to complete the installation and activation of the professional version. Without that particular confirmation Id, you cannot get the next steps.

This particular version of the software gives you more strength to perform different tasks. Many offices work like creating articles, designing content, blog writing, advertisement writing, etc.


Procedure to Check License Activation Status 

You can do it in two different ways one is online, and another one is offline. As we have seen previously, that is an offline way you have to do it in a telephonic process. And in the online process, you can get help from various websites, including the official website.

  1. In the online process, you can check out the official site, and you can find out the help option there. Another way to do this, click on the icon of ms office 2010 and open it. Then click on the file and then go to the help option.
  2. Here if you find out the “Activate Product Key” option, then click on it. Then you have to follow the installation wizard steps. There you need to re-enter the product key and submit it.
  3. Then after verification, the activation will occur. If you do not see the “Active Product Key” option, then ms office is already activated on your computer.
  4. The activation wizard also gives you another option to activate the software through the telephone. You have to choose the phone number for your region that connects you to the support center.
  5. You need to provide the installation I.D. and know your confirmation code. Then you need to provide the confirmation code for further steps.
  6. After entering the code, you will receive a notification of completing the activation process. Then you can check whether your activation has been completed or not.

How to Use MS Office 2010 Without Product Key?

How to Use MS Office 2010 Without Product Key?

A vast number of people using the ms office 2010 without purchasing the product key. Especially students and other non-professional persons use the version without a product key. They don’t need every feature includes in the ms office 2010.

Necessary steps are required for this purpose.

  • At first, you have to determine the configuration of your computer. Depending on the windows version, you are using either 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Then close all the office 2010 programs. Click the start button and search the command prompt. 
  • At the command prompt, you need to type or paste some special commands that you can get from the internet.
  • Another smart option is to change the clock setting on your pc. You can change the date and time. You can use official U.S time resources to set the time zone correctly.
  • One more popular option that you can implement is the uninstalling and reinstalling of the software. It is a straightforward and effective process to fix this problem. You can get help from Microsoft Online Portal while reinstalling the software.
  • You can also download some given product keys from the internet. Some web pages contain such product keys, and you can use it free of cost. But there is a risk that your system gets affected by malware or bugs.

Hence we can check out the difference between a crack version and a professional version of the MS office 2010. You can use the unlicensed version of the software, as well as the licensed version. It is dependent on how you want to use the software.

For professional purposes, it is always better to use the original version of MS Office 2010. You can also use the professional version for office works or the standard version. There are two methods to purchase the product key so you can follow any of them.

What is the Significance of using the Genuine Microsoft Office 2010 product key?

It isn’t a question that Microsoft Office is a paid application or program that you need to pay to be able to access the features. If you aren’t paying for the original version of this program, there are high chances that you are falling prey to the risks of security and privacy threats. 

With a genuine Microsoft Office 2010 product key, you get access to the rightful features and you get to use them without any complications or worries. If you aren’t entering the genuine and compatible product key, there is a high chance that Microsoft Office won’t function as normally.

To make your life easier, we have sorted out a list of the working and genuine Microsoft Office 2010 product keys in this article. If you are looking to reactivate your Office programs on your PC, these codes or product keys should sort out the complications you are experiencing.

Note: We keep updating the product keys as well, which means that if any one of them has expired, they will be removed and updated with the ones that are working. You shouldn’t have to worry about that at all.

What happens if I don’t enter a Genuine Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the significance of using a genuine Microsoft Office 2010 product key, wondering what would happen if you don’t enter one can be quite confusing as well.

If you want to use the official Microsoft Office 2010 program, you need a genuine product key. Failing to do so will impact the installation process and prevent you from using the original version of Microsoft Office on your PC.

For the users who are using the trial version right now, you get a 30-day of the trial run, following which you need to pay for the program. If you fail to pay for the program, it will lead to deactivation of the Office 2010 on your PC, meaning that you won’t be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, etc. anymore.

We understand that not everyone has the means to pay the hefty price that the Microsoft Office 2010 program costs. Hence, we’d recommend that you check through the list of all the free product keys we have sorted out for you to explore. All the keys are working and genuine



1. What benefits can you enjoy if you have the product keys of Microsoft Office 2010? 

If you have Microsoft Office 2010 product keys, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can experience higher security. The product keys help developers know who have legally purchased the software. Hence, if you need support from the developer in the future, showing your product key would probably fetch your much-needed help. 
  • The product key proves that the version isn’t a fake or dysfunctional one. Free product keys often contain malware, which severely damages the system. Thus purchasing an original product key keeps your system safe from getting corrupted. 
  • If you don’t have the product key, you might face several issues during upgradation, because the system asks for the 25 digit product key. 

2. Will MS Office 2010 work on Windows 10?

As per the reports of the windows compatibility center, Microsoft Office 2010 is compatible with Windows 10. Not only is Office 2010, but also Office 2013 and 2007 compatible with Windows 10 system. 

3. How can you activate Office 2010 by phone? 

If you have a slow connection, you can choose to activate the program from your device. Follow the following steps in that case: 

  • Click on ” I want to activate the software by telephone” in the activation wizard. 
  • Call the number that works for your specific region
  • After calling the activation center of your region, you will be asked to provide the installation ID. Once it’s verified, a confirmation mail will be sent to you. 
  • Now, in the activation wizard, type the confirmation ID and click on enter. 

4. Will Microsoft Office 2010 continues to work after 2020? 

Microsoft will stop providing further technical support to Office 2010 after 13th October 2020. It has also declared that it won’t extend security updates, neither would provide any sort of bug fixes, technical support, etc. Hence, users are requested to not use Office 2010 after 2020 because it wouldn’t be able to provide your system with enough security, exposing it to malicious software and malware. 

5. Does Windows 10 come with an Office starter? 

Microsoft Office starter 2010 is an ad-funded, simplified version of Microsoft Office 2010. Earlier it used to be pre-loaded on devices and could be used without further activation. Office starter included the word processing program of Microsoft word starter 2010 and the spreadsheet program of Microsoft Excel starter 2010. However, right from the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has declared that Office 2010 will no longer support Office starters. 

6. Can you run Microsoft Office 2010 on Mac?

No, Microsoft Office 2010 is not compatible with Mac operating system. This means you cannot install it on a Mac device.

7. Can you still use MS Office 2010?

Microsoft has ended support for MS Office 2010 on 13th October 2020. This means there will be no security updates and extensions available for Office 2010. However, you can still use Office 2010 on your PC as the apps will continue to function. But this could expose you to serious security risks.

8. What is MS Office 2010 used for?

Microsoft Office 2010 is used for both professional and personal purposes. This is an efficient tool that has different versions and comes packed with numerous features and graphics. This software is mainly used by professionals and students. However, you should know that MS Office 2010 was released in 2010. It is more than a decade old and if you are still using it, we recommend you get an upgrade.

9. What is MS Office 2010 product key?

You need the MS Office 2010 product key to activate the software. It is also known as the 25-digit Activation key consisting of a series of numbers or letters. You are provided with the product key at the time of purchase. You need to use the product key to unlock all the features of the Office 2010 software.

10. Can you get MS Office 2010 on the internet?

Generally, you are provided with the product by the vendor when you make the purchase. But many online sites offer product keys for MS Office 2010. You can go to one of these sites to get the activation key for the software. But make sure that you go to a trusted website.

11. Why is the MS Office 2010 product key important?

The product key is important because it ensures that the version is not cracked and also it doesn’t contain any malware.

12. Where can I get my MS Office product key?

There are different ways in which you can get access to your MS Office product key. Ideally, we’d recommend that you start with the mode of purchase. If you bought the software online, the activation key should be sent to your email. If you bought a physical CD for installation, check the CD or the box.

13. Is it free to use Office 2010?

Technically, the answer is yes and no. If you are using a device that comes with Microsoft Office preinstalled with lifetime validity, you get to use it for free. If not, you’d have to buy the product key or you can rely on the product keys we have mentioned.

14. Does Office 2010 require activation?

Yes, like most of the other Office versions, even Office 2010 needs to be activated. Once you turn on the system, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

15. Is Microsoft Office 2010 still available?

At present, the Microsoft 365 subscription is the latest version. So, if you have been using Office 2010, it has been retired and no further updates will be made available by Microsoft. You’d either have to stick with that or upgrade to the latest version.


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