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Joshua is the Senior Writer at VOIVO Infotech. He covers news on Android and iOS Apps. He is also a design director at Credit Karma. He is excited about the latest startups in the market. He constantly thrives to work on new ideas and projects. To get in touch with Joshua for news reports you can email him on or reach him out on social media links given below.

Development of Online Casinos: Trends and Prospects

The online casino industry has exploded with growth over the past two decades. Since the first virtual casinos were established in the mid-1990s, doors were opened for companies like Pin-Up casino, and the whole market has ballooned into a multi-billion dollar global industry. Accelerating internet connectivity, improving mobile technologies, evolving consumer behaviors, new product innovations,… Read More »

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform in 2024?

What is one of the best creations of mankind? Each one of us can come up with our versions of answers. But, if you ask a gamer, he would probably say ‘Video games’. Nevertheless, we cannot disapprove of the fact that video games are extremely entertaining and addictive. Once in, it is difficult to get… Read More »

Is Roblox Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, Xbox One, Mobile]

Did you know when the first video game was released? Video games evolved in the 1950s. Ever since then, games became so popular. Now, the gaming industry is one of the highly profitable industries in the world with millions of revenue pouring every year. For a video game to be popular, it should have interesting… Read More »

Discover the Top 5 Online Casino Games for the Best Odds of Winning

You may be wondering which casino games provide the most excellent chances of winning if you’ve never gambled before, whether online or at a physical casino. When playing games online, luck is a significant factor. But there’s more to winning in online gambling than chance alone. Strategies, probabilities of winning, and strategies for playing various… Read More »

Is Payday 2 Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, PS5, Xbox One, PS4]

What a unique and interesting platform has been the gaming platform these days. Most people including teenagers, youths, and adults have engaged themselves with the gaming platforms. Not only teenagers but also certain gaming platforms have been designed for kids and younger children as well. A recent study has proved that the individuals who are… Read More »

Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

Cross-platform technology can be called a boon to the gaming industry. Using the technology, players from different gaming platforms can play a single multi-player game together at the same time. This enables players from any console to play a game with other players.  When a game is cross-platform, it is of the same performance and… Read More »

Is Mortal Kombat 11 Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, PS5, Xbox]

Have you ever thought about why video games are so popular? Since the evolution of video games in the 1950s, it has got themselves a unique place in the entertainment realm. Video games not just promote the fun element, but also improve the imagination and competitive skills of people.  A video game should come with… Read More »

How to Retrieve Text from Images: Techniques for Accurate Extraction

The presence of text within images is commonplace. The ability to effectively extract this text holds great importance for a range of applications, encompassing everything from data entry to the archiving of digital content. This piece delves into the various techniques and instruments employed in this extraction process. Converting text from images into a format… Read More »