Top 13+ Best Similar Sites for Movierulz in 2021 [Features & Categories]

By | November 12, 2021

Free streaming websites have always been quite popular with the crowd, but the traffic to the free streaming sites has grown exponentially after the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, declared a 15-day lockdown in India, which had people locked within their house. In order to stabilize the situation and keep the coronavirus from spreading too far and wide, the people have no choice but to stay indoors and find different ways to keep themselves occupied.  

People are slowly growing frustrated due to the lack of things to do at home and many streaming sites, well the legal ones are all paid, and not everyone can pay for the streaming sites. Here comes movierulz, which is a free movie streaming website. There are absolutely no subscription fees! 

For the 15 days that you are locked down, it is better to catch all the episodes of your favourite TV shows that you have missed or binge-watch the next hit TV series. As it is already known, Bollywood is one of the biggest movie industries right after Hollywood, but unlike Hollywood movies, Bollywood movie sites are few, and they are not all reliable or trustworthy. The majority of the Bollywood movie sites will provide broken links or have a lack of content, which makes you feel even more frustrated than you already are. Hence you need to find a website that offers what it promises, and so here we have come with a website that does deliver both content-wise and quality-wise! Keep reading to find out more about this website. 

Movierulz: what is it? 


Movierulze, as the name indicates, it is a website that allows you to watch and download movies for absolutely free. Yes, you read that right. All the content that you will find here on this website does not cost a single penny to download or even to stream. The majority of the streaming platforms you will find online will ask you to pay a subscription fee after your trial period ends to continue watching all the latest movies and series. But not movierulz. The admins of this website took a conscious decision to keep this site free so that everyone can enjoy movies. 

It is one of the most popular and reliable movies downloading websites out there. It is hard to find a good streaming website that is not riddled with ads or viruses, but you can trust movierulz blindly. The site has been running for over many years now. The site has a dedicated fan base and witnesses heavy traffic almost every day. Yes, due to the piracy laws being passed in the country, there have been few hiccups for the site and its admins and developers, but the site did not shut down but instead moved to different domains. Piracy is illegal in India and elsewhere, which is why the site keeps changing its URL address, but there is nothing to be worried about because a quick google search will lead you to the right website. 

The website has millions of content to keep you entertained for hours. Its huge library of content can be compared to Netflix; the only difference is that movierulz is FREE! You will find the latest Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies for download as well as for streaming. Apart from the movies, you will also find TV shows and reality shows for download. Not only does the site have mainstream entertainment content but also regional content like Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, etc. One way to determine is whether a site is popular or not is by taking a look at the traffic graph. The graph will tell you that the site is hugely popular in both India and other countries like the USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Africa. There is only one possible reason for the site’s popularity–Bollywood. Bollywood is not just popular in India, but the Indians stars and movies are greatly appreciated in other countries as well! 

Website features of movierulz

The site is extremely user friendly, and all the movies are properly categorised to make it easy for you to find the movie that you are looking for. You can use different categories to find new movies to download and watch. The site has a fast response rate and loads pretty fast, even if you access the website using your mobile data, the site will still load pretty quick, and you will be able to download the movies easily, but it is recommended that you use wifi to download the movies, as then the movies will download faster. 

The site provides different video resolutions for you to download. You can download the movies in the following resolutions:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

Sadly, the website still does not provide any 4k quality or 3d movies, so if you want the highest quality, you will have to download the 1080p version. The highest resolution will also be bigger in size, so depending on the storage of your device, download the movies. 

The downloaded file is free from any virus or malware, so you can download the movies without any worries. You will also find a dubbed movie, here which makes a movie more enjoyable for you if you are someone who hates reading subs and wants a dubbed version because you do not understand or speak the language. 

With Hollywood movies, you will find subs with the files; this is because many prefer subs with English movies. Apart from all the TV series and movies, you will also find songs and wallpapers that you can download for free. All the latest films that are released in the theatre are first uploaded in cam print, and then after a few weeks, they are uploaded in HD print!  

Since this is a piracy website, the main address may be banned in your country, depending on where you are accessing the website. The site is banned in the USA and India, due to the producers taking up the issue of piracy to the court. You may need to access the proxy sites to download the movies. 

Mirror sites are the same sites but with different domains. The content and everything remains the same, only the URL address changes.  Although Netflix and Amazon prime have added more Bollywood content to their library, the content is nothing compared to what you get in movierulz, plus on movierulz, you get all the latest movies as soon as they release in the theatres. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms mostly take a month or two to add the latest movies to their library also lack regional movies. When movies get added to these streaming platforms, they do not get all added to the same platform, which makes it inconvenient for you. You will have to subscribe to different streaming platforms just to watch the one movie that is available there but not here. This is a waste of money when you can have every movie and TV series available for free on movierulz.

Categories that you will find on the site 

Every website should have its content properly categorised to drive more traffic to the website. Movierulz also follows the same rule, apart from having a well-designed user interface, the site has 7 categories. These are the following categories:

  • Tamil dubbed movies 
  • Telugu Hd movies
  •  Hollywood dubbed movies 
  • Tamil MP3 songs 
  • Malayalam HD wallpapers
  • Bollywood HD trailers
  • Tamil mobile movies 

12+ Alternatives to Movierulz in 2021

For some reason, if you are unable to access the site, movierulz, or you cannot find the content that you want on the site, you may want to look for another alternative site that has the show that you are looking for. Instead of wasting your time looking for alternatives, here are some alternative sites that you can take a look at: 

1. Torrent

this is something that people with no paid streaming services swear by. The chances are that you have heard about torrent files and torrenting, but never really gave it a go. Torrent is a peer to peer sharing, and the torrent site has everything that you may need for entertainment, whether you are looking for some lossless music or deluxe albums, or you want some rare indie flicks, you can find it here for sure! Since you can find the rarest and the oldest of movies here, it is a given that you will also find the latest hit movies here too!

2. Yts(Yify)

The piracy site is pretty popular among movie watchers. The site has a huge collection of Hollywood movies. If you are someone who is into Hollywood movies, this is the site that you should visit. You can browse the whole collection from according to the ratings, the year, the genres as well as alphabetically. Apart from English movies, the site also has selected foreign language films from Spanish to german. This is a site that is truly for movie lovers. You can find movies in the highest resolution as well as the standard resolution that is 720p and 1080p. The site stands out among the rest of the alternatives because it also provides movies in 4k as well as 3d, so if you have a VR headset or a 4k tv, you can download movies from here and enjoy it on your 4k tv! Yts is known for providing the highest quality video audio coding in a very small size! Unfortunately, if you are looking for tv shows, the site has none.

3. Downloadhub

The site includes a huge collection of Hindi films as well as English films. The movies are available in dual audios and also include subs. So if you do not speak the language, the site is a good choice to find some content that is worth watching. Like yts, this site also provides excellent quality rips. The size of the files is not as small as yts, but the quality is just as good!

4. 8xmovies

A site that has not only movies but also tv series in high quality. You can not only download movies from here, but you can also stream them for free here. The site provides different servers from which you can download and stream the content!

5. Tamilgun

a site that is dedicated to south Indian films. If you are someone who loves Rajnikanth’s films, you will love this site!

6. Vumoo

this site lacks Indian movies, but you will find English movies and tv series here, but beware the site has a lot of popup ads!

7. Solarmovie

this is one of the oldest piracy sites that not only lets you stream the movies and tv shows but also download them for free.

8. Hindilinks4u

This is heaven for all Bollywood lovers. the site includes links from where you can download the movies.

9. Filmsonline

you can find all Hindi movies as well as south Indian movies here!

10. yesmovies

the site has one of the best designs out of all the sites that are mentioned here. The site also does not include ads or popups, so you can enjoy your movies without irritating ads!

All the items mentioned above are free to use. You can stream and download movies for free on these websites, but you should know that these sites are not legal. So it is advised that you use a VPN to access these sites. 

11. Filmyzilla

People in today’s world are too busy to watch movies at theatres every time. The only source of entertainment for them is to enjoy movies and music in their leisure hours. Filmyzilla is one such site that provides free entertainment to all. You can watch all trending web series, documentaries, movies, short films, award functions, etc. in your preferred format and language. The site, with its huge library of contents, is sure to provide you with the best entertainment. You can stream and download movies at one single click. The site offers fast downloading speed and good audio quality too. With diversified contents, covering various genres and languages, this is the best movie-watching site, you can get for free. 

12. 1337x

Are you aware of the features that have made 1337x such popular movies providing platform more than the similar functioning sites? Firstly, the site allows you to access its entire library of collection for free, without having to pay a single penny. Secondly, the site makes all the latest releases available to you within a few days of their theatrical release so that users don’t have to wait long to watch or download them. The site also uploads the movies and other contents in several formats, so that you can stream and download them in your preferred format. 1337x brings to you a wide variety of contents, along with fast downloading speed and good audio quality. 

13. 123movies

On 123 movies site, you will get exposed to a unique and diversified library of contents, that include movies of all language and genres, short films, documentaries, web series, and even trailers and music videos. 123 movies are, however, an illegal site that is banned by the Indian government because it leaks pirated contents, without having their copyright permissions. The site functions through VPN servers. People use this site because they get access to all its contents for free. Neither does the site ask for registration nor your card details. The site provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality, which makes downloading an easy task. 


1. Do You Have To Use A VPN To Access Movierulz?

First, you can try the mirror or the proxy sites that have already been mentioned above. If you cannot access any of these sites, in that case, you may need to use a VPN. There are plenty of VPN options that you can find online. While some of the VPNs are free, some are paid. 

2. Why Do You Have To Use A VPN?

You have to use a VPN because movierulz is a piracy website. Hence they are blocked in India and the USA. If you reside in any of these countries and want to access movierulz, you have no choice but to use a VPN. VPN is used to hide your IP address, which shows you to be accessing the site from some other country where the website is not blocked. So you are basically tricking the tracking services into believing that you are from another country. 

3. Is It Safe To Download Movies From This Website? 

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download movies from movierulz. The site has been running and uploading movies for many years now. In order to survive so many years, it must have done something right to keep the users satisfied. The content is huge and free, and most importantly, free of cost!

4. What Makes Movierulz A Piracy Site?

Movierulz leaks movies that are currently playing in theatres. Instead of going to the theatres, many choose to download the movies from movierulz and watch it at home. This costs the producers as they are unable to recover the cost of the production and hence suffer huge losses. This is why movierulz is a piracy website and is banned in India. 

5. Why Can I Not Download The 1080p Version? 

The chances are that your device storage is low, which is why you cannot download the 1080p version. You can both buy external storage and download the movies there, or you can clear up space in your device before you hit the download button. Another reason could be that your internet is slow. In this case, you just need to switch to another stable and faster internet connection. If you still cannot download the 1080p version, you can download the 360p or the 480p version. 

6. What Is The Movierulz App Size? 

The movierulz app size is 6.2mb. The app size will not take much space on your phone. The app is smaller than most other streaming apps like Netflix. The latest version of the app is v3. The app is compatible with phones that are Android 4 and above. If you do not have a smartphone, then you will have to use a desktop to access the website. It is a free app, and you will find all the content on the app, just like the website. The apps support different languages- Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.

7. What Are The Latest Movies That Are Available On Movierulz?

You will find Angrezi medium, Jawani janeeman, tanhaji- the warrior, chhappak, Baaghi 3, street dancer, shubh Mangal saavdhan panga, Malang, Love Aaj Kal, thappad, bhoot, shikara, invisible man, knives out, Dolittle, Harley Quinn: birds of prey, 1917, avengers endgame, joker, Jumanji: the next level, ford v Ferrari, Charlie, ustad hotel, Bangalore days, om Shanti Oshana, kgf, Arjun Reddy, etc.  


Piracy is illegal in India, and we do not promote piracy, neither are we encouraging you to download pirated content. It is your sole decision whether you want to use a pirated website or not. We are simply providing you with all the necessary information that you may need if you wish to use the site movierulz. 

We uphold all the laws that are passed by the Indian constitution against piracy, and we want you to think twice before using pirated sites like movierulz. Visiting pirated sites like movierulz can land you in serious trouble. So please, if you can use legal websites instead of illegal ones like movierulz. Using movierulz can be dangerous if you do not know the red signs that you should stay away from in order to keep your identity and information safe. 


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