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How to Fix Roku TV Sound Not Working

Roku TV is an excellent streaming device. It allows you to watch your favorite content on a bigger screen. Typically, it works hassle-free, but at times it might cause technical difficulties.  For example, the Roku TV sounds not working. This can happen due to various reasons. But the question is how to fix it. If… Read More »

How To Fix ‘You Do Not Have Sufficient Access To Uninstall uTorrent’

Developed by BitTorrent, Inc, uTorrent is an ad-supported, free file sharing platform which hundreds of people have used in the past. The platform offers great functionality that’s even comparable to larger bit torrent clients who have restricted resources, even though users get access to different versions of the Windows system. However, uTorrent is full of… Read More »

How To Fix Error 0x0 0x0? [Windows Error Code Solved]

There’s no doubt that Windows is a user-friendly operating system that is great to work with. But sometimes it makes things complex by showing various error codes. Windows error codes can be really annoying as they hinder your workflow and waste your time. Some errors can stop you from working on your computer completely. One… Read More »

How To Fix ‘Broken Registry Items’ On Avast Antivirus?

People who have been using the Windows Operating system for quite some time are well accustomed to the broken Registry Items. Developers of Microsoft Windows generally take a lot of effort in making the operating system good but it is not entirely free from any kind of bugs. If you are using a popular operating… Read More »