Why Does My Roku TV Keep Turning Off — How to Fix It?

By | September 19, 2023

Roku, the American company, has made a significant trend all across the world with its digital media players. This manufacturer has created multiple devices since 2008. Right now, it has become a worldwide sensation. 

Everyone prefers to buy a Roku digital player device for an unattainable experience. Of course, it is important to have more than a smart TV because no one wants to compromise their chill time. Watching movies and series is the ultimate escape from your busy schedule. 

You can get access to streaming media content from Roku television. It is one of the leading devices that Roku has offered up until now. The craze for Roku television is growing day by day. Its online services and its media streaming have created a buzz all around the world. 

Roku has collaborated with multiple OTT platforms so that entertainment lovers can enjoy Compared to any other smart TV, Roku TVs are special and will always be the top choice. That is why you need to take care of Roku TV just as it boosts your mood every day.

How do I activate the Roku TV?

Want some quick guidance to activate your Roku TV? Well, here we are with the guidance. We will let you know every single step that will help you activate the Roku TV once and for all. After that, you can enjoy endless streaming with high picture and audio quality at home. You just need to follow the steps below to activate your Roku TV on your own.

  • Hardware setup

The very first task you need to do is complete the hardware setup of the Roku TV by using the Quick Start Guide. Every Roku device comes with instructions that will let you prepare the on-screen setup and activate it.

  • Set up an email address for your Roku device

You will be asked to enter an email address that will be added to your Roku account. This is a crucial step; be selective so that you can operate your Roku account whenever you turn on the TV. Be careful when you select the email address because it will be permanently attached to the Roku account.

  • Verify account

After you successfully select an email address, you need to verify the account, so keep your laptop or mobile phone handy. You might have to access the email address to verify the account with an OTP. 

  • Login

When everything is done—your Roku account ID is set up with the password—you will remain with a single task. The major responsibility that remains is logging in with the Roku account ID and password. Turn on the Internet connection and connect it to your Roku television so that you can activate the account.

  • Setting

The very next step is to set up every feature of the Roku TV. You need to set up the audio level, the video, and every feature available in it. Then, you can watch every show on Roku TV comfortably, anytime.

  • Manage channels

You need to subscribe to the channels, whichever you want, on your Roku devices. Roku will take care of the streaming channels you have installed or prefer. These all can be managed with the help of settings.

Always keep in mind that Roku never charges a single penny from the users to activate their account on Roku TV or to create one. So be aware of any fraud and do not pass information or charges to a third party. 

Perks of owning a Roku TV 

Once you keep learning about the advantages of having a Roku television, it may never end. This is one of the high-tech devices that can solve all your issues. Roku television is not just an ordinary smart TV, it is more than that. Let us understand the various features of Roku and why it is the best choice you have ever made:

  • Advanced technology 

Roku TV has the perfect shape that can fit any room and your budget too. Your Roku TV can be magical; this television is the finest TV released now in the market. Roku TV is the perfect device for a smart home because it can work significantly with Apple Airplay, Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Home.

  • Fast Streaming

There will be 1,000 channels on your TV. Don’t you ever get irritated or annoyed with the unwanted channels appearing in front of your eyes when you want to find the perfect show or match? Well, you need to say goodbye to all those days. Now Roku has found the perfect solution for fast streaming so that you can quickly find the right movies and shows across thousands of them. Pick up what you like or continue watching them anytime.

  • Customize

Have you ever heard about television that will let you customize the screensaver or the photo streams? Well, Roku TV will. That is the reason Roku TV is considered one of the best. You can prefer genres, set a particular screensaver for your Roku television, and also stream the photos that you like the most.

  • Save list

Roku television will let you save movies or even make a list out of them. So that you never miss out on your favorite shows or sports games, this is one of the best features, and the list updates automatically too.

  • Multiple OTT platforms

You can add multiple channels and an OTT platform to your Roku television. You will never be stuck with one boring plan. You can easily change the plan accordingly and alter everything you want with the Roku television.

  • Theatre-like experience

 Roku TV has to offer you a lot. You will get cinematic sound quality, and clear dialogue, and can also reach beyond the Roku television with the help of wireless Roku audio. To get theatre-like experiences Roku is the perfect television; it is all you need to boost the experience.

 What is the reason behind the Roku TV turning off frequently?

Is your Roku TV turning off again and again when you watch something on it? Well, do not ignore it. Understand that there can be many reasons behind this malfunction. Well, there is no need to worry because the reasons will be very minor and can be fixed by yourself. Before finding the solution, you need to find out the cause of why the Roku TV keeps turning off. Check out the pointers mentioned below, because of which your Roku TV may turn off frequently.

  • Low power can be a cause of turning off the TV often.
  • When the Roku television gets overheated, it may also turn off automatically for safety measures.
  • Sometimes bugs in the system can be another reason to turn off the Roku television again and again.
  • Do you remember if you have enabled the sleep timer? Well, the updated sleep timer can turn off the Roku TV.
  • Roku TV has auto-power-saving modes, which will turn off the TV when it consumes too much power.
  • More often, outdated software can be a reason for the Roku TV turning off frequently. The internal hardware issues can cause the same problem for your Roku TV.
  • A loose power plug on the Roku television can also turn it off without any notification.

How do I fix Roku TV if it keeps turning off?

There are distinct solutions for every problem related to your Roku TV. You can get fine experts who can help you through, but before trying out major fixes, you can always take a chance with the general troubleshooting solutions. If your Roku TV keeps turning off again and again, there are many ways to fix it. At least a small trial can be initiated. 

  • Restart

Restarting Roku TV can be an instant solution for systemic glitches. Your Roku TV may be going through some systematic glitches, which can be solved by rebooting the device. You can simply go to the settings and then the power option, where you will find the option called “System Restart.” Click on the Restart button, and your Roku TV will automatically reboot.

  • Cool down the Roku TV

The best thing to do is to cool down the Roku TV. If it is turning off again and again, remember that Roku TV is an advanced device, designed in a way to conserve energy and also avoid major damage. If the Roku television is overused and heats up, you need to cool it down and check if you can turn it on again.

  • Fix the voltage

What if the problem is at your home with the power supply system? You can fix the voltage at your home by checking the power supply. Figure out if the power supply is sufficient for the Roku TV to run without any hurdles.

  • Turn off the Voice Assistant device

Sometimes the Voice Assistant devices can trigger the smooth functioning of the Roku television. So you need to take a chance and disconnect the audio assistant from your Roku television, then check if it can run smoothly.


 There are so many instant solutions that you can figure out. Roku.inc has a particular support team that dedicatedly helps all users from all across the world. You can take a chance with customer service, or you can simply apply the suggestions mentioned above. This will ultimately help you to fix the issue of the Roku TV turning off instantly. There is no doubt that your Roku television will be your major concern, as it is the right source of entertainment.


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