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Is it Possible To Update an Old iPad to iOS 16?

iPads are pretty convenient and powerful, especially when you consider the latest models. However, we understand that not everyone has the convenience to own the latest iPad. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy the latest features. So, is there a way you can update your old iPad to iOS 16? The simple answer… Read More »

How to Voice Over a Video

When editing clips for social networks or your personal blogs, adding sound over them is a typical practice. Anyone can make a voice over video utilizing programs that can be downloaded to a computer or phone. Today, we’ll show you how to add sound to your clips using three different methods: a smartphone app, PC… Read More »

How Can You Send Money to a Friend Instantly?

Sending money to a friend is now easier than ever. The rise of digital wallets and peer-to-peer apps means that you can send money to your friends in just a few seconds—and in many cases, for free. You might not have thought about how much time you spend transferring money from one account to another,… Read More »

How the Metaverse Could Change the Face of Gaming

People have been getting very excited when talking about the metaverse, but how exactly is it expected to change the world of gaming? By looking at some of the games that have been released already and what the technology could do in the future we can start to get an idea of its potential. A… Read More »

How to Make Money Selling Your Photos & Stock Content on 123RF

Although there’s no substitute for quality writing on a blog, it can always be improved with a picture or two. If you are looking forward to download free images, then we might have the perfect solution for you. Content creators, freelancers, and businesses need royalty-free stock images for their projects and designs. Although there are plenty of sites… Read More »

How FTX Can Benefit Beginner and Advanced Crypto Traders

FTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform that offers many benefits. It’s easy to use and has several functionalities that make it an ideal platform for beginners and advanced traders. This article will take you through a few ways FTX can help you navigate the crypto markets and make more informed decisions about your… Read More »

Want to Know How to Create Video Ads in a Few Clicks?

Once you go outside, without a doubt, you will see people scrolling their mobile phones and checking out different content online. In this age, where messaging another person, watching a video, or playing a game is just a few clicks away, advertisers take advantage of the internet to promote and sell their brands.  There are… Read More »

How to Turn Off Location Without the Other Person Knowing?

Sharing your location via your iPhone or Android is a great way to ensure that everyone is aware of where you are. There is no doubt at all that the process is ideal for when you are visiting somewhere that’s shady and you don’t want to get yourself in trouble. But, the biggest downside to… Read More »

How to Change Page Size in PDF on Windows and Mac

Undoubtedly, PDF has already become the most commonly used document format due to its security and convenience. Especially in the face of the global epidemic situation, most companies are using a dual-line mode for staff to work at home and office. This reduces the odd to contact people and, in turn, increases the chance of… Read More »