K7 Total Security Activation Key [Review and Features]

By | February 8, 2023

When discussing online security, there are a lot of obstacles that people face along the way. From the threat of online viruses to the risks of spam, the K7 Total Security provides all the ease of protection to the user. It is a full-scale security suite that integrates into the user’s device to protect the risks of threat to the device.

For the K7 subscription, a user needs to pay $39.99 per year, which can also be upgraded to $79.99 for more licenses. For the five-license subscription, the user needs to pay an annual sum of $119.99, which again is pretty amazing for businesses and heavy-duty users.

With the growing popularity of the K7 total security, more and more users have become a lot more reliant on this platform. The installation process is pretty simple which helps provide much-needed statistics and data in the latest update.

What is K7 Total Security?

What is K7 Total Security?

For those who aren’t aware, the K7 Total Security is a popular and premium quality antivirus software for clients that are looking for easy ways to get rid of unnecessary viruses and threats to the devices. Since it is more targeted towards the use of adult users, it doesn’t have a lot of parental controls as features. If you want to keep your home computer secured, this is the software that you need to rely on. 

It is an extremely versatile platform, which ensures that you can use it without any restrictions. It works on getting rid of Trojans, malware code, spyware, and a majority of the corrupted video games and apps that can further worsen the overall performance of the device. Not only does it improve the overall machine efficiency, but it is also amazing for protecting the device against the risks of damage and corruption because of the antivirus.

What are the features of K7 Total Security?

What are the features of K7 Total Security?

While discussing the features of the K7 Total Security can be a little hectic, we must discuss the basic features of this antivirus that people likely don’t know about. For your convenience, we are going to discuss the highlight features that every user should know about before purchasing or upgrading to the latest keys.

Some of the most important features of this platform include:

  • If the device is safe and doesn’t have any kinds of risks, the banner and the tiles on the platform are green and in other cases, it comes up red.
  • The antivirus includes features like threat protection, advanced PC security, product update, internet protection and the most important one is the PC tuneup tools
  • It comprises web protection and privacy or parental control for the users who want to monitor what their children view on the web
  • It provides data backup, restores, and mobile protection options too
  • It ensures to immediately scan USB drives and other external devices the moment they are plugged into the device
  • It detects and then blocks the exploiting threats including PDF-based issues and the browser-related threats
  • It has a smart file scanning feature that doesn’t put extra load on the system
  • It provides the users with a safe search option wherein the users get cloud-based verification and surfing without the risks of phishing or blocking of the websites
  • It alerts the users with immediate security alerts the moment their passwords are entered into a threatening website
  • It allows the users to navigate in Stealth mode on the internet wherein the user’s data is kept protected
  • It provides the users to select and choose the data that can be shared on the internet
  • It immediately blocks the action of the third-party users from unnecessarily accessing the internet
  • It is integrated with prudent security solutions that enable the software to conduct multiple layers analyzing for the detection of any kinds of threats to the device
  • It has a permanent data deletion tool that enables the users to get rid of all the unnecessary data for good

Why choose K7 Total Security?

Why choose K7 Total Security?

If this is your first time choosing a security solution for your device, you likely need to ascertain why it is a good choice before you move ahead with the subscriptions. For your convenience, we have sorted out a few important pointers that you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Web Protection

The very first and likely the most important factor that makes the K7 a worthy option is the web protection it provides the users with. It is not available in the standalone package, so you might need to go for the three or five-pack option. But, the software does function optimally in getting rid of a few unwanted items, including phishing frauds that everyone consistently takes notes of.

Safe search is another part of the web protection of the software that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on. It ensures to keep your device restricted from the use of platforms or websites that are a complete waste of time or a threat to the users. The process is made easier by ticking off the safe sites in the search results with a green checkmark.

Another important part of the web protection that you get to enjoy in this security solutions is Identity Protection. It enables you to stay alert and avoid the risks of identity theft, especially when someone is trying to log into a website that doesn’t come with the prefix of HTTPS. In case you come across a website that doesn’t come with that security, K7 alerts the user immediately.

  • Spam Filter

Although the majority of the websites have now programmed themselves in a way to get rid of the spam once and for all, having an extra layer of protection is often considered a good option. It helps in filtering out unwanted pop-ups and messages, including the POP3 email, and also keeps a check on the outgoing emails that could contain spammy nature.

In case you are on Outlook which is a lot less spam filter bound, having this security solution helps mark out the spammy messages or emails before you have to open them. This is a feature a few of the users look forward to. So, if you are one of them who has been consistently looking out for it, we hope this gives you a better idea of things.

  • Privacy Protection

Another factor worth considering K7 Total Security is privacy protection. It helps in protecting the user’s privacy using two modes – one by reducing the data transmission and second by controlling the applications that can end up using your webcam. In case your system has a user interface that doesn’t support either one of those, you might end up missing one of the features on the application. Enabling webcam protection provides users with two options to choose from. You can either block out all the webcam applications altogether or you can offer restricted access to the program as needed.

  • Parental control

One of the highlights of the K7 total security is parental control. This comes in handy for the users who want to keep an eye out for their kid’s online activity. This is extremely important for the users who have provided their kids with the latest technology but still want to have the necessary control over what they watch and what they don’t.

Remember that K7 Total Security wasn’t developed for child security online. So, it is likely that the software won’t have a thorough list of controls that you otherwise would have to look out for. For the settings, it is subjective and depends on the parent and what they expect out of the situation. 

K7 offers a portion or section wherein the user needs to manually enter the websites that they don’t want their kids to have access to. This is not the best option out there but it comes in handy for some users.

It has a separate section called Browser settings, wherein you can control the cookies that are accepted to the website and such.

Why is getting the activation key for K7 Total Security needed?

Why is getting the activation key for K7 Total Security needed?

Not many understand this but getting the activation key helps upgrade the security functions of this suite. If you are here tied to the basic plans, having the activate key helps you unlock a few of the best features of this platform which comes in handy for the users looking for some good quality security from malware threats.

Understanding the basics of the K7 Total Security is extremely important before you get the paid version of this security software. Make sure that you have a basic knowledge of how to activate the software settings for optimal security and such. This is extremely important to keep an eye out for.

K7 Total Security Serial Key 2023

  • KBC1V-59EE-AE99-010D-FB8C
  • KB71V-BEEC-EE62-762F-A57F
  • KB71V-BEEC-EE62-762F-A57F

K7 Total Security 2023 License Code


K7 Antivirus Serial Keys

  • KGC1V-0245-8C25-2B02-DC10
  • KBB1V-A386-EA49-2294-A708
  • KB71V-BEEC-EE62-762F-A57F
  • KBC1V-59EE-AE99-010D-FB8C


1. Is K7 Total Security a good platform?

Yes, with the kind of popularity it has gained over time, it can be said that the platform is a pretty great option to look out for. 

2. Is K7 Total Security free?

No, it offers a free 14-days trial to the users wherein you can check and assess whether it is the one for you or not and then go around from there. After that, the plans are chargeable.

3. What is the latest version of K7 Total Security?

The K7 TotalSecurity 16.0.0376 LATEST is the latest version of the platform.