How To Fix ‘Broken Registry Items’ On Avast Antivirus?

By | August 3, 2021

People who have been using the Windows Operating system for quite some time are well accustomed to the broken Registry Items. Developers of Microsoft Windows generally take a lot of effort in making the operating system good but it is not entirely free from any kind of bugs. If you are using a popular operating system and you are facing the broken Registry Items error then make sure you read this article carefully because this article will help you learn How to Fix Broken Registry Items On Avast Antivirus.

Windows is one of the best operating systems which are available in the market today. Security risks in Windows are still quite high and this is why people end up using antivirus for Windows operating systems. There is some popular antivirus software available for Windows for free which are Kaspersky, AVG, and Avast. If we compare this free antivirus Avast offers the best protection for any Microsoft Windows Operating system. The free version of Avast comes with a lot of great features which help protect the operating system from any virus attack. The free version of Avast can identify any kind of spyware, malware, or virus and remove any threats from the Operating system.

What are Registry Files?

To get a better understanding of the Broken Registry Items problem the first thing we need to do is have a clear understanding of what exactly is a registry file. Registry files are databases that are saved with any kind of software configuration information which is found in the Windows operating system. The Registry file is responsible for storing desktop background and file extension associations. When people install any kind of application to their Windows operating system the registry will be responsible for saving some crucial data.

Generally, there is no requirement for manual changes but the registry manually turns off the computer for proper working. It is always recommended that whenever users download any kind of new software or application they should always restart their computer so that the registry works properly. If users are using Avast Internet Security then you will surely encounter some Avast junk files. It is totally at the user’s discretion on how they want to handle the junk files. Users can simply erase the junk files but there are surely some consequences of doing so.

Why do we need Registry Files?

Registry Files are hierarchical databases that are responsible for storing all the low settings for Microsoft Windows Operating System and any other application which uses a registry. Microsoft Windows is known for using Dynamic Linked Libraries which is popularly known as DLL. They are generally repositories of subroutines and functions which have some kind of relationship with one another. Registry files help out programmers a lot because whenever they are facing any kind of problem or looking for any relevant information they can simply go to Registry files and look it up. Registry files are generally filled with both necessary and unnecessary information which makes the data import. Just like developers checking the registry when they need Windows also does the same thing. Windows feeds information from the registry whenever they need it. Registry files need to be cleaned and maintained periodically so that the data can be used when needed.

How can we fix broken Registry items?

Millions of users have been using Avast all across the globe. With the help of Avast, a lot of users have been successfully able to block potential security threats. The reason why Avast has become so much popular is because of the reliable and fast interface it offers to the users. There have been times when users have put their computer to full scan and they have seen the Broken Registry Items error on their computer.

broken registry items - scanning

After the whole scanning process is complete in Avast antivirus the application shows that it has detected a broken registry item. This error varies from device to device so there is no certainty that the system you are using will have this error. Users have reported that they have seen some errors like broken registry item-1600, broken registry items- 188, and broken registry items- 392. Users generally stress a lot about broken registry file errors because registry files are related to system files.

A lot of experts have commented on the broken registry item issue and most of them have said that these errors only occur when users use some registry cleaner software on their computer. The Avast broken registry item error is triggered by other third-party cleaner applications. Registry cleaners generally end up deleting data that are old and have not been used for some time which is the main reason for the error.

broken registry items

It is recommended that users should not be using any kind of registry cleaner because they will surely invite unwanted problems to the PC. Users also need to understand that they will not be facing any kind of major problem with their PC if they have a broken registry item error. They don’t take up a lot of space and this is why it is harmless and it is not worth fixing as well. If users are determined to fix this issue then one simple step they can do is restore their computer to the previous state. This might end up deleting some new data but it will surely restore Avast to its original form. Users when facing the broken registry items issue might end up feeling that the error is because of malware or a virus so to clear that up they can simply put their computer to a complete scan. This will help users make sure that their data is safe and secured.

Performing a Full Disk Cleanup

All the latest Microsoft Windows Operating Systems come with the Disk cleanup feature. The disk cleanup feature has been embedded in the operating system so that some space can be saved by not having to install any kind of third-party application. Here are the steps that users need to follow:

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ and ‘S’ buttons from the keyboard which will end up opening the search bar.
  • Simply type ‘Disk Cleanup’ and click on the first option that pops up.

broken registry items - performing

  • Then click on the drive where the Microsoft Windows Operating system has been installed.

broken registry items - drive

  • Click on the option ‘Clean Up System Files’ and look for the drive.

broken registry items - clean up

  • Then users will have to check the box on all the options and just proceed by pressing on ‘OK’
  • This step will help users get rid of all the unnecessary files which have been saved up in the system.

Can we safely remove Avast broken Registry Items?

One thing that everyone facing this problem should know is that the broken registry item error is harmless and will not create any kind of issue with the Microsoft Windows Operating system. If the issue is simply bothering the users then only they should act on it. Yes, it is possible to safely remove the error without creating any problem with the computer but there are chances that the operating system might not respond properly if the removal process of broken registry items is not done correctly. In this article, we have talked about how registry problems can be solved so that users can simply try them carefully and solve the problem.

Are other Registry cleanups usually helpful?

The registry is responsible for keeping a lot of files which are not always necessary. That is one of the reasons why users have to clean up the registry files regularly. Cleaning up the registry files could be a tricky process because there is always a chance that an important file could get deleted. This is where applications come in that are made so that they only delete unwanted files from the registry.

Windows has its application called Disk Cleanup which is the best application to use in this case. It is recommended that users should not use third-party applications for this job because it might end up deleting some important files from the registry. Once the important files get deleted from the registry the operating system will not be working as smoothly as it is meant to work. In this article, we have discussed how users can use disk cleanup and clear out all the unwanted files from the registry.


A lot of users think that a broken registry item error ends up slowing the computer which is not true. This error is harmless and even if users ignore this problem people will simply be able to work on their system without any problem. Any unwanted changes in the registry files will surely create a lot of problems in the Windows Operating System. The best advice for users is to not edit any registry files and simply leave the junk files as it is. Users are recommended to make sure to read this article carefully before taking any step on the registry files.


1. Is broken registry item error fixable?

Yes, this error is absolutely fixable.

2. Will there be any problem if the broken registry item error is ignored?

No, there will not be any kind of problem if this error is ignored.