How to Download Super Smash Bros On PC/Windows 10/7/8 Laptop?

By | July 19, 2021

Super Smash Bros is a very popular game that can be now played on PC too. The developer of this game Nintendo is going to gain a lot of fame when they thought of porting it on different platforms. Unfortunately, the Super Smash Bros game is not available for PC as of now. Considering it officially there is no version of this game designed for PC. But that doesn’t make it impossible. It can be played on your PC with some modifications. If you are a lover of this game and have recently broken your Nintendo Switch or gaming console, the only platform to play this game is your PC. 

What Is Super Smash Bros?

Super Smash Bros is a video game that is typically about arcades and fighting with the best crossover that is dreamt about by the majority of the gamers. All the significant characters of the 80s and 90s Nintendo games and other famous consoles during that time are present in this game and can be seen fighting in opposition to each character. All of them make use of their fighting skills and some special movements. The game integrates some of Nintendo’s signature characters.

It is an amazing game that offers+ an interesting storyline, a wide array of characters, and a lot more. You will love this game even more once you start playing it on PC. To play it on PC some steps must be followed. These steps are mentioned ahead in this post so don’t forget to take a look. It is a super exciting game developed by Nintendo and has so much to offer once you get into the game. 

To know more about downloading this game on PC, you need to go through the steps mentioned below. There are many reasons why you will love this game. Some of them include HD graphics, sounds, gameplay, interactive user interface, and many more. You must be wondering how to download this game on PC, and then there are a few steps that need to be followed. Take a look at these steps for a better understanding: 

What are the steps to be followed to complete the installation of Smash Bros on PC? 

As discussed above, as of now no PC version of this game has been released officially. So, what can be done for the same is using an emulator. The use of an emulator can be a game-changer in this aspect. In just a very short period, you will get access to play this game on your laptop or Windows PV. If you don’t have any concern with using an emulator to play the games and installing third-party party apps, you can just give it a start instantly. 

  • Search for an emulating app 

The first step to follow is to look for a specific Nintendo emulator which can be used for running Super Smash Bros on PC. The emulator to be used here is the Dolphin emulator. It supports almost all games by famous game developers. So, it can efficiently run Super Smash Bros too. 

  • Download the emulator 

Search for the Dolphin emulator in your browser and you will be redirected to its official page. Then, you can find a downloadable version of the most recently launched emulator from that website.

Download the emulator 

  • Extract the installed file 

The emulator files are generally stored in a compressed form like 7z or ZIP. You will require a 7zip or Win RAR for extracting this file. 

Extract the installed file

  • Download the ISO file for Super Smash Bros 

The next step to follow is downloading the ISO file for Super Smash Bros. The file size is nearly 8GB so it might take a little longer to download it. If the ISO file of this game is already there on the local drive of your windows, this step can be skipped. You can directly follow the next step.

  • Save in the ROM folder 

The best thing to do is saving the Super Smash bros ISO file in a folder called ROM and keep it within the folder named Dolphin Emulator.

  • Run Dolphin exe file 

In the folder of Dolphin emulator folder, you need to double-tap on the executable file of the Dolphin emulator. 

double-tap on the executable file

  • Choose whether you want to allow the statistics detailing 

You’ll be welcomed by a notification showing up which will request you to enable Dolphin to show the reporting statistics. You can choose yes/ no. People choose yes to help the app developers have more amounts of data to improve the working of this emulator. 

  • Click on the open button

Next, you are going to find the note mentioning that no ISO could be found on the screen. This is very normal to happen because the ISO for Super Smash Bros has not been loaded yet. Select the open option present on the topmost left side of the Dolphin web page. 

Run Dolphin exe file

  • Launch Dolphin 

This will show the file manager. You can then choose the ROM folder within the Dolphin folder where the ISO file for Super Smash Bros was stored.

Launch Dolphin

  • Refresh

 Super Smash bros will now be shown on the main screen of Dolphin. If you cannot see it, you should tap on the Refresh option and it will present the title of Super Smash Bros. 

tap on the Refresh option

  • Connect to PC

If there is a controller which is connected with your PC, then you might need to prepare a proper configuration on your controller with the help of controller option. 

Connect to PC

  • Just start to play 

You now have to make a double-click the icon showing the Super Smash Bros game on the Dolphin emulator instantly start with the game. 

Super Smash bros might not available very soon for PC but you can try this way for enjoying this excellent and unique game. If you find any issue there, it can be assumed that you will have to download an ISO file that is about 8 GB in size. If your internet connection is slow, it might take a bit longer for the process to complete.

What are the features of Super Smash Bros?

As mentioned above, this game has a lot of features to offer and all of them are amazing. So, let us take a look at some of the important features of this game: 

  • New items 

This game offers amazing lot many new items to the players. These items can be used for different purposes in the game. Some of these items can be availed right from the beginning of the game whereas, for others, you might have to fulfil some specific criteria and accomplish the tasks that are assigned. Also, some special items can be unlocked only after you reach specific levels. 

  • New music

Another striking feature of this game is that it features new music. This music is completely new and unique from other games of this genre. Different settings can be used to customize your music preference in the game. For each aspect of the game, separate music is integrated. You just need to make sure that you keep the music and sounds on while you play the game. It also incorporates very exciting background music which can make your gaming experience even more thrilling. 

  • Many stages

The game features more than 100 different stages and at each new stage in the game, the players are offered new equipment, new characters, etc. The returning stages have become highly powered. You can play the game through different stages which make the game way more interesting.

  • HD graphics 

There are HD graphics in this game which make the game run very smoothly. The graphics are very well crafted to match the game and are high quality. Graphics are an integral part of video games and Super Smash bros can impress you with its graphics. 


How can you choose the right emulator?

You must choose the emulator which is compatible with the greatest titles developed by popular game developers like Nintendo.

Is Dolphin emulator legal?

Dolphin emulator is completely legal and safe to use. There is no risk in using it. 

Are there any more steps involved in this procedure?

All steps involved in this procedure are mentioned above in this post. There are no more included. 


Thus, this was an overall comprehensive guide about how you can play this game on PC. The entire process has been depicted above through different steps and pictures for each. This can make you understand the process better. Super Smash Bros is an amazing game that can be played with very little gaming knowledge. And the best part is you need not worry about the fact that you cannot play it on PC anymore because there is this way out by which you can do the same. So, just go ahead and follow the steps mentioned above to play Super Smash Bros on PC. 


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