14 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like 123movies in 2024

By | May 9, 2024

There are lots of people who love to stream online for free. That is the reason why there are thousands of sites providing the facility. 123Movies is the most popular one. The main reason behind its popularity is its quality of service offering, since the day it was launched. The movies which are still in cinemas are available on the website of nice quality and for absolutely free. 

From the website interface to video resolutions, 123Movies is the best suggestion one can give you when it comes to online movie streaming. 

What is 123Movies? 


123Movies is a video streaming site that allows users to stream pirated movies for free. There are lots of sites on the internet where one can stream online movies or TV shows or other content, just like 123Movies, but 123Movies became the most popular streaming site, among others. This site is used to receive 98 million visitors per month. In the year 2018, it was announced that 123Movies would no longer be available on the internet, due to some copyright issues. But after the main domain of the site i.e., 123Movies was banned, many other clone sites came up on the internet like 123Movies.com, 123Movies.is, etc. You can watch movies on the 123Movies site in your preferred browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This site is well-known for its vast and exclusive movie and TV series library. 

Website Features 

  • Library: 123Movies stores a lot of movies and TV shows in its library. From newly released ones to slightly old content, you can stream all of that for free. Though there are many other sites like 123Movies, no other site has a vast collection like this site. Just think about it, what is a better thing to do for you, during your leisure times than steaming the latest movies for absolutely free. And it becomes more interesting when you have so many options to choose from. 
  • Filters: There are a lot of movies stored on the site, but how to choose a good one from them? 123Movies made your finding easier by its user-friendly interface and search filters. You can search for movies by its release year and genre on the site. Apart from them, you can also search by IMDb rating and other advanced filters. 
  • Streaming servers: 123Movies provides multiple streaming servers. Which means you will have multiple links to watch movies. So you don’t have to worry if one link is not working there will be more than 2 or 3 servers for every movie or TV show. It is true that the number of steaming servers is not the same for all content. That means there might be 3 streaming servers for one movie and 2 for another. 
  • Speed: Another reason behind the site’s popularity is its amazingly fast streaming speed. This happens because of the multiple links you are provided with. 123Movies lets you enjoy buffer-free streaming until you have a stable network connection. This means with a lot of options, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy your favourite movies with an uninterrupted streaming speed. 
  • Registration: The best part about 123Movies is any kind of login or signup is not required to stream contents. You can watch your desired content without any registration and also without any payment. 
  • Application: If you are facing problems every time while opening the website, there is a solution for that too. You can use the 123Movies app on your Android phone to stream movies. 

The big problem with 123Movies is its copyright issues. This problem occurs because 123Movies allows us to stream pirated movies i.e., newly released movies that are still in the cinemas. That is the reason why 123Movies had been taken down. 


123Movies has categorised its content based on genres, country, IMDB rate, alphabetical list. If you enter in the hamburger menu on the home screen, you will see Movies and TV series options that will organise the library and separate the movies from the TV series to make your search easier. 

The following genres are available on the website: 

  • Action 
  • Animation
  • Comedy 
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Fantasy 
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Mythological 
  • Romance 
  • Sport 
  • War
  • Thriller and many more

14 Sites Like 123movies in 2024

Here we made a list of best alternatives of 123Movies that you can use when the 123Movies official site is down. 

1. StreamingSites


Streamingsites.com is the best place to find top movie streaming websites on the internet. All of the sites are sorted in categories, safe and updated daily. There you can find more than 60+ alternative & similar sites like 123movies. All of them are reviewed and sorted by quality. The site itself is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are absolutely no ads. You will not be disappointed when visiting StreamingSites.

2. Sony Crackle

Sony owns this site, and it has millions of users. To start streaming, you have to complete the registration step or log in or sign up on the site. In this site, movies are available in HD quality, and the streaming speed is very fast. The interface is prati user-friendly, and the collection is also not bad. But there is only one problem on this site. Ads and pop-ups will interrupt your streaming again and again. Otherwise, it’s a very good streaming site. 


  • With usual content, you will also find plenty of enemy content on the site.
  • You can search for movies on the basis of their genre.
  • If you want, you can arrange the continent according to their alphabetical order.

3. Yes! Movies

This site is known for its smooth streaming service. You can edit the video quality if you don’t want to spend much on the internet. Each and every movie comes with English subtitles, so it doesn’t matter what your country is, the language is always translated. On this site, ads will not disrupt you too much, one ad and multiple pop-ups will appear before start watching, but there will be not much while your streaming is ongoing.


  • The movie list is always updated daily, so if you cannot find one movie today, you will surely find that tomorrow.
  • When you are done watching one movie, the site will be suggesting similar movies.
  • Each and every movie is available in HD quality on this site.

4. Vumoo

if our only focus is on the word alternatives, then Vumoo is the best answer. Every day, Vumooo is growing gradually with its large content database. This site is filled with new movies and TV shows that are uploaded every day. That means Vumoo keeps itself updated. Most of the shows and movies of the site are available in High Definition quality. The interface of the site is very well organized and user-friendly. We mentioned before that Vumoo is the closest alternative of 123Movies– another resemblance between these two sites is newly released movies that are still in the cinemas can be watched here too. 


  • The interface of the site is pretty well organized, which makes it user-friendly.
  • There is an option available on the front page, which allows you to switch between Movies and TV shows.
  • In the vast collection of movies, a maximum of them are available in HD quality.

5. Solar Movies

It is the most popular website with loads of movies. Apart from movies, various TV series is also available on the site. The interface of the Solar movie is also very well organized, like Vumoo. Many people sometimes watch movies just by seeing it on the movie streaming site. Especially for them, Solar Movies provides the trailer of the movie as well as other information you might want to know on the landing page of a movie. 


  • There are multiple filters available in the site like genre, country of release, IMDB rating, etc.
  • You can find your favourite movie in high-quality resolution.
  • From lots of movies on the site, you will definitely find your favourite one.

6. Popcornflix

This site is also a pretty interesting movie streaming website that is worth trying. To stream movies, you don’t have to sign up or login or complete any type of registering. That means you can start watching movies the instant you load the website. One of the similarities between 123Movies and this site is, the database of this site also keeps updating every day. 

If you want to keep yourself away from websites, you can also download the Popcornflix mobile app on your Android or iOS. But every country in the globe cannot enjoy Popcornflix, because it is restricted in some countries. 


  • The movies of the website are categorised based on their genres like Drama, Comedy Adventure, Horror, and others, which simplifies the process of the movie searching on the site.
  • Users can stream movies uninterruptedly as there are no ads and pop-ups on the site.
  • Popcornflix’s original shows are also available on the website for absolutely free.

7. MoviesJoy

unlike other sites, MoviesJoy is a newcomer in the world of movie streaming sites. The site allows you to stream between lots of movies and TV series without any kind of interruption and for free of charge. Just like other similar websites of 123Movies, this site keeps updating its content library pretty frequently. MoviesJoy not only offers you a bundle of movies but also shows TV series and other content are available on the site. 


  • There also many e filters are available to make your search easier.
  • Before starting to watch any movie or other content, you can find details like IMDB rating, video quality, rating, duration, etc.
  • There is no need for registration before starting streaming movies.

8. Showbox 

Besides, the official website Showbox is available on many mobile devices. You can also use it on a desktop computer. While searching for a good movie, maybe you like more than one movie. In that case, you can save items in your library so that you can have quicker access to those items.  


  • Based on your device or box, Showbox gives you the flexibility to adjust the quality of the stream.
  • No ads will interrupt you while you’re streaming, only a few ads may appear before your streaming or after it.
  • This site is good for you if you intend to watch the full movie at a time. Otherwise, it will take way too long to resume streaming from where you left.

9. LookMovie

this is another great alternative to 123Movies, giving you full access to its vast library for absolutely free. The easy and interesting interface will help you to search for movies with the help of filters like the latest genres, movies, and TV show categories. If the ads and pop-ups disturb your streaming, you can enable the ad blocker and enjoy movies without the disturbance. 


  • Multiple filters make your movie searching process much easier.
  • You can start your streaming without any registration.
  • It offers multiple quality options so that you can choose anyone while streaming.

10. Openloadfree TV

There are many similarities between this site and 123Movies. The library of the site is as used as the 123Movies’, there are lots of TV shows, and all of them are categorised based on year, genre, country, and IMDB rating. There are lots of animated movies, and TV shows are also available on the site. 


  • You don’t need to register first to start movie streaming.
  • More than one filter is available on the website.
  • A user-friendly interface and well-organised library attract viewers to start online streaming.

11. Go Movies

Go Movies is another amazing alternative to 123Movies. The number of contents on this site is not less than any other site. The site allows you to download movies so that you can watch them later when you are offline. Go Movies also gives you suggestions based on the most viewed movies on the website. And also, after watching one movie, the site will recommend similar movies to you. 


  • More than one filter option is also available here.
  • The interface of this site is also pretty easy to use.
  • The simplicity of the site makes it attractive.

12. Primewire

This is a notable movie streaming site, where one is sure to get innumerable movies, web series, documentaries, thrillers, short films, trailers, music videos, etc. You will find the best simple attachment, making your search even more convenient. Movies have been sorted on this site based on their genres, language, release date, reviews, etc. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly, giving you the best movie-watching experience. From regional films like Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam to Hindi and Hollywood dubbed ones, you are sure to get any movie of your choice. You can stream and download them in any format of your choice. 

13. DVDWap

Dvdwap is the best site to visit for movie lovers. Being an important alternative to Moviesbaba, the site offers better services when it comes to the quality of service. Not only do you find all contents uploaded in HD resolution, but you also get notifications from this site wherever a new content is uploaded. The site’s contents consist of a wide range of Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, and dubbed Hindi and Hollywood movies, web series, documentaries, short films, tv shows, and everything you need for your entertainment. The site lets you access all of these for free. The site provides a short description of every content, hence, viewers don’t have to Google separately about any unknown content. 

14. WatchFree

Movie-lovers like to explore WatchFree; this online platform is visited by millions of people around the world. And who wouldn’t love to take this chance? Can you imagine watching the latest movies without any payment? Well, these things are available in WatchFree. This site has an amazing collection of horror, comedy, biography, action, romantic and many other genres of movies. Users can also search based on the ratings. If you are into old classic movies, then WatchFree is best. You can watch famous TV shows as well. Just a single click can take you to your free movie theatre. The entire seasons of famous series and sitcoms are available here.


1. Is it illegal to use 123Movies?  

Talking honestly, watching pirated movies is itself illegal. So it doesn’t matter where you are watching it, you are going against the laws. That makes every free online movie streaming site illegal. But 123 movies do not contain pirated content, instead of that, they link to the pirated content. That means when you click on a movie, and the content will be streaming from a secure cyberlocker or another online source. Still, in 2018, 123Movies was declared as the “most popular illegal site in the world,” and on that note, on March 19, the site was announced illegal. 

2. Can you get a virus from 123Movies? 

123Movies contains no virus, but it can’t carry some adware and ransomware in a few rare cases. It’s not very surprising to experience plenty of pop up ads on a movie streaming site. 123Movies tries to push them as much as possible. In most cases, the ads that tell you to install some random extension, software, contains a harmful virus. 

3. Can I watch movies on 123Movies now?

Yes, one can still watch movies on 123Movies ever after it’s shut down because the owner of 123Movies launched many clone domains to continue its service. You can find the clone domains very easily on the internet. 

4. How do I watch free movies on 123Movies?

Those who stream online movies a lot; using another website is not at all any problem for them. 123movies have an extremely user-friendly interface. And most of all, a user does not need to register, login, or sign up before start watching. All you need to do is enter the website, search for your favourite movie, and start streaming. You will have completely free access to the large library of the site. Enjoy your streaming. 

5. Is 123Movies safe?

123Movies do not contain any kind of virus. But the answer to the question is simply no. If you unintentionally click on any of the ads, displaying the site, you will be redirected to another website that might be harmful, and a few viruses can enter into your device. 123Movies is a pretty old website, but we can’t be sure about these third party websites. So if you have a good VPN and active antivirus software, you can stream on 123Movies, harmlessly. 


Watching movies for free seems to be cool, but you should consider the legal implications and also the security risks. There is a major chance that your computer device could become infected with a virus or malware while streaming on 123Movies. From the above sites, you can choose anyone and stream safely. It’s a different matter that the above sites do not have as much content as 123Movies. But it will be safe for you. 

In the end, free movie streaming sites are not safe for any of your devices. Especially when a website streams pirated movies, it becomes more illegal, and this type of website might carry the harmful virus. So, you should not use any of the free movie streaming sites without using good antivirus and VPN security. 


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