Microsoft Office 365 Product Keys & Activation Methods in 2024

By | April 3, 2024

In our professional lives, we are very much acquainted with the term Microsoft Office. It is one of the major software which is used everywhere in our work field. The Microsoft Office, or many times, is simply termed as Office is a group of server software, client servers, and other services that Microsoft developed. The office has been produced by multiple versions and targeting various environments and end-users.

Microsoft Office 365, on the other hand, is the term used for describing the essential subscription-type services offered by Microsoft. This is an essential segment of the product line of Microsoft Office. The whole aspect of Microsoft office 365 is built around the usage of Microsoft Office on top of the product’s subscription line in inclusion with cloud software, which is usually regarded as a product of service for business environments. 

The plans included in the Office 365 also comes with automatic updates for the software of each to direct software without the presence of any extra cost which is found in the conventional license system. Microsoft Office 365 stands to help the user with all the Microsoft software services, which come along with the package subscription. It has a huge array of essential programs that we use in our day-to-day professional lives. These programs are Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access, and many more. Generally, the programs or software come in a paid subscription, or else one may require special permission to access it.

Microsoft Office 365 Product Keys & Activation Methods

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key

What is the product key?

The product key or often termed as the software key is a type of software code that is specifically used for computer programs. It is for ascertaining or certifying that the product delivered is original. The activation of this key can happen offline or online, depending on its being used. Usually, in software like Office 365 or Windows, these activations are done online to prevent multiple uses of the product key. These product keys have several series of letters and alphabets which are uniquely pieced together to make the product key.

Microsoft Product Activation 

Microsoft Product Activation is a type of DRM innovation utilized by Microsoft Corporation in numerous of its programs, most strikingly its Windows working framework and its Office profitability suite. The strategy authorizes consistency with the program’s end-client agreement of license by transmitting data about both the item key used to introduce the program and the client’s PC equipment to Microsoft, hindering or forestalling the utilization of the program until the legitimacy of its permit is affirmed.

The methodology has been met with noteworthy analysis by numerous buyers, specialized examiners, and PC specialists, who contend that it is inadequately structured, exceptionally badly arranged, and eventually never really forestall programming theft. The procedure has been effectively evaded on various events.

Pre-installation method

When introducing a retail substitute of Windows or Office, the client is approached to enter a one of a kind item key or commonly known as the product key provided on an endorsement of credibility included with the program, which is later checked during activation. Quick initiation isn’t required after completing the installation; however, the program must be started inside a particular timeframe so as to keep on working appropriately. All through this period, the client will be occasionally reminded to initiate the program, with alerts getting progressively frequent after some time.  

Certain variants of Windows and Office are accessible under a volume permit, where a solitary item key is utilized for different establishments. Projects bought under this permit should, in any case, be enacted, except for Windows XP and all forms of Office brought out preceding Office 2010. Businesses utilizing this authorizing framework can utilize Microsoft’s initiation servers or make and dealing with their own.

If Windows is pre-introduced on a PC by a unique hardware producer, the working framework is consequently enacted without the client’s collaboration. For this situation, the Windows introduced doesn’t utilize the item key recorded on the endorsement of genuineness. Instead, an ace item key given to OEMs called a System Locked Pre-installation (SLP) key. On each boot, Windows affirms the explicit data presence put away in the BIOS by the maker, guaranteeing the initiation just stays legitimate on that PC, regardless of whether the product key is utilized on another machine.

Product key generator

The general approach to get the Office 365started is to buy a product item key from Microsoft while buying the Office suite. The product key is an essential aspect of the entire system since, without the product key, the installation will not complete. So one way is to buy the product key, and another way is to use the product key generator software to generate a free product key.

Now instead, you can also get the Microsoft Office 365 product key generatorfor free. You can get this software quite easily without much hassle. At first, when you are trying to get the software for free, you can find yourself at a very bad spot or a dead point, to be exact. So the first step which needs to be done is to generate a product key. You can do this via a number of methods, but the primary thing is to go to Google and search for any free software that will help you to generate a product key. There are a number of product key generators online, but all of them don’t produce the correct result. You can check viable blogs and also check for reviews on the net to select a product key generator. 

Use your email and password to log in to the portal. After reading all the terms and conditions, which is important, you have to enter the details about the application you require. This is necessary as the product key will be generated based on that application. Now, in turn, for verification, the key will verify automatically if it is authentic. This is how Office 365 key generator works. 

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Method of activation with product key generator

In case you are genuinely buying the Office 365 activation key with money, then along with the application, you will directly get an Office 365 product key. This product key will have an authentic and unique key code necessary for completing the program’s installation. As discussed, the genuine product key will be provided with the purchase of Office 365. Every one of these unique codes is different from the others. Each and every serial key is different from one another. 

Now another way is to get the application for free. While using the product key generator, if you search on the Internet, you will find a number of them as fake. These files don’t work properly at all. There are some methods to check the authenticity of the file that you have found online. Here is how you can use the Microsoft Office 365 product key activation for free.

  1. Go to the PCs settings after you shut down all the applications presently running on the computer.
  2. After going to the setting option, click on it, and then go to the update option. Switch off any of the applications which are running. There are virus protection options, like cloud-based protection and real-time protection. These should be turned off too. This is very important because several settings stop the files from properly working, so turning them off is the best option.
  3. After you turn off the settings, you can easily download the files. These files you can download from authentic sites as discussed above after reading their reviews and blogs. When the download button appears, clicks on it and chooses a suitable location to store it. 
  4. These files come in .zip format. Thus you have to unzip the file which you have downloaded in order to read it. Go through all the details of the file and, after that, extract the reloader activator. This reloader activator is a very important element in the whole process. After that, click on the reloader activator file, which has been unzipped and run it. A few options will give on a dialogue box in the PC from which you have to select the Windows option. With this, the activation process ends, and now what’s left is just for you to click on the activate button. 
  5. Following these steps will help you to get the Office 365 free of charge with the product key generator. After this, you can enjoy all the services without any problem.

In case you are buying the product activation key along with the Microsoft Office product key, then you have to follow the underlined steps to install the key and get your program working successfully.

  1. The first step with is essential is for you to go online and visit the office setup website. 
  2. On that website, they will ask you to sign in or sign up. In case you do have an account, then you just sign in, or you sign up for a new account. After that, you have to search for the option where the product key is placed.
  3. After that, you enter the 25 characters’ product key in the assigned space without any blanks between the letters.
  4. After entering the product key, there will be several prompts. Go through these prompts step by step to complete the process of application. 

The principal points of interest in the item key of MS office 365

  • You can, without much of a stretch, guide a graph with your partners in your working station. You can efficiently share any sort of snippets of data, talk, and pictures. You can likewise share some sound and video and discussions. 
  • There are certain aspects of works which you do in a word or other formats of documents. Yet, after completing the work, you can easily change the file into a PDF without much of a stretch. You can likewise alter the file any place you need. Simply click the edit choice, and you are great to go. If you need to change over your file format, simply select the alternative named “save as PDF.” 
  • Excel is one of the valuable and significant uses of the MS office family. The power mapping is an extremely solid help with which you can efficiently count all the information and dates of various ventures. 
  • The OneNote is an apparatus of Outlook. You need to turn it on to get the timetable of the schedule. You can make a note and plug it on the dates with the goal that it can give the documentations of cutoff times. 
  • If the substance of the mail is truly huge, at that point, you can simply transfer the document in a drive and afterward send the connection using email. 
  • There is another assistance named ongoing co-authoring. With the assistance of this administration, you can undoubtedly screen others’ exercises on your promise record. The document ought to be saved money on the OneDrive or SharePoint. The other associates ought to be enrolled on those entryways. The sidebar which is incorporated will give you the possibility of sharing the venture. 
  • If your PC is disconnected, you can simply transfer your refreshed file to your enrolled OneDrive.

How to Find Microsoft Office 365 Product Key on Product Key Card?

How to Find Microsoft Office 365 Product Key on Product Key Card

If you are new to using Microsoft Office 365 and you are confused about the activation process using the product key, we’d recommend looking at the product key card. This is no doubt one of the most effective options, especially when it comes to acquiring the genuine and valid product key.

This one is for those users who buy their Microsoft Office 365 from offline stores. You will find access to the product key right on the body of the product key card or box. 

So, after you bring the product key home, here’s what you have to do:

  • Take the product key card out of the box
  • From there, you have to scratch off the silver foil coating that’s on the key card. You can use a coin for the same.
  • Once you do that, you’d be able to find the product key that you can enter into your system to activate the Microsoft Office 365 product.

Keep in mind that this process is only effective if you have bought a physical product key for Microsoft Office 365.

How to find the Microsoft Office 365 Product Key from Microsoft Service Page?

How to find the Microsoft Office 365 Product Key from Microsoft Service Page?

If the above method isn’t working out for you, the next one is to rely on the Microsoft Service Page. It is fairly simple, straightforward, and effective.

If you have a Microsoft Account, you can directly visit the Microsoft Service Page to access or view the product key.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Go to your Microsoft Account
  • Under that, go to Services and Subscriptions
  • Sign into your Microsoft account
  • Under that, click on “View product key”
  • This will redirect you to the license on the PC display

For the users who can’t find them on the Service Page, you also have the option to check the product key from the Microsoft Store. Keep in mind that if you bought your product key from the online Microsoft Store, the product key is forwarded to your registered email. So, ensure that you keep that in mind.

If you don’t want to pay for the Microsoft Office 365 account, we’d recommend relying on the free product key that we have sorted out in this guide for you. All the product keys are free and 100% working. Any of the keys that are expired are immediately removed from the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate my Microsoft Office 365 product key? 

Follow the following steps for your Microsoft 365 product key activation: 

  • Go to or
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, create. Remember the credentials. 
  • Enter the product key without spaces. If you don’t get an option to enter it manually, the system has automatically entered it for you. 
  • Follow the prompts as asked by the system. 

2. How to activate Microsoft Office 365 for free? 

  • Often any Microsoft program to begin the activation process. 
  • Choose the right email account

This account would be linked to your Office account. If you want to log in with another account, click on the option provided to change it. Then click on the green button. 

  • Log in to Microsoft 365
  • Enter the credentials of the account you entered previously. 
  • Click on next. 
  • Accept the conditions

If you could log into your account without issues, see the conditions listed on the screen. 

  • Click on confirm.

 Your Microsoft Office account is activated. 

  • Get started 

Once you have activated your Office account, a confirmation mail would be sent to the email address that you entered in step 3. Keep it safe as it would contain your activation code. 

3. Where to find the product key of Microsoft Office 365? 

Where to find your product key depends on how have you got the copy of Office 365: 

  • If you have got from an authorized retailer

The product key would be attached to a card inside the packaging. 

  • If you have bought a new Windows PC

The product key would be pre-installed on your device. 

  • If you have bought a digital copy from Microsoft Portal 

In this case, the product key would be mentioned in the confirmation mail that you received after buying the OS from the site.

4. How much does it cost to get Office 365?

Currently, Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are available at $6.99 for a month for one person, for six people it is $9.99. One can also choose the buy the annual subscription, which available for $69.99 or $99.99 for one and six people respectively. 

5. How good is Microsoft Office 365? 

If you have subscribed to the latest Microsoft Office 365 premium version, you can install a full copy of the updated OS on five devices. It also lets any Windows 7 or Windows 8 device install icons like Excel, Word, etc. for free. The UI of it is also smooth and comes with convenient features. 


Microsoft Office is a very widely known and used program across all the workplaces. Office 365 is another essential part of it; rather, it is a subscription service that brings together the rest of the programs vital in the workforce area. As discussed, there are several ways of downloading and activating these programs, while the general way is the activation key. These keys can be bought directly or generated from online sites like it has been discussed above. Since there are so many sites, users should be careful from where they download these keys since every one of these will not be successful. Overall activating the product key will help in making the whole set available for use. 


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