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Joanna Tan is the Senior Editor at VOIVO Infotech. She looks after the editing work of the blog. She has previously worked in National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi. She has worked with various popular agencies globally. To get in touch with Joanna for news reports you can email her on or reach her out on social media links given below.

How Much Money Have I Spent On League?

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games out there. This is a fast-paced, competitive online video game that combines the intensity and speed of an RTS with role-playing elements. With a unique playstyle, design, game modes, and multiple battlefields, this makes it one of the fun games to play. While League… Read More »

How Do I Check My Computer For Windows 10 Compatibility?

Windows is one of the best operating systems for any kind of brand of computer and laptop. A lot of computers come with an inbuilt and default Windows operating system. A lot of versions of Windows have been released ever since the Windows operating system came into sales in the global market.  A lot of… Read More »

How to Make Money with Google Sites

Free webspace through Google’s Google Sites negates the requirement of having to buy webspace domains in order to make money online. Because Google Sites is a Google creation, the webmaster need not have to go through the rigmarole of verifying web pages and generating Sitemaps, because this will have been automatically done by Google. Free… Read More »

12 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android in 2021

Do you ever feel someone is snooping into your phone in your absence? Do you want to keep your photos and videos private? Well, you need a fingerprint lock app to protect your phone and apps. Almost all android phones provide some sort of security including fingerprint lock, pattern lock, and PIN lock. But none… Read More »

11 Best Fun Apps For Android And iOS

Smartphones are nothing short of a boon for the current life that we live. Not only does it help make our life more accessible, but it also helps improve our sources of entertainment and make living our life worthwhile. So, owning a smartphone is like carrying your entertainment in your pocket along with you. All… Read More »

11 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS

The concept of adult games might seem taboo when you are opening talking about it but the worldwide search results suggest otherwise. With over 18-19 million games available on the internet, finding the one that suits your interest can be a little tricky. If you are particularly looking for adult mobile game apps for Android… Read More »

Best Document Editing Apps for Android and iOS

We all know the fact that the 21st century is a technology driven age and smart phones are inevitable in one’s life. Have you ever struggled to edit notes in your smartphone notepad? If you are a student or a business owner, you might have multiple documents to manage. In such a scenario document editing… Read More »