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Joanna Tan is the Senior Editor at VOIVO Infotech. She looks after the editing work of the blog. She has previously worked in National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi. She has worked with various popular agencies globally. To get in touch with Joanna for news reports you can email her on or reach her out on social media links given below.

How To Find A Lost Roku Remote

As humans, we have the habit of misplacing things, especially small devices like remotes, mobile phones, etc. It feels annoying when you can’t find the things you want to use. By chance, if you have misplaced or lost your Roku remote, you are not the only one doing it. Many other people are living the… Read More »

Is Uno Cross-platform in 2023?

Gaming has taken over the world nowadays. Gaming has proved to be a major time pass for most people during the ongoing pandemic situation. A recent study has proved that the individuals engaged with the gaming cultures are more alert, sincere and are mentally more stable. Several new and adventurous games have been launched in… Read More »

11 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS in 2023

The concept of adult games might seem taboo when you are opening talking about it but the worldwide search results suggest otherwise. With over 18-19 million games available on the internet, finding the one that suits your interest can be a little tricky. If you are particularly looking for adult mobile game apps for Android… Read More »

Know How to Download YouTube Vanced iOS For Free?

We have all grown up with YouTube, watching our favorite content creators publishing videos, and sharing milestones in their lives. Despite the kind of popularity YouTube has in the entertainment world, one thing that is quite annoying now is the ads. Nobody likes to have their viewing experience hindered by unnecessary and frequent ads. More… Read More » – (February 2023) Ways to Get Rewards

If you are a game developer looking for a lucrative platform to showcase your games and earn steady exposure from them, Roblox is hands down the best platform for it. The website has been around for quite some time now, offering budding gaming developers a potent platform to showcase their hidden talent and also keep… Read More »

How to Add and Activate Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku?

Roku TV is the only digital media player that will give you a theatre-like experience. Roku TV is the most trending media streaming device right now. Roku TV’s services have impressed many; this is the reason this hardware brand is gaining popularity all across the world. Since 2008, has developed multiple digital media players,… Read More »

How To Install & Activate CBS Sports on Roku?

Roku is a leading brand right now; it has launched useful devices which can lighten up your mood by giving you all sorts of entertainment. If you are fond of entertainment or you cannot spare a day without watching Sports, then what can be better than Roku. You can get a fine opportunity to operate… Read More »

How to Watch Bravo Live Online Without Cable?

Watching movies and TV shows is always fun. Who can resist if there are a bunch of movies and shows available on a personalized platform? This platform is for all entertainment lovers. Whatever you have been looking for so long is right here.   Let us introduce the fine streaming site—Bravo. There’s no need to hop… Read More »