Is Dying Light Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

By | January 13, 2024

Games have become an essential part of the daily lives of people. With so many different genres, there are games for everyone belonging to any age group. Games not only serve as an entertainment mode but they also promote the betterment of mental health. 

Dying Light is a well-known video game from the survival horror genre. The publisher of this fame is Warner Brothers and the company’s name is Interactive Entertainment. The game was launched on 27th January 2015 and has received a lot of appreciation from different gaming communities. With the emergence of new features like cross-platform, the players of this game have started questioning whether they can play this game cross-platform across platforms like Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo in 2024. 

In the present times, gamers have become crazy over the feature of cross-platform gaming. Players don’t want to be restricted by their platform choice. They prefer to play along with their friends from anywhere in the world. 

Cross-platform gaming helps to fill up the gap amidst console gamers and PPC. There are many reasons why players have started looking for cross-platform games. Cross-platform gaming has a lot of benefits and it makes sure that you get a better gaming experience with this feature. Read this post-roll at the end to know if Dying Light can be played cross-platform or not. 

A Quick Introduction

A Quick Introduction

Dying Light is a zombie game that features an open world and has been shot in Harran city. It was launched in 2015 by a company called Techland, which are famous for many other well-known games developed by them. This game occurs in a wider environment where all the things are to be regarded when they move around in town, regardless of day or night as zombies are mainly active during the night. 

The game has to be played from the perspective of first-person and it comprises components that can be found in RPG like character upgrades, inventory management or levelling up. The player must hunt for the supplies required in missions or make weapons to fight their enemies off. 

There are many side quests you can avail of in this game and they offer added background on all characters in the gaming world of Dying Light as they earn unique rewards which help you to keep up with the progress ahead into the primary questline.

The game received a lot of positive comments just after its launch. Several critics appreciated the design of the gaming world, visuals as well as giving satisfaction to fight the mechanics whereas, criticizing the technical concerns with the co-op mode at release. 

Are you wondering “Is Dying Light Cross-Platform?”. Read this post till the end to know more avoid this. 

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform in 2024?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform?

Nope. Dying Light is not available for cross-play. This means that the players can’t play it on several platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation and PC. This is a disadvantage because the players want to play games along with their friends irrespective of what platform they use to play the game. 

With an increase in the demand for cross-platform supported games in the past few years, several titles of this game have been launched that let the players play together at once irrespective of their choice of OS or hardware. However, sadly, Dying Light is not a game that can be played cross-platform. 

There are various benefits the players could avail themselves of if the game was cross-platform. These include playing with friends across different platforms, more options to mod the game, no requirement for any console to have a PC port, optimization of gameplay mechanics and servers over time as input is received by more players, increase in the player base by opening it up to more and more gamers. It would have been a great feature to be added to this game in the future. 

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Is Dying Light Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One

The simple answer to this question is No. Dying Light is not available for cross-play between Xbox One and PC. It just means that if your friend plays this game on Xbox One and you are playing it on PC, you can’t play the game together.

This is quite unfortunate as it restricts the growth of the player base of the gamers who want to play the game along with their friends. The developers start to put their focus on extending the outreach of the game by enabling the cross-play feature. 

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Is Dying Light Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

No, Dying Light is not cross-platform between PS5 and Xbox One. It means that while you are playing this game on PS5 and are willing to play with a friend who has an Xbox One, you won’t be able to play.

This is a drawback as it stops many players from playing the game along with their friends. The game developers should try focusing on the expansion of the player base by enabling cross-platform feature so that more people can enjoy the game.

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Fortunately, yes. Dying Light is cross-platform PS4 and PS5. So, if you are playing Dying Light on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, it hardly matters. You just need to make sure that the player against whom you play the game has a PlayStation too. The game will let you make a match irrespective of the platform you choose. 

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1. How is cross-platform different from multiplayer?

Multiplayer refers to the network capabilities of the game and states that it can be played amongst different players. This is possible via online or local split-screen in a massive open world. Whereas, cross-platform allows you to play together irrespective of the difference in hardware like PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. 

2. Why is cross-platform preferred by gamers?

Several gamers prefer playing online with friends irrespective of their choice of platform. Players can also enjoy complete freedom offered by cross-platform gaming. They dominate have to buy any extra editions of the games. It is rarely possible for the gamers to own the same platform as their friends, particularly if they have a fixed budget or they just have a different choice than the rest. 

3. What is the meaning of cross-platform?

Cross-platform is a great term that describes games that can be played online in between the players who own different gaming consoles. Supposedly, if you have an Xbox One gaming console and your friend has a PS5, it can be still possible for you to play along. This means that both of you can join the game irrespective of who created it. 

4. What type of game is Dying Light?

Dying Light is a zombie game that was released in 2015. The story takes place in an open-world setting in Harran City. It is a first-person game with RPG elements like inventory management, character upgrades, and leveling up. This game is suitable for those who are fond of zombie-themed games.

5. Are there any side quests in Dying Light?

There are plenty of side quests in Dying Light. Players completing these side quests are entitled to certain rewards. These side missions also add background to all the characters present in the game.

6. Can I play Dying Light on several platforms?

Unfortunately, Dying Light is not a cross-platform game. Therefore, you cannot play it on different platforms with other players. This is a very big disadvantage for players who want to play togeher with their friends.

7. What is the hardest mode in Dying Light?

Dying Light has multiple game modes. But the hardest of all has to be the Nightmare Mode. It includes many challenging features that make it more difficult than other game modes. When playing in this game mode, unlimited fighting stamina is disabled and enemies become stronger.

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Cross-platform games are becoming very popular presently. Several players like to play these games with their friends irrespective of the console they have and Dying Light is one such game that enables you to do the same. Though Dying Light has not yet been made available for cross-play on all platforms it can be hoped that it will soon be available for cross-platform gaming across all platforms because the developers are already working on it. As mentioned already, cross-platform is a feature that requires huge time and effort investment which is why it becomes difficult for the developers to make the game available for cross-play across all platforms. 


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