Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform in 2024? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

By | January 17, 2024

Cross-platform technology can be called a boon to the gaming industry. Using the technology, players from different gaming platforms can play a single multi-player game together at the same time. This enables players from any console to play a game with other players. 

When a game is cross-platform, it is of the same performance and quality on all the gaming platforms. This gives no edge or advantage to one player over another player. The Multi-player mode of the game also can be utilized efficiently with cross-platform. As multiple players will be online during the multi-player mode, the player gets wide options to choose his opponent. 

Cross-platform is a great stage for players to build their gaming community. They get to know players from all the parts of the world. As cross-platform technology is still in development, most games in the market are not equipped with this technology as of now. Over the years, we could expect numerous games to become cross-platform. 

We will tell you why cross-platform is not easy to implement.

  • Cross-platform requires plenty of time and efforts
  • It needs consent from the heads of gaming consoles & video game developers 
  • Cross-platform technology involves huge investment
  • It cannot happen overnight; it needs a lot of planning and backend work on both game software & hardware
  • The features of the video game have to be compatible for cross-platform implementation, as some games are developed by developers just keeping one or two gaming consoles in their mind 
  • Various technical complications are involved with cross-platform technology

The above points would have made you understand some of the practical difficulties involved in the cross-platform implementation. 

Now, we’re here to see if 7 Days To Die supports cross-platform or not.

A Quick Introduction to 7 Days To Die

A Quick Introduction to 7 Days To Die

When it comes to video games, there are various genres from action to role-playing games. One of the interesting and engaging genres is survival. Survival games push players to use their determination and competitive skills to survive throughout the game without getting killed. 

7 Days to Die is one such survival game, which also has horror elements in it. Developed by The Fun Pimps, the game is set in the open world. The game was released in December 2013 as early access on Steam for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It was released for Linux in November 2014. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game were released through Telltale Publishing in 2016.

The game has a simple and grasping storyline. After the Third World War, the world is destroyed. Only few areas like Navezgane in Arizona escaped. This is a fictional place. Our player should survive in this place and find his shelter, food, etc. This place is also haunted by Zombies, which are a major threat to the player’s life. How the player survives in this scenario forms the crux of the game.

Though the game developers announced that the game will be improved with an upgraded storyline and goals, it never materialized. 

The game has a multiplayer mode. In this post-war world, players can communicate and play either in cooperative or competitive mode, depending upon what server they choose. In the multiplayer mode, players can choose between Survival and Creative mode. In the console version of the game, split-screen cooperative multiplayer mode is supported.

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Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform in 2024?

Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform?

The answer to this question is ‘No’. 7 Days To Die does not support Cross-Platform in 2024. This means players with different gaming platforms cannot play this game together at the same time. The player has to find a fellow player using the same gaming platform that he uses to play the multiplayer mode of this game. 

The reason for cross-platform not being available for 7 Days To Die maybe because of technical complications involved in bringing this feature to the game. 

The developers wanted the game to be played by all gamers in their respective platforms without any disparity, as cross-platform may result in game quality being superior in one device and mediocre in another. The developers just wanted to avoid this. As the game quality between two game platforms may differ, the developers might have thought the game would be better off when played separately on each platform. 

The cross-platform is not expected in the next few months, as there is no update from the game developers regarding it.

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Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

No. 7 Days to Die is not cross-platform between Xbox One and PC. Players with Xbox One cannot play the game together with PC players. They have to find players from their consoles to play the multiplayer mode of the game. 

Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

No again! A cross-platform feature for 7 Days to Die is not enabled between these two gaming platforms. 

One of the disadvantages of the Cross-platform feature is some players may feel alienated if they don’t own a specific gaming console that supports cross-platform. This will restrict the players to play the game with other players. However, if a game is cross-platform and compatible with all gaming consoles, it will not just benefit the gamers, but also the game developers. There will be a drastic increase in the popularity of the game worldwide and this will help the developers generate more revenue.

However, 7 Days to Die is not Cross-platform yet. There is no official update regarding the cross-platform feature for the game. So, there is no expected time frame for the feature as of now. 

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Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes. Players with Play Station 4 and Play Station 5 can cross-play the game, as cross-platform technology is enabled between these two consoles. This is because they use the same online services, whereas Play Station and Xbox use different online services. So, implementing cross-platform technology is complicated between these two gaming platforms.

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1. Is 7 Days to Die cross-platform between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes. Cross-platform is possible between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Players with these two gaming consoles can play 7 Days to Die together at the same time. 

2. What are the features of a survival horror video game?

Survival horror video games are similar to action and adventure video games, but with extra horror elements added to them. In the survival video game, the player must survive under challenging circumstances. 

3. What is a cross-save feature?

Cross-save is a game technology that allows players to save their game progress across different gaming platforms. They can resume the game from any gaming console, without the progress being lost.

4. How many days does 7 Days to Die last?

If you keep your focus on the main objectives in the game, it spans a time limit of 54 hours, which allows you to explore every individual aspect of the game in detail. However, you might have to spend around 393 hours for 100% completion of the game.

5. Do 7 Days to Die have a story?

No open-world games come without a solid plotline and the same is the case with 7 Days to Die as well. If you are confused, the game follows the aftermath of a nuclear Third World War that ended up destructing a huge part of the world.

6. Can you play 7 Days to Die solo?

Since 7 Days to Die is a private closed-off game, it can be played solo; if that’s something you are particularly looking forward to. We’d recommend keeping an eye out on the functionalities and features though.

7. Do 7 Days to Die to have cities?

If you are stationed in Navezgane in the game, it consists of four individual cities, including Gravestown, Diersville, Perishton, etc. You’d have to explore these cities to find your clues and resources to make it through till the end.

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Cross-platform and cross-progression are two different features in gaming. With the cross-platform feature, two players can play the game together from different gaming platforms or devices. However, with cross-progression, players can continue the game from where they left from different consoles or devices. 7 Days to Die is neither cross-platform nor cross-progression. It supports only cross-platform between Play Station 4 and Plays Station 5 & Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Players with other gaming platforms cannot enjoy the cross-platform feature. 


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