TechSmith Snagit License Key [Review and Features]

By | September 3, 2021

Are you looking for a reliable and good capture and recording program? Then Techsmith Snagit is the program you should use. It is a tool that is used by both professionals and beginners alike. With the help of this program, your recording experience will become better. You will get a lot of options and ways to customize your capture. So if you are a video editor, a Twitch streamer, etc. then this program will be useful for you. 

Do you want to know the features you will get to use with this program? Then read on. 

Features of Techsmith Snagit

  • Self-explanatory choices: It is very easy to use the program because all the customization options and other features are easy to understand and use. This is because all the options are given easy-to-understand names and images. For example: for the image capture option you will see an icon of a camera. This makes it an overall smoother and worry-free tool to use for first time users. It should be said that this ease of use makes Snagit a very flexible and accessible program. 
  • Variety of tasks: You will be able to accomplish a lot with this program. From creating tutorials to recording gameplays, you will be able to do it all using this tool. As such, it is a very useful tool for everyone from teachers to editors and more. Students will also be able to use this program for recording long scrolling texts or PDFs and then sending them to their peers. As such, there will be no need to take individual screenshots at all. This will reduce the time and effort taken to get the job done. Also, note that you will be able to take both horizontal and vertical scrolling screenshots. So whether it is a long text message or a webpage, you will be able to scroll and capture it all. 
  • Timeline function: With the help of this feature you will be able to edit your recordings perfectly. There will be a variety of other tools that will allow you to cut and modify your content as you like. Note that this program is fully secure for use and you don’t need to worry about your work getting hacked or leaked. So you can rely on it to get your work done. 
  • Capture: With the help of this tool you will be able to capture either a portion of the screen or the whole screen. It is very easy to click and drag on the portion of your monitor you want to capture. Also, do note that if you have captured your whole screen, but later on feel like you don’t need it all, then you can crop out the unnecessary portion easily. To do this job of capturing the screen there will be 4 intersecting lines present on the screen. It is in this grid that you have to use to select the screen portion you want. 
  • Choose what you want to do: Do you want to take a photo of the screen? Or do you want to take a recording of it? Whatever it is you want, you choose at the very beginning of the program. This will allow Snagit to set up the program to fit your needs. But if you can’t decide then that’s fine as well. You will have the option of deciding later on when you are done with capturing the screen portion you want. 
  • Customize the capture button: When you will launch the program, you will be asked to choose between image capture and screen recording. Besides those two options, you will get a big red button. Below will be the command that will allow you to trigger the capture and recording. Know that you will be able to customize that button or command. For example: if you want the command to be your ‘print screen’ button then press that. You will find that the name of the command automatically shows up underneath the red circle. On the other hand, you can also press ctrl+r and make that your trigger. You can choose whatever you want. 
  • Choose the format you want: You can save your recordings and captures in the format you want. So whether you want it in MP4 format or something else, you will be able to get it done. This will improve accessibility and flexibility. 
  • Grab text: Know that using Snagit you will be able to extract the needed text from your screen capture. Then you will be able to paste it into another document. Note that after it you will be able to carry on the needed edits as well. As such this will reduce your headaches and worries since you won’t have to retype the entire text. So whether it is a short text or a long one, this will certainly lessen your workload. 
  • Record audio: You will be able to record audio too from your computer microphone or another dedicated microphone. As such you won’t have to use another program to add the audio to your video. You can do it all here. So once you open Snagit to edit a video or make tutorials, you will find all the tools here to complete the full job and then close the program only once you are done. 
  • Lots of editing tools: You will find that this program comes loaded with a lot of editing tools that will allow you to get the perfect end product. If you want to edit a screen capture then you can re-size it, colour it, add text, overlay another picture on it, add stickers to it, and more. Note that if you have taken a screen recording then you will be able to re-size your video, adjust the resolution, add other videos, add animations, cut out a portion of your recording, make gifs, and do way more. You will be swamped with options in Snagit.
  • Annotate: There are professional and reliable markup tools that you will be able to use to annotate your screen captures. As such, with the help of these tools, you will be able to add the much-needed professionalism or personality to your job. This will surely go a long way in impressing your clients and teachers. 
  • Drag and drop: Need to save something for later use? Then all you have to do is drag and drop it in your clipboard. With the help of this, you will be able to save the content you want effortlessly. There will no hassle of pressing other buttons to choosing repeatedly the save option from a drop-down menu or something else. As such, this feature adds another layer of functionality and ease of use to the program. 
  • Virtual printer: So you have taken your screen capture, edited it, and then saved it in the format you want. What if you want to take a printout of it? Of course, you won’t take the printout without looking at a pre-printer version of it. This is where the virtual printer comes in. With the help of this tool, you will be able to see how your end product will look like after printing it. So with the help of this, you can make the necessary adjustments while needed. 
  • Pre-made templates: There are plenty of pre-made layouts for you to choose from in Snagit. This will make it easy to create visual documentation, tutorials, and other kinds of training materials. After all, there will be no need for you to individually set the needed pieces how you want them to be. All you will need to do is drop the needed pictures, texts, and links in the outlined area. Due to this, your work will be smoother and faster. 
  • Make videos from captured images: If you are making a tutorial then it will be helpful for you if you can string your captured images together to make a video. Snagit will allow you to do just that. This will reduce your effort and workload. Also, note that you can save and share your work on various kinds of platforms like Box and Slack. This will allow others to view your work easily. So there’s no need to use a USB or other such devices at all. 

Why do you need a licensing key for Techsmith Snagit?

Techsmith Snagit is a great screen recording, capture, and editing program. With the help of this application, you will be able to get a variety of work done. You will be able to create tutorials, how-to-do-it videos, and even more professional work easily. But to get all the work done, you will need to make use of the features provided in the program. Now to access all the features you will need the licensing keys. 

Techsmith Snagit is a great all-purpose tool for all kinds of video editors. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will find the program worthy and easy to use. It is easily customizable and comes with a lot of features that will make your work easier. So make use of the licensing keys and unlock all the tools that will let you make a high-quality video.

TechSmith Snagit License Key [100% Working]

Snagit v2021 Latest Working Serial Code

  • 6C8AC-5DKCQ-98A68-V8VXL-W6R5M
  • 2MUCC-5DCCP-98AY8-V84MM-742FR
  • 7MUAC-53HCH-98AZ8-88F2Z-7C37R

Snagit v3.x.x & v4.x.x (on Mac OS X)

  • 5J3VA-Y6DK5-6BYKD-CGA9S-W327M

Snagit 11.x & 12.x (including v2.x & v3.x for Mac)

License Type Serial
Academic License
  • 2K37T-2U5WM-GY7RN-DYLGU-4D6D2
Multi-Users License
  • 5J3VA-Y6DK5-6BYKD-CGA9S-W327M
Single User License

Snagit 11 License Key


Snagit 2019 Serial Key Universal Software Keys

  • 2MUCC-5DCCP-98AY8-V84MM-742FR
  • 7MUAC-53HCH-98AZ8-88F2Z-7C37R
  • 7C8AA-5D5CC-98AR8-88UMM-78AC5
  • 2MUCA-5WZCL-98A28-VVUML-75F7C
  • 6C8AC-5DKCQ-98A68-V8VXL-W6R5M
  • NM8AC-5DDCM-98A28-8VU2Y-W797F
  • 6C8CA-5DKCH-98A88-8V8XL-7BC6M

Snagit 2018 Software Key Free Unlock Codes

  • 2XCZE-XUKC5-6K69C-CC5CP-F78R9
  • 69CCS-VHMDC-VGYC5-CSU35-Y4785

Snagit v13 Serial Keys


Snagit v12 Activation Keys

  • HLADM-6UL48-27WA4-C9HH5-L326C
  • D7N6Z-WAKLC-675HA-SCAHL-Z9534
  • 3BPZ9-FFN2C-B5UHF-KADC9-98R83


What is TechSmith Snagit used for?

Snagit is an essential tool that helps to create quick how-to content. With the help of this tool, you can capture any process from your PC screen, mark screenshots with arrows, numbers, callouts, and combine them all into organised content.

Is TechSmith Snagit safe to use?

You can use Snagit without any worries, as it is completely safe to use. That’s because none of its processes interact with your system file except when you are saving your screen captures. Both the program files and installer files pass security checks from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Is Snagit free?

Just to be clear, Snagit doesn’t have a free version. To use Snagit, you have to pay $49.95. It offers a premium package that gives you access to all the features of Snagit.

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