Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key and Simple Activation Methods

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Microsoft Office has gained popularity and importance due to its reliable and exciting features. It has become famous for various professional purposes, such as creating virtual files, documents, digital records, etc. It gives one the liberty to generate and develop files according to his/her preferences. That’s why this office tool 2013 is considered to be the most preferred and most used software.  

This ms office suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, etc. that means this office version helps you to create documents of- Word files (.doc and.docx), PDF Files (.pdf), PowerPoint presentation (.ppt) and excel files (.xlsx)

However, to use this office version, you have to use MS Office 2013 product key. This key is a serial key of 25 characters. Its function is to allow you to activate the MS office. It looks something like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Though you may find this product key in different places, we have made this article to give further detail on what this product is all about and how to activate that to use the software. And it’s completely free, and there is no need to download from anywhere else. 

So before going into any further detail, you should be aware of the fact that you can use ms office tools without a product key. But activation with product key will give you full freedom to use all the features of this ms office tool, especially saving and creating new files.


Features of Microsoft Office 2013

In the previous Microsoft office 2010, particularly in some certain editions, Click-to-Run 1.0 installer technology was available. This technology was based on App-V 4.xand it had a separate Q drive. The program structure was designed in a way that is used to keep installed Office files isolated from the rest part of the system. That ultimately resulted in making many Office add-ins not compatible. 

But in the updated version of Microsoft 2013 version, Click-to-run 2.o technology has been installed based on app-V 5. And it is available for all editions. It helps to install all the files to the program files directory, just like Windows Installer (MSI). 

Retail Version of the MS Office 2013 uses the Click-to-Run installer while the volume-licensed version uses the Windows installer.   Again there are some versions like Professional Plus that are available in both volume-licensed and retail versions.

Office 2013 is more cloud-based than the previous ones where one can use a domain login, Microsoft account, or Office 365 account. It helps that person to sync Office application settings between devices. This also includes recent documents. The users can easily and directly save files to the Onedrive account.

The other remarkable features of Microsoft Office 2013 are given below-

  • First, for the ms word and excel, you will get subtle animation and flatter look of the Ribbon interface while you are writing or typing anything.
  • Second, in Microsoft outlook, the scheduled tasks have got a new visualization.
  • Third, the program designers have remodeled the start screen.
  • Fourth, new graphical options are available in ms word.
  • Fifth, one can freely move objects like images. You can snap them to the boundaries such as- document margins, paragraph edges, or column margin.
  • Sixth, support for integration for Skype, Skydrive, and Yammer is available.
  • Seventh, you can get support for and in Outlook.
  • Eighth, IMPA special folders supports are also available.
  • Ninth, PowerPoint 2013 now has new designs available in transitions, slide designs, and animation.
  • Tenth, Word, and PowerPoint are giving the users the freedom to return to the edited or the last view version of the file.
  • Eleventh, it is allowing the user to open PDF files in MS word.
  • Twelfth, OneDrive is giving free storage of 15 MB.
  • Thirteenth, there is available a read mode that is allowing one to read the documents without any distraction. It also protects your computer from any documents infected by a virus.
  • Fourteenth, the office tool has a system that can easily convert the documents into graphs and tables.
  • Fifteenth, creating, viewing, and saving documents in any format have become easy.

How to get product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

How to get product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

Before we get to know how to get product key for office 2013, people may ask how to get MS office 2013 in the first place. The ms office 2013 has been released many years back, and many new versions are available in the market. So to get ms office in 2013, you have to buy office 365 for both professional and home versions of that product from the Microsoft store.

This new one has 1tb cloud storage. So this means you can’t buy the old version of the ms office 2013. The only reason is MS wants you to use the latest version.

Still, you can buy the older one. You can download the software from the torrent website. But this may involve risks.

Now we can come to the best possible ways to get the product key for MS Office 2013. So you can find the procedure below.

If the ms office tool 2013 is pre-installed in your computer, then you will find the product key written holographic sticker attached to the computer. In this regard, it is relevant to know that you may get confused between the Office Product Key and the Windows Product Key. The uses have to use the Office Product key, not the other one. 

So the steps involved in doing are-

  • Step 1, the first step that involves activating Ms office tool 2013 in your PC is to download Belarc advisor. This particular advisor program is one of the best system information systems available in the market. Its efficiency as a key product finder is much better compared to the others.
  • Step 2, after the previous step, comes the next step where you have to do is install the Belarc advisor and then running it. It is important to remember while running the program. This does take time to gain all the information that your device has.
  • Step 3, for the activation process, one needs to have the software’s license. So, after the installation, you have to click on the software’s license link button. This button is available on the left margin of the program’s computer profile.
  • Step 4, here you have to look for Ms. Office 2013. Here one has to keep in mind that this advisor has the list containing the exact program or suite name. If the user needs the word 2013, then you have to look for the MS Word 2013.
  • Step 5, now you have to look at the series of numbers. There will be five characters, and it can be anything. Here we have to consider the five characters as the final five characters of the users’ MS office tool 2013 serial key. One important thing to mention is that the characters preceding the sentence are not the product key numbers.
  • Attached to this step, we would also like to mention that Belarc Advisor has not that much capability to find the complete product key for all the versions. The sole behind this is that it doesn’t exist in the new version of the office like it was during the older versions of office.
  • Step 6, now, as you have the final Office key, you can search for the respective string of characters on your device and also the mails. This will hopefully surface digital documentation that they might have on their purchase. If you don’t have any digital paper trail of your Office purchase, then this trick is not helpful for you.

Working Keys For MS Office 2013






Activation Method

As you get to know about the MS Office 2013 product key and are also having one, you can now proceed to the next step of activation. There are several ways to activate the product key. They are being discussed below. 

Two ways of activation include- 1) Activating over the internet, 2) Activating over the phone.

Activating over the Internet

The step to activate ms office serial key over the internet involves the following steps-

  • Step 1, open the Microsoft Office.
  • Step 2, an activation wizard will appear. It will ask you how you want to activate the software. You have to then choose the option saying, “I want to activate the software over the internet.”
  • Step 3, then it will ask you for the Microsoft office 2013 product key number. After the serial key, you can click the option “activate.”
  • This activation method is recommended for those who have a strong internet connection. If the person has a strong net connection, the activation procedure will take only a few seconds.

MS Office 2013 Free Product Keys List: Working Serial Numbers to activate License

Office 2013 Professional Plus YC7DK-G2NP3-2QQC3-J6H88-GVGXT
Office 2013 Standard KBKQT-2NMXY-JJWGP-M62JB-92CD4
Project 2013 Professional FDFTT-7HMH6-2EGX9-M337T-2342K
Project 2013 Standard 6NTH3-CW976-3G3Y2-JK3TX-8QHTT
Visio 2013 Professional C2FG9-N6J68-HHDTJ-BW3QX-RM3B3
Visio 2013 Standard J48J2-4NKBF-W2HMG-DBMJC-PGWR7
Access 2013 NG2JY-H4JBT-HHXYP-78QH9-4JM2D
InfoPath 2013 DKT8B-N7VXH-D963P-Q4PHY-F8894
Lync 2013 2MG3G-3BNTT-3MFW9-KDQW3-TCK7R
OneNote 2013 TGN6P-8MMBC-37P2F-XHXXK-P34VW
Outlook 2013 QPN8Q-BJHWJ-334K3-93TGY-2PMBT
PowerPoint 2013 4NT99-8RJFH-Q2VDH-KYG2C-4RD4F
Publisher 2013 PN2WF-29DFH-T9HJ7-JQPJR-FEBK4
Word 2013 6Q7VD-NJ9JD-WJ2VH-88V73-8HBJ7

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Product Key







MS Office 2013 Professional Plus Product key Free






Activating over the Phone

The alternative option to activate the software is activation over the phone. In case you have an internet connection to rely on, you can go for this option. Below we have given the procedure involved into it-

  • First step- First, you have to install MS Office 2013. Once it gets done, disconnect your computer from the internet connection.
  • The second step- Now open the Ms office.
  • The third step- Once the office gets started, an activation wizard will appear.
  • The Fourth step- In the next step, it will prompt you to insert the serial key number.
  • The fifth step- Now enter the product key.
  • The Sixth step- Then choose the option of activating by phone.
  • The seventh step- Now dial the number that your computer screen is showing to you.
  • The Eighth step- An AVR will start to play and give you various options.
  • The Ninth step- It will give an option saying “product key for home and business,” and you have to choose Home.
  • The tenth step- Then Press 1 for “computer you want to use.”
  • The eleventh step- Now provide the information over the phone. In return, it will give you an activation id.
  • Twelfth step- The activation if will ask to put into the confirmation ID. Insert that, and then an option will come for the activation. Click that.

This procedure, through inserting office 2013 product key, will activate the software on your device. In general, this procedure is quite lengthy and troublesome. But in case your interconnection is doing any kind of trouble, then you can go for this alternative method.


MS Office 2013 Product Key Free Download




MS Office 2013 Free License Key







Where can I find the Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key?

The mode of finding the genuine and working Office 2013 product key will depend on where you acquired the Microsoft Office 2013 program from.

If your laptop already came with a lifetime configuration of Office 2013, you won’t have to worry about paying anything out of your pocket for the product. However, if not, there are certain ways you must have acquired the Microsoft Office 2013 software.

If you signed up for the trial version of Office 2013, the same is valid for 30 days, following which you need to pay for the subscription or buy the software with a one-time payment. Ideally, we’d recommend going for the latter.

There are three scenarios that you can consider:

  • If you bought the Microsoft Office 2013 software, you’d find the product key present in the product box. You’d have to flip and explore the box to find where it’s written.
  • If you bought a laptop or a PC recently, some of them come with the latest version and lifetime support of Microsoft Office, so that’s another way you can activate the same.
  • If you bought Microsoft Office 2013 from the official store of Microsoft online, you will receive the product key in your email.

Now, these are the top three standard ways to get your hands on the Microsoft Office 2013 product key. However, if you don’t have access to any of the above, we’d recommend checking through this article because we have sorted out all the top and working product keys.

Is it worth Buying Microsoft Office 2013 product key?

Is it worth Buying Microsoft Office 2013 product key?

Some users are often hesitant about using the product keys from websites, much like the ones we have sorted out in this article.

While we understand the hesitance, you need to understand that buying Microsoft Office 2013 from official stores will cost you a lot. Is it worth it? Maybe! It depends on your perspective.

However, we’d still encourage you to explore the list of product keys that we have sorted in this article because they are genuine, working, and can help you save your coins.

Since Microsoft Office 2013 is an older version, finding registered Microsoft retailers selling this version of the software might be difficult, if not possible. So, relying on the product keys as sorted in this article is your easiest way out.


1. How do I find the serial key for Microsoft 2013?

To answer this question, you will several methods to find the serial key for the office in 2013. Here we are giving you one. So the process of finding product or serial key through the registry is given below-

  • Step 1, you have to go to the start menu.
  • Step 2, then click on the run option.
  • Step 3, then type in the dialogue box “Regedit” and press the enter button.
  • Step 4, now you have to expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.”
  • Step 5, after that, now you need to go to the software option. Select the option “Microsoft.”
  • Step 6, here, you will get an “office” option over there and expand it then.
  • Step 7, then you will get a 12.0 option. Go for that. Then go to the registration option.
  • Steps 8, now for the registration, choose a string number.
  • Step 9, in this step, you will find a product id.

2. How do I download Microsoft Office 2013 product key?

Here the procedure is quite simple. So we are giving you the steps for you to follow to download Microsoft Office 2013 product key in your computer-

  • Step 1, the first thing you have to do is to find the serial key. There are several websites for that.
  • Step 2, after you have found the suitable product key, you need to copy that. Then create a new file for that.
  • Step 3, here you have to create a new text file. Copy the key there again. Then you to choose the “save as” option to save the file.
  • Step 4, now click the right button of your mouse. Click the option “run as administrator.” Once you are done, the procedure of downloading the product key will come to an end.

3. How can I activate the unlicensed Office 2013?

If you want to activate the unlicensed version of office 2013, then below, we are providing you here the following steps for that-

  • Step 1, in this very first step, you have to run the scripts properly. For that, you have to ensure the fact that all the other programs on the system ate closed.
  • Step 2, as you are the administrator, you have to open the command prompt.
  • Step 3, now navigate the folder for installation for the office, that is: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office15\
  • Step 4, here you have to run the script. It will activate the unlicensed version of the office in 2013.

4. Can you use Microsoft office 2013 without the serial key?

Suppose an incident has occurred that you don’t have the serial key to use MS office 2013 on your device. Then the sure question will arise whether there is an alternative way to get the procedure done.

In this case, yes, there is another way round to use the office in 2013. But in that case, some key features won’t work. For example, you can open the file, but you may not be able to use the essential features like editing or saving the documents.

This implies that though it is possible to use the office in 2013 without the product key, we can recommend you go for activating the software with the product key. You can do it by using any of the MS Office 2013 product keys. Once you activate this office tool with serial key, new features will automatically get uploaded on the device.

5. How to check Office 2013 activation status?

Many of us don’t know whether the activation of Microsoft office is done permanently or only for 30 days. So to know this status, here are the following steps for that-

  • Step 1, at first, you have to open the application “Run Command Prompt with Administration Level.” There is another quickest process for that. Click “Windows + R” and then type “cmd.”
  • Step 2, next you have to type “CD C: \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 15\”. Then press “enter.”
  • Step 3, here type in the command section: “cscript ospp.vbs/ dstatus”.
  • Step 4, now wait for the process. After that, you will see the license and activation status of your ms office 2013.

6. Why is MS Office 2013 considered to be the most preferred software to date? 

Microsoft Office 2013 has gained immense popularity and importance due to its exciting and reliable features. It was widely preferred among users for various professional purposes like creating documents, virtual files, digital records, etc. Microsoft Office 2013 allows users to create and design files as per their requirements and preferences. Due to all these reasons, Office 2013 has become the most preferred software developed by Microsoft. 

7. Mention some of the remarkable features of MS Office 2013

You must be willing to know what made MS Office so popular. We have enlisted its features below: 

  • You can use a newly added feature called subtle animation in MS word and excel. Also, the software comes with a flattering look of the ribbon software. 
  • Program designers have also remodelled the home screen. 
  • New graphical options are now available to users. 
  • Office 2013 also supports the integration of Yammer, SkyDrive, and Skype into the system. 
  • Users can also enjoy support for and in Office outlook.
  • PowerPoint 2013 is equipped with more options and designs available in animation, slide designs, and transitions. 

8. How to activate Microsoft Office 2013 over the Internet? 

If you want to activate Microsoft Office 2013 online, follow the following steps: 

  • Click of MS Office
  • An activation wizard will appear, asking how do you want to activate the software. Choose the option saying” I want to activate the software over the internet.”
  • Enter your Office 2013 product key. 
  • Now click on “activate”. 

Users who have a steady internet connection are only advised to use this method for activation. 

9. How much does Office 2013 cost?

Office 2013 Home & Student will cost $139.99, Office 2013 Home & Business costs $219.99. If you want to purchase Office 2013 Professional, it would be available at $399.99. 

10. Is Office 2013 still worthy to be used?

As per reports, Microsoft has stopped giving updates to Office 2013 back in April 2018. Ever since then, it has come up with better and advanced software that provides better security to your device. Hence, users are requested to not use Office 2013 version because it won’t give safe access to your system. 

11. Can Office 2013 be installed on Windows 10? 

Yes, one can install Office 2013 on Windows 10. But you must have a strong internet connection. You must also disable other wireless connections before beginning the installation process, to reduce the installation time. Also, you must remember to uninstall Office 2010 if you have it installed in your device. 

12. Can I use a random Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key from the internet?

We wouldn’t recommend doing that, primarily because it can lead to risks of viruses and other malware in your system. If your Microsoft Office programs aren’t working despite a “valid” key, it is most likely a hoax key. Try to avoid using those.

13. How can I get Microsoft Office 2013 for free?

If nothing is working out for you or if you are on the lookout for free ways to activate your Office 2013, the process is pretty simple. You can go ahead and sign up for the one-month free trial and enter your credit card details to sign up for the trial first. Although it is just for a month, something is always better than nothing, right?

14. Which version of Microsoft Office is free?

If you don’t have the product key but you want to access the Office programs for free, we’d recommend downloading the Microsoft 365 trial that includes the latest Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc. Once downloaded, you can try out the free trial from there.

15. Is LibreOffice better than Microsoft Office 2013?

There are not many free office suites available on the internet. If you are looking for a good alternative to Microsoft Office that’s free, LibreOffice is a pretty great option to look into. However, LibreOffice isn’t the replica of Microsoft Office and there is a range of dissimilarities that you will find on the Microsoft office program.

16. Does Windows 10 come with Office?

Windows 10 comes with access to a few Office suite programs, including Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote. These are some of the basic ones that can effectively make your life a lot easier and less complicated than you’d imagine or expect. Some laptops with Windows 10 OS come with the desired office suite programs.


Hackers tend to hack software and then sell it to the other user at a lower price. Regarding that, Office 2013 product key has an essential feature where it prevents the device from circumvention from the hackers and privacy breaching. 

So the time given to activate should be at a given time so that users can avoid the invalidation of a product key. In case the product key gets invalid, this will be prohibited, and many of the software will cease to work.

So the sole purpose of this article is to give you proper guidance on the Microsoft Office 2013 product Key and its activation. With our article, we hope that it will be easier for you to activate the software on your device with the help of the product key.  


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