How to Activate and Stream Paramount Plus on a Roku Device?

By | February 10, 2023

Since 2008, Roku devices have become a part of every household. Its popularity is unmatched now. If you are aware of Roku devices, you will be able to understand why it is a famous reliable source of entertainment. Roku can support any top streaming platform, like YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, or any other entertainment source.

No doubt, many varieties of channels run smoothly on Roku. If you are craving this amazing combination, then what can be better than the combination of Paramount and Roku? Turn on all the leading channels of Paramount Plus with Roku devices. Get tuned into incredible shows that are leading the silver screen. 

Can Roku devices support Paramount Plus?

Are you also hoping for an extreme level of entertainment from Paramount in the future? To bring this amazing streaming service from Viacom CBSD, Roku gadgets can be the lifeline. Let it be any classic movies, sitcoms, comedy shows, or cartoons or channels—Roku and Paramount Plus never step back from entertaining. This combination has created an authentic platform for those who love entertainment.

Roku specializes in streaming the most demanding shows from across the globe. Roku is the hub for all streaming platforms. In case you are searching for movies, comedy shows, or anything else, you will be saved by Roku. Recently, Paramount Plus was also added as a channel on Roku. 

Roku devices can flawlessly support Paramount Plus. It is the new range of channels that are added.  So you get an amazing opportunity to stream all the shows on Paramount Plus. Roku supports Paramount and its updated version, Paramount Plus, as well. There is nothing to worry about; just get a subscription for a few months and enjoy seamless streaming on this amazing device. 

Now you can enjoy every show on Paramount Plus with Roku. This set of devices can be a blessing for your home. Roku can easily support this streaming platform, along with others. 

How do I activate Paramount Plus on Roku devices?

With Roku, you can stream all channels along with Paramount Plus. You need to follow the steps mentioned below so that you can add the Paramount Plus channel to your Roku device. With a few simple steps, you can get an amazing experience with premium shows. 

Create an account

First, sign up for the Paramount Plus channel. For that, you need to create an official Roku account with minimal information. Once your account is created, you can start streaming online.


To enjoy all the shows of Paramount Plus on your Roku device, you need to sign up for your official account and enjoy the free 7-day trial. To continue streaming online on Paramount Plus, subscribe to the streaming site.

Are you done with the initial setup? Now you just need to follow a few more steps to enjoy the Paramount Plus collection on your Roku device. Repeat the steps mentioned below:

  • If you have the Roku remote, then press the Home button on it and select the Roku channel. The screen for Premium Subscriptions will appear in front of you. 
  • Once you start browsing, you will get the carousel for Premium Subscription and then select the Paramount Plus channel.
  • You can start streaming all the shows on your Roku device with the Paramount Plus channel.

Why is Paramount the best for Roku devices?

The Paramount Plus channels have been officially launched on Roku devices. Who can stay away from the amazing and entertaining collections of Paramount? With Roku devices, happiness will increase because of the tremendously friendly setup. 

There are lots of advantages to switching to Paramount Plus for your Roku device. Once you know about them, it is hard to resist. These two combinations are made for each other, and once you have them, the entire realm of entertainment will be in your palm. Check out the main reasons to choose Paramount Plus for your Roku device.

  • Premium shows

 Now you can watch all the premium shows of Paramount Plus, including 76 Days, For Heaven’s Sake, The Real World Homecoming, Stephen Colbert Presents Stoning and many more. With the subscription, you can enjoy hit series of every genre. Do not forget about the sports channels, which are also offered by Paramount Plus. With the premium shows, paramount plus also comes with entertaining shows, cartoons, news channels, and more.

  • Affordable

You do not have to pay a heavy amount for switching to Preferred. Paramount Plus offers two pricing tiers, which are divided between the Premium Plan and the Ad-Supported Base Plan. You can choose any one of them and continue streaming on your Roku device. Pay the subscription fees per month and enjoy everything at home with your loved ones.

  • A free trial

Do not think that you need to subscribe instantly to stream the Paramount Plus channel on your Roku device. You can also opt for the free trial option offered by the Paramount Plus channel. Get the 7-day free trial and enjoy the shows for free. If you are satisfied, then subscribe.

  • Easy access

 It is very easy to stream online with Paramount Plus channels. Just a Roku remote and streaming device can do the trick. You will be very comfortable with the device and channels; find out your favorite show in the blink of an eye. You do not have to hop from one place to another in search of your favorite show; instead, you can sit, chill, and watch anything you like on Paramount Plus.

 How do you upgrade or switch plans of Paramount Plus on a Roku device?

Upgrading or switching plans on Roku devices is easier than you can imagine. You just need to visit, and then you will be able to manage the account. To upgrade or switch Paramount plans on your Roku device, browse and change your existing plan. For example, if you have a Paramount ad-based subscription and want to upgrade it, then visit the site and manage it.

You can also get another option to combine the existing Paramount Plus subscription with the Roku channel very easily. This option is mostly attempted by those who do not have a valid Roku Channel subscription but do have a Paramount subscription. If you want to combine the Paramount Plus subscription with the Roku channel, then simply subscribe to Paramount Plus via the Roku channel and enjoy every show offered by the premium streaming site.

What are the advantages of streaming Paramount Plus on Roku devices?

 Roku devices are the new sensation in town. People have started accepting the Roku device on a large scale because this is like a time saver. Not only you, but your family members and loved ones can also enjoy the same Roku device. This streaming device has become much easier, as you can imagine. You can undoubtedly enjoy the following features:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

 Enjoy seamless streaming with the help of Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity on your Roku devices. Roku devices have this preinstalled feature and can easily let you connect to the nearby network for easy streaming.

  • Channels and viewing

You can easily view all the channels if you stream on a Roku device. Roku offers multiple channels on the same device from different streaming platforms. With the advanced features of Roku, you can easily switch from one channel to another and enjoy a bunch of shows at the same time. Keep surfing and finding the best show.

  • Supporting team

Roku offers a separate support line for its users. If you have a Roku device and there is trouble, you can easily inform the support team at Roku. They will instantly identify the problem and help you mitigate it. Get instant help for the Roku device.

  • Remote control

Get an amazing opportunity to control everything with the help of the Rico device’s remote. The Roku remotes have a very slim shape that can easily fit in your palm. It has buttons that will help you change the streaming platforms as well as the channels. You can control the sound and other manageable things with the help of the remote.

How do I update Paramount Plus billing on Roku devices?

Once you sign up for a Paramount Plus subscription on the Roku channel, you may have to update your billing information. All Roku devices have this special line, so you need to change the billing information with the help of your Roku account. With some simple steps, you can update the billing on your Roku device for your Paramount Plus subscription.


Get a chance to enjoy an entirely new realm of entertainment with the help of a Roku device and Paramount Plus subscription. The Roku device is idle for Paramount, and vice versa. This combination is all you need to watch your favorite series, movies, comedy shows, sports events, cartoons, and everything else you desire on a single device. 

Roku has made online streaming easier, and now you also get the newly launched Paramount Channels on the Roku device, which makes movie time at home more special. 

Get support anytime you need it from the team. You will be on the edge of the world after experiencing the new Paramount Plus channels on your Roku device. This combination comes with lots of advantages, which you can experience anytime.


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