Is World War Z Cross-platform in 2024?

By | February 3, 2024

Have you ever thought about why video games are loved by millions of people? Of course, ‘the fun element’ of video games form an important part of its reach and popularity, but not just fun, the spiritedness and competitiveness of games are addictive, therefore loved by many across the world. Ever since the evolution of video games in the 1950s, the gaming industry is known as one of the biggest revenue contributing industries in the world. 

The gaming industry receives millions of revenue every year. There are various best-selling video games in the market. But, do you know what makes a game a best-seller? It’s the gameplay, challenges, storyline or plot, visuals and engaging missions. Games hit you differently when played from gaming consoles when compared to a PC. 

A PC comes with a conventional mouse and keyboard for game controls, whereas a game console comes with dedicated game controllers, VR set, and more. This creates higher engagement and makes the game more interactive among gamers. Owing to the surplus benefits of cross-platform, the developers are inclining towards releasing cross-platform for the games. 

Like you know, a video game comes with single-player or multi-player mode; some video games have both modes, while some games are multiplayer-only. Multi-player games require many numbers of players to play games. To enrich the experience of players while playing in multiplayer mode, cross-platform technology was invented. This is quite a complicated technology.

Not just complicated, cross-platform is also an expensive and time-consuming technology. The technology is also technically quite difficult to implement. So, what is cross-platform? Cross-platform is a gaming technology that allows multiple players to play a game together from their respective gaming platforms. Eg: A PS5 player can play a multi-player game with an Xbox player online. 

This technology allows players from different platforms to engage and play a game together, promoting game community building and healthy competition among gamers. The common question among many gamers is “If World War Z is a cross-platform game?” This article will answer that question.  

A Quick Introduction to World War Z

In video games, there are various genres such as action, adventure, shooting, fighting, role-play, simulation, horror, cooking, sandbox, racing, and more. This one is a third-person shooter game that was released in the year 2019. The initial version of the game was released in 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Play Station 4 consoles. Published by Mad Dog Games, the game was developed by Saber Interactive. The game was released for the Nintendo Switch console in November 2021. 

The game was developed based on a book and film of the same name. The game revolves around the lives of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. It happens in cities including New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Rome, Marseille, and Kamchatka.

There are 7 classes in the game: Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Fixer, Medic, Slasher, Exterminator, & Drone Master. Players have the choice to choose the class of their wish. As the player passes the next levels, he will gain more powers and perks. 

You can see about 1000 opponents on the screen. The players should fight the zombies, save survivors and also reach appropriate locations to reach upcoming levels in the game. Each location in the game is divided into about 5 levels. The player will get supplies upon winning or losing. He can use the supplies to unlock features and upgrade the weapons.

This is a very much multi-player game. World War Z comes with 5 competitive multiplayer modes. They are Swarm Deathmatch, Player vs Player vs Zombie mode, King of the Hill, and Swarm Domination.

The game is available on PC, Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles as of now. As this is a multi-player game, it is important to know if multiple players from different gaming platforms can play the multiplayer modes of the game together. So, let’s find out if World War Z supports cross-platform.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform in 2024? 

We can’t contain the excitement! YES! World war Z is fully cross-platform. Players from different gaming platforms can enjoy the game together by playing different modes in the competitive multiplayer mode of the game. 

Cross-platform has numerous advantages. This will allow the players to expand their gaming community via the cross-platform approach. The availability of multiple players with this approach will give the players the freedom to choose their opponent suited to their likings. The players will be available globally.

Apart from numerous advantages, cross-platform also has some disadvantages. As this is a complicated and time-consuming technology, not all video games are compatible with this technology. This is why some games are cross-platform, while some are not. This is because cross-platform technology requires huge investment, hard work, technical improvements and a lot of time.

The consent of the gaming platforms also plays a vital role in implementing this technology into a game. As each game comes with specific features, graphics, and gameplay, they should be compatible with all the gaming platforms to support cross-play.

Is World War Z Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Absolutely, yes! World war Z is cross-platform between PC and Xbox One. So, players from PC and Xbox One can enjoy the game together and defeat enemies. 

Is World War Z Cross-Platform PS5 and Xbox One?

The answer to this question is YES. World war Z offers cross-platform between PS5 and Xbox One consoles. This means players from these two platforms can play the game together irrespective of the difference in online services. 

Is World War Z Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

World war Z is cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. So, YES. Players from these two consoles can play the game together and have the utmost fun. This also proves another fact that World war Z is also cross-generation.  

There is a technology known as cross-progression. This feature enables players to save their game progress across different gaming platforms. Players can continue their game from any gaming platform with the cross-progression feature. Their game progress will not be lost.

You should know World war Z does not support cross-progression. You cannot resume your game from different consoles.


1. What is cross-generation technology in gaming?

Cross-generation is a gaming technology that allows players from different generations of the same gaming console to play a game together. Example: If a game is cross-generation, Xbox One players can play the game with Xbox Series X/S players.  

2. Does World war Z support cross-generation?

Yes. World war Z supports cross-generation. Play Station 4 players can play the game with Play Station 5 players.

3. Is World war Z cross-platform between PC and Play Station 4?

Yes. World war Z is cross-platform between PC and PS4. It is also cross-platform between PC and PS5. So, Play Station players can happily play the game with PC players, and vice versa.


To conclude, World war Z supports both cross-platform and cross-generation. This will be an exciting update for all of you! However, the game does not support cross-progression as of now. This means your game progress will be lost if you resume the game from a different gaming platform. 


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