Top 7+ Best Media Player for Windows Free in 2021

By | February 2, 2021

All of us need some of the other media players for our PC. Sometimes, it is for watching fun videos, and sometimes it is for some important ones. It is one of the most important features required in a good PC. The one that is already installed in your PC js, not the best one. Therefore, we all need to download one good media player for a better experience. Here is a list of 7 media players that you can easily download for your windows from their respective websites. 

7 Best Media Player for Windows Free in 2021

Best Media Player for Windows Free

1. KM player

Out of all the media players that could be downloaded for windows free of cost in 2021, KM player is the best. You can play WMV, DVD, VCD, MKV, AVI, OGM, Ogg, 3GP, AAC, WMA 7, 8, RealMedia, FLV, MPEG-1/2/4, and QuickTime video format in this media player. This means that you can play a lot of formats using this media player. All of them are available on their respective websites. So, one can download them for free from there. Here are a few of the features of this media player to know more about it. 


  1. Due to its amazing features and performance, it has been ranked as one of the best media players. 
  2. We all know that the VLC media player is one of the best media players. After looking at its performance and functionality, sites like CNET and Softonic has rated it even better than VLC. 
  3. The best thing about this media player is that it could run for longer hours without any disability. 
  4. One of the few features that makes it different and unique from many other media players is that it could capture screenshots. If you want, you can capture videos and audios too while the media player is running. 
  5. KM player basic version comes free of cost, but if you can spend money, you can get a hand on the pro version of it, which supports 3D content. 


  • Runs for longer hours
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Could be downloaded from various places
  • 3D content too is supported


  • Little issue with subtitles 

2. VLC media player 

This media player is so good that it should be at the top of this list. This is so popular that we don’t need to talk much about it. However, when we are talking about the best media players to be downloaded free of cost this year, then this has to be mentioned.  Right from the time, it was launched and to this day, VLC media player has earned millions of users. The best thing about it is that it is highly compatible and easy to use. It is because of these amazing features that people using both Windows and Mac download it.  Here is a list of a few of its features to know more about it. 


  1. It has been on the internet for a decade now and you can download it easily, as it is an open and free source. 
  2. It not only supports a variety of video formats but also supports different compression methods. 
  3. No matter which OS you are using or which format you are playing, the best recommendation for all would be a VLC media player. 
  4. Like every other app, this needs an update, but you don’t have to put extra effort into it. When the time comes you get the appropriate notification regarding it. 


  • Updates automatically 
  • Highly stable 
  • Could be used for multiple formats
  • Downloaded for free of cost
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC


  • It may crash sometimes

3. Media player classic 

If you are a person who has been using a PC for more than 10 years now, then you must be aware of this video player. Media player classic was launched a few decades back and is one of the best and oldest media players. It was launched a long time ago, but soon some problems occurred and it was discontinued. Despite bringing a new update in this app, the makers restructured it and launched it again. Here are a few features of this media player to provide you a better idea about it. 


  1. Earlier, when it was launched, the version was dark and heavy. When the makers relaunched it, it became light and thus, has become easy to use. 
  2. When you will play videos with the help of this app, you will get the feeling of classic home cinema, which is one of the best formats ever. 
  3. The newer version of this app is very stable and runs for long hours. 
  4. The website of this app is very old, but you will find all the necessary information here. The best thing about this website is that it has no ads. 
  5. This app doesn’t have any fancy features, but whatever is there is enough for making it a good video player. 
  6. Along with all the important features that this video player has, some of the best are downloading subtitles, Skype integration, and many more. 


  • Supports a variety of formats 
  • Full of stability 
  • It has got GPS Acceleration support. 


  • You won’t find any tagging tools in this media player. 

4. Plex media player

Plex is one of the most efficient as well as the most powerful media players. There are multiple roles that the Plex media player plays. On one hand, it plays various types of media such as audio as well as video while on the other hand it also manages the library of the person who is using it. All the data, as well as the media, is very easily and very conveniently stored on the devices that you have. This data, as well as media, can be very easily shared from your system to anywhere across the room. One of the features which make it useful for all kinds of users is that it can be downloaded on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. In addition to all this, another feature that makes the Plex media player highly useful is that it will support all types of video formats, from Mp4 to MKV and from MPEG to AVI.


  1. If any particular format is not supported on this media player, then it will automatically transcode any other format according to requirement.
  2. It is useful in playing media as well as managing the library.
  3. Although most of the features of this media player are free if you want some more features, then you can unlock it by paying a small amount.
  4. There are near about 60 million songs as well as podcasts available on this media player.


  • There are more than 1000  free movies available on the Plex media player
  • A person can enjoy live TV as well as  DVR
  • Your media collection can be organized through this player


  • The installation process of the Plex media player is quite complicated

5. DIVX media player

If you are in search of a media player which offers HEVC playback and that too for free, then you should try out the

DIVX media player. It is one of the best media players for PC available out there. One of the most important features which make it a very user-friendly as well as convenient to use media player is its clean and simple user interface. The media player supports a wide range of formats such as MKV, DivX, AVI, Mp4 and many more. Another important feature of the

DIVX media player which separates it from the rest of the media players is that it can wirelessly stream audio, video as well as other media files to a device that is DLNA compatible. It can easily play wirelessly to devices such as DVD player, Blu ray player, TV, Play station and a lot more.


  1. This media player has a feature to add a device on the list if it supports its format.
  2. There is a library available on this software which keeps a track of all the media that a person has purchased.
  3. Along with the media purchased, the media player also keeps track of video content that a person might have watched or is looking to watch.
  4. There is a Trick play feature on the media player which helps in jumping to the favorite scene of a person.


  • There is a resume play feature on the media player.
  • It supports chapter points.
  • There is free HEVC playback for this media player.
  • This media player has got a smart media library.


  • The media player can sometimes be unstable.

6. Potplayer

This song player is one of the top-rated media playing apps for the devices running on the Windows operating system. The well-known media player application has been created by an Internet Company of South Korean origin. The quality, as well as the efficiency of this media player, can be judged by the fact that it has been a very serious competition some of the best and the most popular media players for Windows, in the world such as the KM player, Windows, GOM player and many more. This media player has got a great fan following amongst the users. One of the reasons due to which this media player is so popular amongst the users is that it is highly customizable as well as very lightweight as compared to other media players. In addition to all this, you can also access a wide range of settings as well as formats that are available on this application. It is a very user-friendly media player.


  1. The User interface of this media player is very simple to use as well as to understand.
  2. It is highly customizable.
  3. It is one of the best media players for Windows 10 available in the market.
  4. This media player is very lightweight, which makes it easier to use.


  • The media player has got an attractive user interface
  • There are a wide variety of customization options available in Potplayer
  • It supports a wide range of formats
  • The media player is lightweight as well as user-friendly


  • It can be a bit difficult to navigate

7. GOM media player 

Are you searching for the supreme media player to run smoothly on Windows 10?  Then, you can try this media player. This media playing application has a varied outlook in comparison to that of other applications of the same category. This application is themed in orange colour which offers a very distinctive and attractive look to its software. An eminent feature that makes this media player different from others is that it is capable of working on the majority of formats available for both the audio and video files. If anyhow, the player fails to run any specific file then, it will detect the appropriate code of the format supported by the file and will make revised attempts to play it.  When a person is attempting to install this software he might need to enter a browser extension to assist the file which the user may agree or disagree to do.


  1. GOM media player has got a media library of its own, which helps in finding the correct subtitles for the movie as well as video files. 
  2. It can be personalized to suit your preference. 
  3. This media player supports the majority of the formats. 
  4. This media player has got an orange theme. 


  • There are tons of format supported by the media player
  • It doesn’t require external codec input 
  • The media player is highly stable as well as customizable
  • It supports a 360-degree video


  • There are bundled extra software in this media player 


These were all the media players that could be downloaded for free. More such media players could be downloaded easily for your PC and if you wish you can check them out. However, the ones mentioned in the list are recommended, as they come in the top 10. It is advisable not to download any media player, about which you don’t have any information, as it may slow down your system. 



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