All You Must Know About 7starHD: Features & Top 10+ Alternatives in 2021

By | December 21, 2021

People nowadays have a busy life. Everyone is engaged in something or the other which makes it difficult for them to take out time and visit the movie theatre to watch the movie they want. Over the past few years, torrenting has become very popular because of many reasons. There are a lot of ways in which it makes your life easier. It lets you stream and download the series and movies of your choice. Once you download your favourite movie or series, you can watch it on any device and at any place with a lot of ease and comfort. 

If you are looking for a platform to watch all your desired movies and TV shows you can turn up to 7starHD. It provides you the access to watch different kinds of content and you can surely find what you are looking for. 

However, you must know that 7starHD is a torrent website and it features pirated movies. That is the reason why at times, using this website can create a lot of problems for you. So, it is suggested to select legal alternatives of this website where you can binge-watch all your favourite shoes without having to worry about privacy and data. It is an illegal platform because it is unsupported of the Anti-piracy law of the Indian Constitution. 

What is 7starHD? 


7starHD is a website used for torrenting. Through this website, users can download movies and series. There are different languages of movies available on this website, such as Hindi, Malayalam, Hollywood, Tamil, and many more. It is one such site from where you can download any movie at ease. The best part of this website is that it lets you download the content without asking for any extra charges. 

You can find all kinds of new as well as old movies on this website. It is an excellent choice for people who like to binge-watch. All that is required to use this website is an active internet connectivity. Once downloaded, you can access the movies or series from anywhere. The users get access to unlimited movies and TV shows with the help of this website. 

You must also not forget that as because 7starHD is a torrent website, it showcases pirated content. This is strictly against the anti-piracy law of the Indian government and that is why it is prohibited from working in the country. 

What are the categories offered on 7starHD?

One of the most attractive things bout 7starHD is the categories that it offers. The total content of this website is classified into several categories which makes it easier for the viewers to search for what they want to watch. Take a look at the different categories offered by this website: 

  • Horror movies
  • Thriller movies 
  • Documentaries
  • Telugu movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Hindi movies
  • Hindi dubbed movies 
  • Free south Indian movies
  • Malayalam movies 

What are the features of 7starHD?

The next thing to pay attention to here is the features of this website. Checking out the features is very important before you finally decide which app or website you are going to use. Here are some significant features of the 7starHD website:

1. Free of cost service

This is a very notable feature to be considered while looking for a movie-watching platform. 7starhd provides you full access to download any movie or series that you want. It also lets you download your desired content in whichever print quality you want. 

2. Easy UI 

The UI of this website is very easy. The appearance of this website is very attractive which catches the attention of all users. You just need to visit the official website to download the movies you want. 

3. Variety 

You can download different kinds of movies such as Punjabi, Marathi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. You can enjoy all the trailers of the new movie launched, WWE, and other videos as well. 

4. Easy to search 

It is very easy to search for your desired content on this website. You can search for any content you want, including movies and web series. All the content can be seen on the homepage. All that you need to do is click the option to start downloading it.  

What are the steps to download movies from 7starHD?

You must be thinking of the ways by which you can download movies from this website. There are a few very easy steps that can help you download whatever you want from 7starHD. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the 7starHD official website.
  • Check the list and choose the movie that you want to watch.
  • Go ahead and select the movie thumbnail as well as the video quality in which you want to download the movie.
  • Double click on the download option and start the download 

11 best alternatives of 7starHD in 2021

Knowing about the best alternatives of 7starHD is suggested because we want to lessen the number of people using these torrent websites. These legal alternatives also provide you with a similar experience and the best platform to binge-watch your favourite shows. The alternatives are as follows: 

1. Moviesflix

You are one click away from your favourite movies. Moviesflix is a famous website that has 10,000+ content. With a touch of the internet, the latest movies can be in your hand. Moviesflix has a top-notch collection of films, web series, and TV shows. All these can be yours free of cost. But before that, you must visit the site. Movies are available in Hindi dubbed audio too, so from now on language cannot be any barrier between you and entertainment. No charges or subscription plan, nether you will have to be disturbed of frequent advertisements. With user-friendly qualities, Moviesflix allows users to download files easily and fast. It is a very popular website among people.

  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • Sony LIV
  • Crackle 
  • Amazon prime video 
  • Netflix 
  • Hotstar
  • Vi Movies & TV 


1. Can you use 7starHD without a VPN?

It can be used without a VPN, but sometimes you might require to use a VPN to access this website because the Indian Government has prohibited such sites from working in India. 

2. Can you use 7starHD for free?

You can use the 7starHD website for free. However, there is an option for a subscription that lets you avail of some added features too. 

3. Why is 7starHD an illegal website?

7starHD is declared as an illegal website because it features pirated content. This is totally against the anti-piracy law of the Indian government.


This post is to let you know about the important details of 7starHD. In no way, does this post aim at promoting the act of piracy. It is advised that you stop using these websites because it can have severe consequences. So, you can shift to the legal alternatives instead of using these torrent websites. 


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