8 Best Alternatives for DVDRockers in 2022

By | January 5, 2022


Being at home all day can be quite dull if you have nothing to do. With the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic everybody is advised to stay at home and work, what do you do in your free time? You cannot go out or watch a movie at a theatre. The best thing you can do is watch a movie or tv show on your computer, laptop, or Smartphone. You can either get a subscription for any streaming service or download movies from different websites. One such website is DVDRockers. 

DVDRockers is a famous Indian torrent site with thousands of movies and tv shows at its disposal. On a gloomy Sunday afternoon, if you want to sit back and enjoy some HD quality movie, then head to this site and download whichever movie you want. Unlike many other torrent sites, this site has all regional movies. Movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, all are available on this site, and all are available in high-quality HD quality. Not to mention this site also has all the old and latest Bollywood movies. Sometimes people wait for months to get the movie they want to see, but on DVDRockers, all the latest movies irrespective of language are instantly available. Once you start watching and downloading movies from DVDRockers, you will never go to any other site. That is a guarantee. 



As mentioned above, once you start using DVDRockers for your movie needs, nobody uses any other site. This is because it seems pointless to go for any other website when whatever you want, you are getting it on DVDRockers. Apart from the vast content it provides, let’s look at some of the other features of this website: 

  • Free: To watch movies or tv shows online, you need a paid subscription on a streaming service like Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime. What if for some reason you cannot pay? Well, this is where DVDRockers joins the game. All the movies and tv shows available on this website are completely free. All you have to do is, go to the site, choose what you want and download it. There is no hidden cost or terms and regulations. Everything from Bollywood to regional movies like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, all are free. 
  • Regional Content: There are many torrent and movie downloading websites all over the world. There are even torrent sites which are bigger in content than what DVDRockers has. The question is not how many movies this website has but which movies DVDRockers has. It is a fact that the demand for regional movies of India like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam has very low demand outside of India. As a result, most torrent sites do not keep these movies because they cater to the whole world and not just Indian people. There are also many sites in India which do not have all the regional contents. This is where DVDRockers leaps. On this site, you will find all the latest as well as old regional movies. There is not a single movie that is missing from this site. This is why once people start using DVDRockers, they never look for movies anywhere else. 
  • High-quality video: It is already established that DVDRockers have a lot of movies and tv shows, be it English, Bollywood, or regional. The next question which will now come to everybody’s minds is whether or not the movies which the website has been in good quality or not. Well, let us assure you, all the movies on this website are available in HD quality. Yes, 1080p full HD quality. The movies are also available in various sizes because the website creators understand that not everyone in India has access to Unlimited Internet. Hence people might not be able to download movies because they need data for their day to day Internet use. Hence there are different qualities and sizes available for the consumer to choose from. Some movies are also available in UHD 4K quality. 
  • Easy to use User Interface: Many people do not exactly know how to use a torrent site. So it becomes difficult for them to navigate and download a movie. This is not a problem when it comes to DVDRockers because of its extremely simple and easy to use User-Interface. With just a few clicks and a search, you can download any movie you want. Even the most technologically incompetent person will easily navigate through this website. 
  • Mirror sites: Since Torrent is illegal; the main website of DVDRockers is blocked by the Indian government’s cybersecurity cell. Not to worry because there are many mirror and proxy sites available that is always on. There are so many proxy sites available, and the main website gets blocked so often because of how famous the site is. This should tell you a lot about how good the content is on DVDRockers. 


There are thousands of movies available on DVDRockers, and there are multiple different languages as well. So it can get tricky for people to search for what they want. Sometimes, the person visiting the website cannot choose which movie he or she wants to watch but wants to watch something in comedy. For such purposes, all the movies on the website are categorized as: 

  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Adventure
  • Action-Comedy
  • Sci-fi
  • Animation

Apart from these, the movies are also divided based on the language the movie is in.

Best Alternatives for DVDRockers in 2022

If you are looking for sites other than DVDRockers which provide the same service, then these are your best options: 

1. Pirate Bay:

One of the oldest torrent sites is known for its millions of contents. Nobody knows how big this torrent site is. Many different governments of different countries have tried to shut it down, but proxy or mirror sites have always come up keeping the website alive. As of today, there are hundreds of proxy sites available connecting to the main website. You will find all the latest movies, including the regional movies. The movies are also available in different sizes and qualities. 

2. 1337x:

One of the new kids on the block; this is a reasonably new torrent website that is growing very fast. This torrent website has movies, tv shows, games, videos, music, basically almost everything. In its initial years, it had to face many roadblocks, but it has overcome all of them to become a member of the top 10 most famous downloading sites. Like DVDRockers, you will find all Bollywood and regional movies in Full Hd quality. 

3. Yify:

This torrent site is devoted only to movies. This is one of the biggest torrent movie sites you will find on the Internet. Previously mostly, it used to have only Hollywood English movies, but now there are thousands of Indian Bollywood and regional movies also available. This site is also one of the top ten most famous movie downloading sites. Among the list of best torrent sites, this site is ranked the best. As a result, it is banned in many countries. But because of proxy and mirror sites, you can easily access the website. 

4. Movierulz:

LikeDVDRockers, this is an Indian torrent site. As a result, it has a huge pool of Indian content. Whichever language the movie is in, you will find it on this website. All the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, Telugu. Malayalam, you name it, and you have it. The cherry on the cake is that all these movies are available in 1080p Full HD. Hence this is a very popular website. It is one of the few websites which provides a deadly combination of content and quality. 

5. Khatrimaza:

Another renowned Indian torrent site, this website contains all the latest Indian movies, irrespective of the region it is from or the language it is in. All regional movies like the movies in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi are available on this website. Along with these, of course, Bollywood movies are also available. This website also has many famous English movies. So if you want to watch an English movie someday, this website will not disappoint you. All in all, it is a very well-balanced and content-rich torrent site. Although it must be noted that Torrent is illegal and you must not use it. 

6. Downloadhub

This site came into operation a few years back to meet people’s need for entertainment. The site has been successful in Living up to the expectations to the people, earning millions of users every year. Instead of visiting theatres, you can now watch and download your favourite movies and other videos for free. The site allows you to stream a wide variety of web series, trending videos, documentaries, short films in a variety of formats. Not only that but also, you can choose your desired language for streaming and downloading, as dubbed versions of several videos are available. 

7. Wapking

On this site, you get the latest regional films, along with the Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed ones. The site’s collection also comprises of trailers, music videos, trending web series, short films, and whatnot. You don’t need to make any kind of payment or create an account for accessing its services. The site is accessible on phones, PCs, laptops, and tablets. The interface is well designed and the category-wise classification of the contents makes it even convenient for users to get their desired content. The site can be explored by anyone, no matter the individual is a novice or an expert. The site’s contents come from all languages, genres, themes, eras, and cultures. The site’s diversified and wide variety of contents has made it one of the best movie streaming sites of its kind. 

8. CinemaVilla

CinemaVilla is a torrent file that allows users to download content from the website free of charge. CinemaVilla is known for being one of the most searched torrents downloading files in recent times. The website is quite popular because it has an easy-to-use interface and it is safe to use for anyone looking to download movies or TV shows. The website CinemaVilla has a huge collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies available which has multiple seeds available making it easy and fast for users to download. The website is also known for having a huge inventory of regional movies and TV shows available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About DVDRockers

1. Does downloading a movie from DVDRockers cost a lot of Data? 

There are different qualities and sizes of movies available on DVDRockers. Choose the one which suits your data plan the best. 

2. Will I get hacked if I download from DVDRockers?

No, you won’t be hacked if you use DVDRockers, but, this goes for any torrent site, you must know what you are downloading because by mistake if you download a virus, then your data might be at risk. To be safe, use antivirus and a VPN.

3. What is the reason behind so many ads on DVDRockers? 

Since DVDRockers provide all the contents for free, they need a source of Income, which is ads. 

4. Is it possible to use DVDRovkers without ads and popups? 

Yes, it is possible to use DVDRockers without annoying ads or popups. However, this method will mostly work on a PC or laptop. To stop the advertisements or the popups from coming, you need to install an Adblock extension on your browser. There are many such extensions available in browser stores such as the Chrome store. Just head over to the store, download, and apply for the extension.

5. Do I need a VPN to access DVDRockers? 

No, you do need a VPN to access DVDRockers unless the website is blocked in your country. Then you must use a VPN to access from a country where the website is not blocked. This is a straightforward and effective way to access the website if it shows blocked. Other than this, it is always advisable to use a VPN because it protects your private data against hackers. 

6. DVDRockers is not opening, what to do? 

There can be multiple reasons as to why DVDRockers is not opening. To fix the issue try one of the following methods: 

  • Try using a proxy or mirror site.
  • Try using a VPN and accessing it from a different country.

7.  Is Full HD 1080p movies available on DVDRockers?

Yes, Full HD 1080p movies are available along with various other qualities like 480p, 720p, and even 4K. 

8. What are pirated movies? 

When someone uploads something which is copyrighted and lets other people download that, it becomes pirated content. According to the Indian LAws, uploading and sharing of Pirated content is illegal.

9. Which language movies are available on DVDRockers? 

There are many regional language movies available for download on DVDRockers, such as: 

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Telugu
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi

10. Why is it wrong to download movies from DVDRockers or any other torrent site? 

It is wrong because of the copyright act. Thousands of movies are being made every day in India, and those movies are all copyrighted. When one uploads such movies and pirates them according to the Indian Laws, it is illegal. 

The following penalties can be given to a person who pirates Data: 

  • Imprisonment for three years. 
  • Need to pay a fine, which can be up to 10 lakh INR.
  • Or both.


This must be noted that none of us promote or accept the use of illegal torrent websites. It is a crime to use torrent websites and should never be used. Filmmakers, actors, directors work very hard to make movies, and by paying to watch these movies either in theatres or on legal streaming sites, we are promoting their work and applauding them for their hard work. Making movies is their job, their bread, and butter, and by using Torrent, you are not only doing something illegal but not letting these filmmakers earn their fair share of the money. 


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