The new under display camera from Oppo has made cutouts and notches all irrelevant

By | February 2, 2021

The handset of Xiaomi is very advanced compared to all the phones which have been released by Oppo. The competitor has raised all the stakes after Xiaomi has ended up posting a video which comes with its own under display camera in a phone which is working.

The handset which has been designed by Oppo is very advanced because the technology that has been used is opposing all the basic technologies. This kind of camera will be very competitive when it comes to front facing, the camera is the highly competitive aspect of phones.

There is a never-ending race going amongst mobile manufacturers on who is going to give users the maximum screen real-estate. All the mobile manufacturers have worked very hard to make sure that the selfie camera does not take away from the screen and create a notch.

All these approaches are very clever from the designer’s point of view. None of the mobile manufacturers want a notch to make their screen look bad. But since there is no choice they end up designing phones with a notch.

Oppo has finally announced a screen which will have an under display camera. This will be a big revolution in the smartphone industry because people will not be interested in buying phones which have a notch. Phones with a notch will soon be extinct and manufacturers other than Oppo will really need to work on their research and development.

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