The internet satellite of SpaceX can create trouble for the astronauts

By | January 7, 2021

The SpaceX Starlink Satellite can create a problem for the astronauts. Jonathon McDowell of Harvard-Smithsonian Centre and other peoples have observed that the brightness of the internet satellite can create an obstruction for astronomy and the 12000 satellites can make a problem for the vision of the night sky. It can triple the number of satellites in the orbit. CNET also said that it is making a force on the telescope operators account for the objects.

The problem was not that worse at the initial time at the time of the orientation of the solar panel which was extra bright. The vehicles can only work for five years in the orbit before it starts descending to a bad explosion in the atmosphere. So, this was a very weak issue. Elon Musk of SpaceX has already maintained the Starlink constellation “won’t be seen by anyone ” if it is going out of the way to look.

But they knew about the potential pitfalls and they also vowed to do something for the first time. Space also guaranteed that the Starlink doesn’t have any material effect about astronomy. Musk has already stated that he has already informed the team to deduct the albedo of the satellites which is going forward.

He has thought of an idea which will mount the telescope at the Starlink bodies so that they can get a clear view of the space. This can’t give complete satisfaction to the skywatchers. But the company is aware of the potential impact on the era where the orbit is crowded, and the space debris can be a real issue.