Top 12+ Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like Tamilyogi in 2021

By | October 25, 2021

A Brief Introduction

The Internet has reformed the entire world with unrestricted data, its network, and diversion that individuals have gotten themselves dependent on. The connectivity that the Internet provides goes a long way to make sure that most of the things we do are established on the Internet itself. This has prompted an expansion in the total number of content suppliers around the globe as a result of the developing requirements and requests of the people who use the Internet. In any case, where numerous individuals enjoy an online activity and network for their own benefit, there have been occurrences where it has been abused significantly. Pilfering motion pictures and distributing it online is among the greatest instances of such negative use of the Web. Locales on the Internet or websites, for example, Tamilyogi, have been leaking motion pictures and giving the most recent of all the films online so that people can download it for free. 

As the Web has prompted the proliferation in the interest of motion pictures that have been pirated, this has become a bad sign for most makers and executives who deal with movie making and production. Various objections from moviemakers around the world have been held up, yet these famous robbery websites like Tamilyogi Movies Download have been transferring motion pictures to the Internet with no dread of any punishment. The department or office for cybercrime finds it difficult to prevent these unlawful web pages from spilling content to the Web. In any case, these free HD film download online sites resemble an aid for some people, and they decide to help and download leaked substances from web pages like Tamilyogi. 

Because of this worldwide issue, numerous houses for direction and production long with amusement websites are confronting enormous losses in terms of finances. Tamilyogi, a Tamil film download, and piracy web page have been releasing the movies and videos of the international movies as well. However, most people cannot find the time to visit theatres and make use of what is available on the Internet without thinking twice about the piracy concerns. It is natural to not want to spend money on purchasing movies online and drift towards free download websites when they offer the same content with equally good picture quality and that too for free! It may also be equally difficult to find enough time for the entire group of friends or family to step out and watch a movie. Thus, one may turn towards home movie screenings. In all of these cases, Tamilyogi helps if you need to download a movie in high definition and with subtitles. 

The days to fret over movie tickets and queues at the movie hall are over. You can quickly out your choice of movie on download and start with the watching part of it as soon as you find it comfortable. You can pause between the running time of the movie and then restart or rewind once again if you have missed a part. Tamilyogi allows people to enjoy movies on their own free will and in their own free time. In this article, we talk about what Tamilyogi is all about and how you can make use of it if you have to at all. 

What Is The ‘Tamilyogi’ Website?



Tamilyogi is a free download website which is popular as an infamous piracy site for the production houses. This web page has been copying and distributing the most recent Tamil films online for no costs on the Web. It has a broad rundown of the most recent and old Tamil films, which empowers the online users to make the downloads of the content without any problem.

Tamilyogi has a segment for high definition film downloads, and the picture characteristics start from 360p and go up to 720p. This web page is commonly called the Tamilyogi Pro as a result of its ongoing alternations of the website name. Furthermore, Tamilyogi is said to have more than ten thousand download websites for motion pictures in a few distinct dialects all over the world. It ranks among the top three of the most renowned Tamil film piracy and free download theft entry websites. Besides, this site is just rank or two behind Movierulz and Tamilrockers in India. 

Keeping aside Tollywood motion pictures, smaller video clips, and TV series, Tamilyogi is likewise answerable for leakage of recent movies and TV soaps of a few dialects starting from Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and English. These films and videos are transferred online to their website when they are either release online or on the TV telecast or once in a while before their date of the release. The Tamilyogi, along with its few entrances, give the people on the Internet the chance to download films and TV shows as well as enjoy the content and videos utilizing their Web for nothing and no charges.

All one needs is a medium to watch the movie along with a stable Internet connection. With the Internet alone, you can make the download directly from the website and enjoy it on your own free time. Tamilyogi keeps a list of all the movies it has on its website along with a separate list for the recent movies so that people do not have to search through the heaps of movies on it. A separate movie downloader is not necessary as it is itself enough. The download button triggers the download, and you can check the progress on the Download tab of your web browser itself. 

You will be spoilt for choice if you are to explore options on Tamilyogi. You can start from Hollywood movies, for instance, and explore through the regional movies as well. They are well maintained on the website with multiple download formats available on it. Try to download the best picture quality for the movie you choose, as it will provide you with an unparalleled experience overall. Tamilyogi lets you download movies with no charges, and in some cases, you may be lucky to find 1080p movies on the web page as well.

Website Features Of Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi, as a website, is thoroughly updated. They make sure that they can remain in the race, and as a result, they have a well-planned out the web page for themselves. Let us look at the website features Tamilyogi has.

  1. Tamilyogi offers a huge range of languages in its film collection. This means it has a huge gallery of films to choose from. As the name of the website suggests, you can pick from South Indian movies such as Tamil and Telugu movies. Furthermore, you can also download and watch Hindi movies. There are Punjabi movies that you can watch as well. To make things even more interesting, people who like to watch English movies and to make sure their website internationally uses, by all means, they include a huge range of Hollywood movies in it as well. Try different genres and juggle between various picture qualities as per your needs.
  2. People who find it difficult to understand the regional languages, yet they wish to explore the movies from various regions of India, can try out the Hindi dubbed movies. These movies are dubbed in Hindi so that people may understand what is going on in the motion picture without having to learn a different language all over.
  3. One of the best things about Tamilyogi is that you will not find pop up advertisements on this web page. Thus, you can work smoothly on what you require and go through the listings without having to cancel ads every now and then.
  4. If you want nothing but the best, Tamilyogi ensures you have the best by allowing the best picture quality motion pictures and TV series on its website. You can choose to download a low-quality file of 360p, or if you have enough of the Internet and space on your device, you can choose to download a 720p or 1080p file on your laptop. 
  5. The user interface of Tamilyogi is extremely simple and straightforward. You can use the interface for multiple downloads just with a single click. Thus, this means that you will not require a separate movie downloader for the files. Just a click on the download link will trigger a download.
  6. You can download movies from Tamilyogi for free. You do not need to pay any charges for the download of movies. No matter what the file size or the picture quality may be, Tamilyogi does not ask for any money for the downloads.
  7. Tamilyogii has dedicated lists for the categories of the movies on its website. You can browse through various categories in order to narrow down your search. Simultaneously, you can also make use of the Search Bar to search for the movie of your choice.

With all the features mentioned above, Tamilyogi makes sure to provide an engaging experience for all the users. People can download movies without having to deal with a poorly maintained website. 

Categories On Tamilyogi

As we mentioned earlier, Tamilyogi has dedicated listings for the various movie categories on it. You can browse through the categories to cut down your Search time. Also, you can make use of the various categories to ensure you find something to watch from that category. The categories of motion pictures that you may find on this website are:

  • New Malayalam Movies
  • New Telugu Movies.
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies.
  • South Indian Dubbed Movies
  • Latest South Indian Movies in Hindi
  • HD Tamil movies.
  • Latest Tamil Movies.
  • Animated Movies.
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • Latest Hindi Bollywood Movies.
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies 
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  • All Marathi Movies.

Apart from the categories of motion pictures mentioned above, you can also narrow down the films based on their file size, picture quality, release date, and alphabetical order. The categories are made according to their language to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. On the home page, Tamilyogi displays the names of the recently uploaded movies to ensure people know that the web page has the movie available at a certain point in time.

The categories based on the file size are also available. You can find movies of low quality. This is particularly meant for people who cannot afford to invest as much amount of data or download time a movie of the high definition requires. At the same time, you will find picture qualities of 720p, 1080p, and BluRay movies. The categories based on file size are:

  • 300 MB movies
  • 400 MB movies
  • 600 MB movies
  • 1 GB movies
  • 2 GB movies
  • 4 GB movies

You can also choose to download 4K UHD or 1080p movies. In that case, it is quite obvious that the file sizes will be larger.

12+ Best Alternatives To Tamilyogi

It is of no surprise that with the sudden growth of free download websites and Torrent websites, there will be many alternatives to another free download website. You can use the following websites to download movies online:

1. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the most prominent free movie viewing and download websites to exist. It allows people to watch Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, TV series, and many other video clips in high definition all over the world. 123Movies has a separate network to itself.

2. Filmywap

Filmywap is known to have regional movies along with Bollywood and Hollywood movies. You will find dubbed movies in this gallery as well. Not only can you download movies, but you can also explore songs, videos, animation clips, and sound clips on Filmywap.

3. TamilMV

TamilMV is a gem of a website for every person who is interested in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. Apart from the mainstream Hindi and English movies, you can watch some of the rarest of all South Indian movies on TamilMV.

4. Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is one of the best free download movie websites for South Indian movies particularly. You can also use this website for English and Hindi movies. 

5. YTS

YTS is a stalwart in the field of free movie download websites. You can download some of the most recent movies in the best quality. Often other movie websites make downloads from YTS and upload them on their web page to enlarge their content; such is the hold of YTS over the free movie download business in the Online world. You can download motion pictures in multiple languages.

6. Bollyshare

As the name suggests, this is a website that is entirely dedicated to Bollywood movies. No matter when the release date may have been, there is a high chance you will find it on Bollyshare. Bollyshare hoards movies of various categories and genres.

7. Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers is a top favorite website for the South India movie-watching community in India and all over the world. You can watch not only Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies, but you can also take a look at the dubbed motion pictures available on this platform.

8. Teluguwap

Teluguwap is another top favorite for people who like to listen to South Indian songs. You can download various file formats of the songs available on Teluguwap.

9. Bolly4u

Are you looking for a place to download the most recent Indian movies? Bolly4u brings some of the best collections so far. You can download Bollywood movies from Bolly4u and watch them whenever you wish to. Enjoy HD movies on this website.

10. Pagalworld

Pagalworld is a web page that brings together movies, songs, video clips, and sound effects. You can choose what you wish to download, and you can make download from any part of the world. Pagalworld is one of the old websites which has been doing well so far.

11. 8xfilms

This website allows you to binge-watch and download your favourite movies, shows, documentaries, thrillers, short films, and everything. Various categories of movies like Tamil HD movies, Hindi latest releases, Hollywood dubbed movies, Malayalam HD free download, etc. are available, allowing you to choose the category you want to stream or download. Secondly, you can download movies in any format of your choice. Downloading movies from this site is easy, because of its fast downloading speed and links available at a single click. All the latest uploads are displayed on the top of the home page. The index or the interface of this site is continually updated so that users can experience hassle-free entertainment. 

12. Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla was created a few years ago to cater to people’s need for entertainment. It was created to let people stream and download their favourite movies and show anytime because hardly do people get time to go to theatres for watching films. Since then, the site has been providing commendable services, attracting millions of traffic every year. Not only can you stream your favourite contents here, but also download them in any format, for free. Apart from movies, you also can watch web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The site’s contents cover various genres like horror, comedy, romance, thriller, science fiction, animation, crime, etc. 


1. Is Tamilyogi A Safe Website?

Tamilyogi being a pirate website, cannot be called entirely safe. Yet, if you use a VPN and make sure you do not click on any and every link, you can avoid problems.

2. Can I Download English Movies From Tamilyogi?

Yes, you can download English movies from Tamilyogi.

3. Is It Possible To Download Bluray Movies From Tamilyogi?

Yes, some motion pictures on Tamilyogi are available in BluRay formats.


As we have mentioned earlier, Tamilyogi is a pirated website that distributes copies of motion pictures without permission from the production houses and the distribution houses. They can also be quite notorious at times by stealing movies and leaking them before the release date or on the day of release. This causes a lot of problems for movie makers. As a result, there are a number of lawsuits, and the government tries to shut down these websites quite often. 

Tamilyogi, along with other piracy websites, changes its name from time to time. Even though Tamilyogi makes sure to protect its users from any harm, make sure to use a VPN while downloading movies from free download websites in order to escape any unnecessary trouble. 


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