DvdWap (2021): Top 10+ Popular Similar Sites Like DVDWAP

By | November 1, 2021

Get Your Movie Fix Right Here!

Bored at home? Have nothing to do, and it seems like you have completed all your chores and work tasks in the blink of an eye? Now that you have more than enough time to spend at home, even during your weekends, you will be looking for new things to do. Watching a movie or a TV show is a great way to pass the time. However, finding movies and TV shows can be challenging. Watching what is on TV may not be entertaining most of the time, and finding a movie that you like and want to re-watch may be difficult.

Whether you are unable to find a streaming platform, or unable to find a good quality version of the movie that you want to watch, there are a lot of issues when it comes to streaming movies for free. Additionally, when you want to watch a movie that has just been released, it does not matter whether you are on a paid platform or a free one. You will not find a good quality version of that movie anywhere. So, then, what do you do when you are bored and in dire need of some entertainment? Well. You can head on over to DvdWap for your needs!

What is DvdWap?


Wondering where you can watch the latest Bollywood movies? Or want to catch up on the Hindi0dubbed version of the latest English movies? What about planning an entertaining night with Tamil or Telegu movies? Well, with DvdWap, you can have it all.

DvdWap is a popular website where you can get all of your latest Bollywood moves. If you have a craving for Bollywood movies and want to ensure that your tome spent at home is full of entertainment, then DvdWap is about to become your best friend. This streaming platform has old as well as the latest Bollywood along with Tamil and Telegu movies. So, if you are in the mood to catch up on the latest flicks or re-watch an old favorite, you can do so easily with the help of this streaming platform.

You can get amazing picture quality on this streaming platform. Whether it is Blu-Ray or 720p HD picture quality, you can decide on which quality setting you want to watch your movie. Of course, if you have slower internet, then you can switch to low-quality settings as well, but those who enjoy faster internet speed do not have to settle for less.

DvdWap offers its users the latest movies for free, and in excellent picture quality. When it has only been a few weeks since a film has been released, it can be hard to find it online. But when you are DvdWap user, nothing is too difficult to find. You can not only find the latest flicks but also watch them in excellent picture quality.

So, it is clear that this free steaming platform is meant for those who love to watch Bollywood movies, but here you can find Hind-dubbed versions of Hollywood movies for your enjoyment as well.

What are the features of DvdWap?

Well, there are several streaming platforms available n the internet, but what makes DvdWap unique? Should you head to this platform right away to satisfy all of your entertainment cravings?

DvdWap is like many other streaming platforms that are running on the internet. However, there are several features which make dvdwap stand out from the rest:

  • Latest Movies: When you head to dvdwap, you can be assured that it does not matter how recently the movie has been released, you will be able to find the film on dvdwap. dvdwap is dedicated to providing its users with an excellent experience, and they know that they can only do so when they can provide you with the latest movies. For this reason, they work hard to ensure that they always have the latest movies on their platform so that people can catch up on their entertainment needs.
  • Amazing Picture Quality: in some cases, it may not be difficult to find a copy of the latest flick that you want to watch. But more often than not, you have to settle for poor picture quality, and even if the quality may not be poor, it may be subpar at best for recent movies. However, at dvdwap, you can be assured that you will have excellent picture quality. The highest HD setting is the 720p setting, or you can get a clearer picture quality by opting for the Blu-ray setting. When you watch a movie on dvdwap, you get the picture quality that you would get when you are watching the movie in a hall or if you were to buy the DVD for the movie. Hence, when it comes to this streaming platform, you do not have to settle for less.
  • Bollywood and Hindi-dubbed Movies: On this platform, you can watch the latest Bollywood movies as well as the Hindi-dubbed versions of the latest Hollywood movies. Bollywood movies are hard to come across because that is quite a niche market. Ou5 of the global population, there are only a few people interested in Bollywood moves. Hence, major streaming platforms do not find any reason to keep up with Bollywood movies and release the newest ones as and when necessary. Sometimes even the older movies may not be present it a streaming platform if it is lesser-known or too old. So, you cannot even re-watch your old favorites. However, dvdwap has listened to its users and understands that there is a demand for Bollywood movies that can be streamed online, and it wants to cater to the needs of the people. Hence whether it is the latest and hottest flick or whether it is a classic, dvdwap has a catalog of hundreds of movies to keep you satisfied.
  • Regional Languages: If Bollywood movies are hard to come by, then Tamil and Telegu movies seem to be impossible to find online. There is only a small demand for them and hence may platform do not have these movies for streaming. However, dvdwap ensures that they have these moves easily available for those who may want to enjoy it.

These features make dvdwap quite a sought-after movie platform that people enjoy and use.

What are some alternatives?

DvdWap is a great site, but what if it does not fulfill all of your needs? While dvdwap is great, it does not feature a lot of Hollywood movies or even TV shows; hence you must look at some alternatives for this site. Some of them are:

1. Netflix:

of course, the most popular and subscribed to the platform is, arguably, Netflix. Here, you will find TV shows, movies and more, while you may not be able to find too many Tamil or Telegu movies, you will find some of the popular ones. You can even find Korean dramas here. Korean drams gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, and hence, Netflix has tried to provide its users with these poplar drams. You can find the popular TV shows and Films here, and you can also find some dubbed versions of movies on this platform. Netflix has original shows as well, both Hind and English that you can watch in your free time. Netflix catalog is increasing every day, and it is not difficult to see why people love it.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

Finding regional movies and Bollywood movies is not difficult on this platform. Not just Tamil and Telegu, you will find a lot of other regional language movies that you can watch on this platform. Amazon Prove Videos also produce their TV Shows and Movies, which you can exclusively stream on this website. This subscription does not cost much, and subscribing to Prime also offers you serval benefits on the Amazon shopping website. Hence most people opt for PrimePrime, the only reason why many may not use this platform regularly may be that the website does not have a large collection of movies. But you will find a nice blend of old as well as the latest movies o this website.

3. Disney Plus:

This streaming platform has just launched in India, and most people love it. If you want to watch your favorite Disney movies and TV shows, then this platform is the place for you! On this platform, there are going to be several new Disney moves along with old loved ones. Disney Plus was previously named HotStar, where you could watch exclusive content from Star networks along with popular moves.

4. Hoichoi:

if you would like to catch up on your Bengali entertainment needs, then Hoichoi is the platform for you! Here you will find exclusive content such as movies and TV shows along with all other Bengali content that you could need, from music to films and more. You can get a monthly or yearly subscription and enjoy our favorite movies and TV shows endlessly.

5. Apple TV Plus:

affordable and filled with entertainment, Apple TV Plus is set to launch in India soon, and you will find exclusive entertainment content here as well. At the same time, you are bound to be able to watch popular content; you can also prepare yourself for entertaining TV shows, movies and even documentaries Apple TV plus has already started working on exclusive content so that when it launches you can start to browse through brand new content as soon as possible!

6. Spuul:

it is a Singapore based company that has launched in India and offers a great catalog of movies and TV shows. Here you cannot only re-watch your old favorites but also keep up with new Bollywood movies and Hindi TV shows. While there are a lot of movies to choose from once you register, there are a lot of movies that you can watch on this streaming platform, even without registration. However, creating an account here is worth it, and the registration cost is quite low that you will want to keep your account to find out what else they will offer you next.

7. Jio Cinema:

Sine it also offers cross-platform streaming to Jio Prime users, you can be assured that this is a great alternative to Netflix. Here you can not only find Hindi and English h movies but music videos. TV shows, web series, and more. This company has teamed up with some of the best production houses to produce content that will be exclusive to this site. This platform is preferred by many since it also helps you catch up on your daily soaps by uploading the latest episode on its platform so that you can easily watch it even when you’re in the go!

8. Hooq:

this is another popular cross-streaming platform in India that boasts of over 10.00 titles in its catalog. You can watch not only Bollywood and Hollywood movies but also watch foreign language films which may be tough to find. This streaming platform allows you to stream movies on up to five devices at once and hence is a great subscription for those with a larger family.

9. Sony Live:

Stream your entertainment content across several devices with this popular service, they have a free version where you can access a limited library of movies and TV and a premium service where you can access all of their content. You can even watch movies on a rental basis. The yearly subscription is great for those who are need of their entertainment fix, and this website s great for those who love sports and want to catch up on their matches. Sports events can be difficult to find online, but with Sony Live, all of your needs are fulfilled.

10. ErosNow:

if you want to access Bollywood and Pakistani channels and TV Shows, then this entertainment platform is the one for you. Owned by Eros International, if you are a Bollywood movie fanatic, then you will love this streaming platform as it features some move titles which you will not find anywhere else. It focuses mainly on Bollywood as well as other regional languages to ensure that you get your daily fix when it comes to your entertainment needs.

11. Cinemavilla

This is one such website that lets people across the globe access its contents for free for Their entertainment. People can access a wide range of movies, South Indian and Bollywood, and Hollywood ones along with documentaries, web series, short films, award functions, tv shows, trailers, and music videos. The best part is the variety of contents cover various genres, era, culture, languages, and themes, bringing to you a diversified collection of contents. You can choose from among these categories and stream and download your favourite contents in HD resolution for free. For accessing its contents, you don’t have to be a registered user nor do you have to pay any subscription charges. 

These are some great alternatives to DvdWap, and they offer you great services in India. These entertainment sites are great when you want to have a movie night at home, or you want to spend your time watching something entertaining. On these sites, you will also find exclusive content that can be challenging to find anywhere else. Hence you may want to keep up with these websites as well.

12. TodayPK

The site Todaypk has been designed in such a way to meet the movie preferences of all users. The site, with its plethora of collections, is sure to give you the best movie-watching experience of all times. Exploring the site is easy because of its user-friendly and well-designed interface. Besides that, the site’s collections are also categorised cleanly based on their genres, language, year of release, etc. You can also get dubbed versions of various original films, allowing you to stream and download the films in any language of your choice. The site covers every genre like romance, comedy, thriller, horror, etc. 


1. Why should I opt for DvdWap?

DvdWap is a great website if you want to watch the latest movies with great picture quality. If you do not want to go to the theatre and want to watch the latest movie from the comfort of your own home, then this website is great for you.

2. Can I download movies for this website?

Yes, you can download movies from this website, and the best part is that these movies will not take up much space as you can opt for smaller sizes of the movie, here you will find movies that only take up 300Mb.

3. Is the picture quality good?

When you watch a movie on Dvdwap, you will not have to worry about the picture quality. You can be assured that the picture quality of the movie that you will be watching wills e great. Fort h standard HD options, you can opt for 720 p, which is a high resolution, and if you want clearer and more defined picture quality, you can even opt for the Blu-ray option. Watching a movie on this website is the same experience that you would get if you were to visit a theatre or buy the DVD for the movie.

4. Is it safe to watch movies on DvdWap?

Many people might be concerned about getting a virus on their computer if they were to watch movies on this website. While you do not need to worry about getting a virus, it must be remembered that Dvdwap is not a legitimate website. It may not be safe for you to surf content on this website as all of them are pirated. Movies are the intellectual property of others, and you need a proper license to be able to show it to others. Dvdwap does have the necessary license to allow streaming of content on its website, and hence in India, you may need to access a proxy website or use a VPN to be able to access their site. Every country has strict laws when it comes to piracy, and hence, it may not be safe for you to be streaming content on this website.


Lacking some entertainment in your life? You know where to go to get your daily fix. Whether you opt for alternatives to Dvdwap, which are completely legal, or you decide to take your chances, you can be assured that no matter which option you opt for, you will be in for a fun night.


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