All you should know about Pagalworld: 11 Legal Alternatives To The Piracy Site

By | December 16, 2021

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend our leisure time. It also provides us utmost entertainment and fun. Through movies, people not only seek entertainment, but also learning and messages. There are a lot of genres in movies. Each genre is unique and special. Some years ago, people used to visit theaters to watch their favorite movies or newly released movies, but now this has gone out of trend as movie watching has become easier than ever. Thousands of movies are just a click away from us. 

Technology has made people access movies easily through online movie streaming websites. The emergence of piracy or online movie streaming websites is a curse to the cinema industry. These online websites will let people watch infinite numbers of movies for free. These sites will also contain pirated versions of newly released movies. According to government regulations and Norms, these websites violate the government’s policy and, therefore considered illegal. Despite the illegality, these websites have gained great popularity among people as they offer newly released movies, songs, and web series for free cost. 

What is Pagalworld? 


Pagalworld is one of the piracy websites in India that offers movies, video songs, MP3 songs, and other music albums for free. Most of the content on this website are pirated versions of the originals. One can find movies, videos, and albums of Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and other languages on this website. 

Pagal world is not just illegal in India, but also illegal in the USA and many other countries. The domain of this website will change now and then as the site is blocked often by the government. The website is primarily known for leaking Bollywood songs and albums including video songs. Along with Hindi songs, it also leaks Punjabi tracks in MP3 and MP4 format. 

Categories in Pagalworld piracy site

Below are the categories available on the Pagalworld website:

  • Top songs list 
  • Tik Tok Trends list 
  • Mp3 songs 
  • Bollywood movies 
  • Punjabi songs 
  • Hindi music 
  • HD ringtones 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  • A to Z Bollywood MP3 songs, etc.

Features of Pagalworld

Unlike other piracy sites, Pagalworld will let you watch and download movies, songs, ringtones, albums, etc., for free. But here are some more features that we are sharing for you to have an insight on what the site can offer you at the best.  

1. Downloading of movies 

Just like other piracy websites, one can stream and download movies in Pagalworld. You can download various HD movies in Pagalworld of numerous languages. It has most of these movies in pirated versions. 

2. MP3 songs and ringtones 

Pagalworld is unique when compared to other piracy sites as it does not just offer movies, but also MP3 songs and ringtones. You can find various songs and ringtones of many languages in Pagalworld. You can also find pop songs, Hollywood songs, Bollywood songs, etc., in Pagalworld to download. 

3. Uploading of movies 

Pagalworld will allow you to upload movies and songs on the website. The files you upload will later be available for other users to download. 

4. Video songs 

Pagalworld is known for leaking video songs of many newly released movies. You can also stream and download these video songs in resolutions ranging from 360p, 780p, 1080p, etc. The file size of the video songs will range from 6 to 120MB. The website will also allow you to search for songs based on the song artist. 

Steps to stream or download movies and songs in Pagalworld 

If Pagalworld is not accessible in your country, you should install VPN software or an app. 

  • You might be able to access Pagalworld after you install a VPN. After VPN is installed search for the Pagalworld website in its search column. 
  • After you find the website, open it to see several categories it offers. 
  • From the available categories select the category, which you want to take a look at. 
  • Once you select the category, For example, Bollywood movies, a list of Bollywood movies will appear. 
  • From the list, you can select the movie which you want to download or stream. 
  • You can also select the resolution in which you want to download. Once you do this, you can download or stream movies on the Pagalworld piracy site. 

Ten legal alternatives to Pagalworld piracy site 

Below are some of the legal alternatives to Pagalworld. Some are suitable for music downloads while some are for movie downloads. 

1. Zmovies

Now downloading movies are way easier than before because Zmovies is available for all those who love entertainment. And what can be a better source of enjoinment than movies? If you are among those, who love to watch Hollywood movies more than anything; they must be aware of this online site. Zmovies has a fabulous collection of Hollywood movies, which can be downloaded or watched online. The best part is that you will be able to get all these free of cost. From old to new, let it be any unique piece; Zmovies is the one-stop for your watch list.

  • SoundCloud 
  • Netflix 
  • Amazon Prime 
  • Zee5 
  • Spotify 
  • Noise trade 
  • Amazon music 
  • JioSaavn
  • YouTube 
  • IMDb TV 


1. Why Pagalworld is considered illegal? 

Pagalworld website is considered illegal because it contains pirated versions of MP3 songs, video songs, movies, etc.

2. What is the best legal alternative to downloading songs? 

You can use Amazon music or SoundCloud to download songs legally. 

3. What is the best legal alternative to downloading movies?

You can download and watch movies legally from Netflix or YouTube. Both are legal and safe for you and your devices. They do not attract viruses or malware.


Watching or downloading movies and songs from an illegal piracy website is considered a violation of the government’s rules and regulations. One must not indulge in this activity at any cost. We do not support Pagalworld or any other illegal piracy website. The above paragraphs are just a description of the piracy website and some of the legal alternatives to replace Pagalworld. You must always prefer watching movies and songs through legal sites. Watching or downloading movies and songs from piracy websites is not just illegal but also is morally unethical and disrespectful to the Creator. If you are someone who has a passionate love for movies, you should show your respect to the creators and their art by watching the movies and songs legally through legal websites.