15 Best Alternatives Sites for FilmyWap in 2022

By | January 3, 2022

Movies are a part of everyday life for an Indian. We indulge in movies of various genres and languages, making the film industry in India one of the biggest. Movie stars are treated with God-like respect, and the net income by the movie industry alone is stellar. In a country like this, it is not uncommon that pirated movie websites are trendy. We don’t have to buy or rent DVDs nowadays; we can simply download movies from these torrent websites or even stream online any time we want. Movies on such platforms are available in high quality, and they are quite hassled-free. If you have missed out on the movie and could not watch it in the theatre, you can recreate the experience at the luxury of your own house. This is what makes sites like FilmyWap so popular. Although the Government has banned such pirated websites, they are quite famous and worth the hype. 

What Is FilmyWap?


FilmyWap is one of the most well-acclaimed names in the pirated movie websites market. It is widely known for providing and releasing a plethora of contents, mainly movies and TV or web series, either before their release or during the release in movie halls and online portals. This website has been running for years, and although piracy has been banned in India and the globe because it has been affecting the movie industry and the cinema halls, neither the complaints or the actions taken by the government could stop websites line FilmyWap. The reason why this website is making such a name for itself became of its extensive collection of movies not only in the Indian market but also globally. You will find here movies of the best quality material and in different languages. While Bollywood and Hollywood movies are certainly available, you will also get your fill of Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam Movies. If you are a fan of other international movies, FilmyWap has a wide range of movies for you to select from. It truly is an uncharted territory that deserves your attention. With the help of this site, you will be able to get your fair share of even the recent releases in the movie world around the world. 

Website Features Of FilmyWap

There is no dearth of pirated movie websites on the internet. Every turn you take, you will be able to find numerous movie website with a plethora of contents for you to choose from. However, all these websites have something that sets them apart from the rest. The same is also true for FilmyWap that has some unique features that make it worth your bandwidth. 

Here Are The Best Features Of FilmyWap:

  • FilmyWap offers the widest variety of not only movies but also music videos and TV serials. There is so much content for you to binge that it will truly blow your mind. If you are a film buff and enjoy more than just what is accessible, you will be able even to find the most offbeat movies and unique titles here. The collection of Bollywood and well as movies in other vernaculars is as big as the collection from English and other foreign movies that will keep you busy for a long while. 
  • You only get the best quality movies here. There is a misconception in the minds of many regarding the quality of movies on such movie sites. However, when you search for movies on FilmyWap, you only get to have the best quality movies available in 360p, 720p, or 1080p.
  • Some days you might find yourself in a mood to watch movies, but you may have a hard time finding the ones that you want to watch. If you are having one of those days when you don’t know what you want to watch, the classification and categorizations of movies made on FilmyWap will allow you to choose movies according to your mood based on the various categories. Accessibility is one of the biggest features of FilmyWap. 
  • The website continuously changes the URL of the website, so even if the website gets blocked by the government, patrons have access to the site and will be able to download or stream movies whenever and wherever. So if you are having trouble finding FilmyWap on a previous URL, you will simply have to find another URL to access the website. 
  • The user interface for this website is extremely simple. Even if you are not particularly tech-savvy, when it comes to downloading through the FilmyWap platform, you will be able to do so without any hassles at all; you will simply have to search for the movies you want to watch. You can choose to stream online, or you can also download the movie at the tap of a single button!
  • Are you tired of looking for a movie that had recently released? Don’t worry because, at FilmyWap, you will be able to find even the most recent releases. Some movies or series are available before the release of the movie itself. High-quality recent releases are always available in FilmyWap for you to enjoy. 
  • The best feature about this website is that it is free. You do not have to pay a single penny for downloading movies from this website! Although this may seem too right to be true, this is indeed the case! You can enjoy a multitude of movies whenever you want with this website. 

Categories On FilmyWap

A great feature about the FilmyWap platform is the numerous categorizations available here, which makes it very easy to look for shows and movies Depending on their genre. The broadest classification available on FilmyWap is under the headings of Movies and TV series. Amongst them, there are also other subcategories. 

Based On Genre: Movies are one of the most versatile Artem products, and one of the main reasons for such versatility is the number of genre movies is produced in. The genres available in FilmyWap are as follows:

  • War
  • Comedy
  • Romantic
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • History
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Music

Based On Langauge: FilmyWap has a vast collection of movies, and much is it is characterized based on the language of the movies. The following categories are available:

  • English Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood dubbed
  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam dubbed
  • Tamil dubbed
  • International
  • Punjabi

Besides these categorizations, there is a unique Category restricted only for the latest released over the world where you will be able to find movies that are being released that week or have been released around the time. 

15 Best Alternatives For FilmyWap in 2022

As already mentioned, several websites are available on the internet, where you will be able to find pirated movies of all kinds. These are very popular and can be accessed in case you are facing problems reaching FilmyWap. These alternatives to the website are also packed with several useful features and have a great collection of movies to enjoy. Here are some of them:

1. Filmyzilla

This is a website where you will be able to find the latest movies from all over the Indian film market, whether it be from Bollywood, Punjab, Kannada, Tamil, or Telegu film movies. The great collection will help you to enjoy a plethora of movies for free! 

2. Putlocker Mix

This is a pirated website that will help you to find the most versatile movie collection of all time. From famous south Indian movies to the best Bollywood movies, avail them all here in the best quality. The website is straightforward to access and has the best user interface so you can have a great time here. All the content available here is free of cost. You simply have to search the movie that you wish to watch and download it on your device. You also have the option of watching movies from the database. 

3. Popcorn Time

A website like this has a huge plethora of movies in its collection from all genres that you will be able to stream or download in no time at all. You will simply have to visit the site, and all your favorite movies will be just a tap away. So, as the name suggests, grab your bucket of popcorn and binge away! 

4. Bolly2Tolly

This is an excellent alternative to FilmyWap and had a huge collection of movies from around the globe, but it mostly features south Indian and Bollywood movies. You will even be able to find dubbed versions of your favorite movies and enjoy them with your loved ones. It is very easy to navigate through this website, and at the same time, it also has received very good reviews for its great quality. What’s more? Every movie also comes with a small description, as well as a summary for a quick glance.

5. HDmp4mania

This website features not only the famous and popular movies but also the best of TV series and web series that you can download or even watch online. The best part about this website is its easy categorizations that will help you to find the movies you love in no time at all. The excellent collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and south Indian movies are truly a pleasure to watch, and what makes this website even better is the categorizations available here. So even if you are not sure what you want to watch, you can pick something based on the genre that suits your mood. 

6. Dvdwap

It has received much love and appreciation because of the variety of movies and shows available here. Besides, it also features such movies in the best quality and also offers several HD qualities that you can choose from. Another fantastic feature of this website is the categories available here for every genre and language, which makes it much more accessible than many other competitors in the market. However, this website is more useful for movies than TV shows. 

7. Movies Ok

While this site is much more efficient for Hindi movies, it also features several Hindi dubbed movies. If you are looking for films in other vernacular languages, you will also be able to find it here. All the content available here is for free and very easy to download. This is an exciting website with the contents you want and perfect for you if you are into Hindi movies.

8. Ipagal.biz

This is another pirated website that is high on both quality and quantity. From several movies available in dubbed as well as original versions, this is the website that you can truly enjoy and satisfy your needs for movies with. It is truly worth your bandwidth. 

9. GoFilms4U

This is another worthy replacement for FilmyWap, and the unique feature of this website is how it shows the movies and TV shows as well as their system of classification. You do not need to sign up or log-in to download movies from this website, and you can simply do so without any extra hassle. The website also sorts the movies available depending on the quality like DVDRip and Bdrip. This truly is one of the best-pirated movie websites available. 

10. Online Movie Cinema

This website provides not only Bollywood movies, but you will also be able to find a host of Hollywood movies dubbed here. Downloading movies from this site is straightforward. You simply have to search for the movie that you are looking for, and it will be yours! All the movies available here are of the best quality, so you do not need to worry at all! 

11. JustWatch

Justwatch offers a variety of movies ranging from Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies while also including a range of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and other such south Indian movies in the best quality. The movies are also Categorised to make it easier for the viewer to find and download the movies for free. 

12. Downloadhub

When searching for a movie platform offering standard services, you cannot go wrong with Downloadhub. The site updates itself continually, uploading all the latest Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies, along with Bollywood and dubbed Hollywood films. Not only that but prior notifications are also provided to users about any content, that will be updated in a few days. You can also get a wide variety of web series, short films, trailers, documentaries, music videos, tv shows, and award functions on this site. The site caters to every movie requirement of yours, from quality to quantity. The contents of this site cover every language, era, genre, culture, and theme, providing you with a diversified collection of contents. 

13. Fzmovies

One of the popular torrent sites, FZmovies is notorious for leaking the latest contents, within a few days of their theatrical release. Users don’t have to spend money for watching their favourite movies in theatres. Instead, they can now sit back and enjoy any film, short film, documentary, web series, and trailers of their choice, for free on this site. Neither are they required to make any kind of payments not do they have to register themselves. Compromising content from all genres, languages, cultures, era,s and themes, this site is sure to give you a satisfying movie streaming experience. The site’s user-friendly interface has further made it preferable. 

14. Dvdvilla

Dvdvilla is a user-centric site that is dedicated to providing people with a satisfying movie-watching experience. The site is regularly updated to include the latest movies, trailers, web series, documentaries, short films, award functions, etc. You get a wide variety of content to choose from for streaming and downloading. Also, you don’t need to log in or create an account for accessing its contents. Neither do you have to make any kind of payments? Similar to other torrent sites, Dvdvilla also provides all services for free. The interface of this site is as impressive as is the collection of content that the site offers. In short, this is one of the best movie streaming sites of its kind. 

15. TamilGun

TamilGun is an application available for the Android operating system which is specifically designed for people who want to enjoy the content for free. This website is known for having a huge variety of the latest movies and videos which are all available for download for free. With TamilGun there is no subscription charge or rental that users have to pay. The application is known for its high-quality videos and is targeted towards people who are movie buffs. The website has movies of different languages which include English, Hindi, Tamil Telugu, and many more. The website is also quite popular for having a huge inventory of TV series from all across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About Filmywap

Websites with pirated content seem too good to be true because not only do you get whatever movies you are looking for, but the content is available free of cost. However, as you may already know, pirated websites are banned, and this has various implications. This leads to several questions which are as follows:

1. Is It Safe To Use Filmywap?

Many reasons make it somewhat dangerous to download movies from pirated websites like FilmyWap. The main source of income for these websites ar the pop-up ads, and for this reason, you will find these ads everywhere. Such ads may contain viruses or malware that can corrupt your computer and the files in it. Moreover, accessing these websites make it very vulnerable to hackers. You must also keep in mind that such sites are illegal, and hence a transaction made is an offense. 

2. Is It Legal To Use Filmywap?

No. FilmyWap is, in fact, not a legal website because to curb piracy, the government had ruled that such websites are to be banned, and hence these torrent websites frequently need to change the URL to make them valid. Under the act by the government to publish content made by others and making it available to the public is a punishable offense, and hence such websites are not legal. 

3. Will I Be Fined Or Jailed For Downloading Movies From Filmywap?

If you are caught either putting Content in a said website or helping someone do so or downloading from a website like FilmyWap, it is considered a punishable offense. The jail time is up to six months, and a fine of 50,000 may be levied. However, no one has been captured for such an offense. The Important thing to remember is to change the VPN of your computer, and you should be good to go.


FilmyWap is indeed the best place for you to find a plethora of movies for no price at all. You not only get all the movies you want; they also come free, so you can enjoy a host of the content without having to pay anything. It is the best option and affordable too. However, such websites are banned by the government to curb privacy in the state. Also, at the same time, it is hence illegal to access these websites. For this reason, it is not advised to watch or download movies from such websites as they hamper the movie industry as well as cinema and online platforms that create and host such content. Be aware of the steps you are taking and make a responsible move. It is always better to get content from sound sources like Netflix or Amazon Prime instead of downloading them from these pirated websites.


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