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By | February 17, 2021

With the advancement of technology and the internet penetrating in every corner, watching your favorite movies and shows has become easy. The days of waiting at the ticket counter are over. It may have been many times that you had seen the houseful board on the movie hall, or the movie you want to see is not projected in any hall near your place. Gone are those days. With many websites coming up, beaming the latest blockbusters immediately after they are released, it is time to enjoy the show sitting at the cozy corner of your home with family and friends. Enjoy the best movies at your convenient time and have complete relaxation. However, not all online sites are okay. One should select the best sites from the list to watch HD quality movies without spending a penny, and Tamildhool is one of them.

The features of Tamildhool


By connecting to Tamildhool, one can see not only the latest movies but also the popular soap operas, TV Shows, the trending sequels, or the classic evergreen cinemas. It is one of the online platforms that have anything or others for all ages of viewers. Enjoy the best Tamil movies on your android phone downloading the Tamildhool app.

The app is quite small in size, and the version V3.0 has a file size of only 2.4 MB and can be downloaded on any Android phone with version 4.0 or above. It is free to use and easy to understand the features as the language prompt is in English. One needs to download the Tamildhool app and then download the favorite Tamil movies the same way we all do with other movie download apps. When you can get the best free content and additional benefits, then staying with the flow is always a prudent notion. It is time to enjoy your relaxation time to the maximum levels watching your favorite movies free of cost. 

  • The interface of Tamildhool is quite straightforward, and no user has reported any complications that they have faced while using this best online Tamil movie platform.
  • As one downloads this app on their mobile phones, it becomes like a cakewalk to download their favorite movies and even view them offline at their leisure time.
  • The developers of Tamildhool are always watchful of this mobile application and regularly keep the app updated, fixing the bugs. Therefore, the app works without any glitches, and the speed is lightning fast to download your favorite movies and shows from the best sites.
  • As mentioned earlier, the size of this app quite small and is 2.4 MB. Therefore, it takes minimum space on your android device, unlike other similar apps.
  • Tamildhool has become so popular because one can get many links through it to download the super ht Tamil movies and TV shows.
  • Enjoy HD quality pictures using this app, downloading the best movies. The image is crystal clear, and the sound quality is superb. The app only provides the best links so that one can enjoy the movies after downloading them.
  • With Tamildhool on your phone, get to see the trending movies free. Download the app from the Google play store and open the app after installation.
  • On the homepage, one can see what is trending or click the active links to visit the desired Tamil movie if it is there. One can also search for their choice of films, and the movie posters are displayed.
  • Clicking the desired poster will guide the user to the download links, and it is time to click the download button. Following the instructions that are prompted on the phone at times will allow the user to complete the movies’ download. Once the videos are downloaded, it is at the discretion of the user when to watch them.


Watching the movies and blockbuster spa operas are no more a bottleneck for anyone. Watch Sun TV, Vijay TV, Tamil TV, and many more sites. Never miss any of your favorite movies or shows following the link provided in Tamildhool. If you are looking for new releases, it is one of the best platforms to get the links and download them. It may be a thriller, comedy, action, or family drama. You name them, and Tamilhood will provide you with the link so that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.  

Never miss any movies or blockbuster soap operas aired by any of the above channels. Click the links of the new films acted by the megastars of the Tamil screen. Enjoy them watching with your family and friends, after downloading them for free. There are no tensions in standing in the queue for the tickets, not missing the show due to your busy schedules. Download the app for free and enjoy various categories of movies clicking the link provided on the home screen or searching by the name. With the Tamildhool app providing all types of films and exhaustive lists and links it provides, one can never miss out on any movies or shows. You name them, and you get the links for download. It is so simple.

Best Alternatives for Site with a description

Tamildhool is one of the best sites to get the links and download your favorite Tamil movies. However, some of the best alternatives can give you the same facility and enjoyment.

1. Nitro

Nitro is one of the most popular movie downloader in India. It works on Android 4.2 and above and requires very small storage space on the mobile phone. Although one can get many movie links, the developers rarely update the versions. 

2. Netflix

Although Netflix is not free, it is gaining popularity day by day. The video quality is crystal clear and the audio is immaculate. One can live stream any movies of their choice from their library and can download the movies in the apps folder for offline viewing. 

3. Moviezwap

It has many film links under their genre and one can search the list according to their choice. It can be family, drama, thrillers, action, science fiction, or even adult content. The sites have every popular movie suitable for all ages and choices. It works on the same principle that Torrent used to work some years ago.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the front runners, helping people to watch movies online staying connected to the internet. It has a huge collection of movies and many producers release tjeor filmon this site. The usage is not free and one can select monthly or annual plans. 

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the bet platforms in which one can watch their favorite movies, TV shows or live stream the most popular games like cricket and football. Many ISP providers allow their subscribers to use the platform free. However, certain movies and contents can only be seen after making payments.  

6. Movietube

Another website where you can enjoy an uncountable number of movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. is Movietube. All contents can be accessed for free. The site enables you to stream and download every content on this site in any format of your choice. All downloading link ate available at one single click. The site provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality. The site’s simple and extremely user-friendly interface also makes exploring through the site easy. Apart from movies, one can also stream and download web series, documentaries, tv shows, award functions in their preferred formats. The contents of this site cover various genres like horror, crime, thriller, etc. 

7. Moviemad

Moviemad is an illegal torrent site that brings you pirated content, without having copyright permissions for uploading them. Being an illegal site, Moviemad doesn’t charge any subscription amount from its users. Neither does it require people to register or provide their card details. You can get all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional films on this site in HD resolution, for free streaming and downloading. Apart from movies, this site also brings to you the trending documentaries, short films, web series, trailers et for your entertainment. If you are in search of a free movie-providing site, Moviemad is undoubtedly the best and easily accessible site.  


1. Is Tamildhool a legal platform?

As you download your favorite movies and shows through the links provided in Tamildhool, be sure you are not doing it legally. The contents on the platform are mostly pirated, and one can face many security threats or legal actions if being the producers of the movies complain against the user.

2. Why is Tamildhool so popular?

Tamil movies are always a big hit for their viewers. Since one can access the pirated versions of any video as soon as it is released, the waiting time to watch them becomes almost zero. Over and above, the site is easy to handle, the download speed is super fast, and one can even watch the movies at their leisure time without missing any other deadline. Moreover, the platform is free to use. As one can watch blockbuster moves and soaps for free using any free platform, it is bound to become one of the favorite and most popular avenues. Tamildhool has become so over time.

3. What kind of movies do I get to see using Tamildhool?

The movie links in Tamildhool is categorized as per genre. One can see Tamil family entertainment, movies, action movies, thrillers, kids’ movies, dubbed Hollywood movies, and many more. One can search the site by genre, film name, or the home page about the trending videos and click them to get the download links. Juggling with the interface of the site is very simple, and one can download the latest version of the app from play store and enjoy watching their favorite movies.

4. If it is free, how come Tamildhool sustain its operation?

Yes, it is free for the users. It has been observed that the developers and the site owners of Tamildhool earn revenues through ad networks. Many companies put up their ads to promote their products. However, although the site provides the links, one should keep in mind that downloading the movies is not done legally by the user, and the user can face many problems, including virus attacks on their systems.


This article is not intended to promote Tamildhool or its content and does not support piracy. The Copyright Act of 1957 is very stringent, and if one gets caught for downloading pirated movies, the consequences can be bitter. 

This article is written to inform the users about piracy, although the site is free to use. The general public should avoid watching pirated movies available on any platform across the internet and encourage others to stay away from them. Think judiciously before watching blockbuster films.


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