PUBG Free UC Hacks in 2021

By | December 17, 2021

PUBG is the highest-grossing game which is famous in all over the world. Everyone plays this game to relax and for some entertainment. It is the most popular online game, which is known as PUBG mobile or survival game. It is probably one of the most popular games, with 200 million users and 30 million daily active users. It is a thrilling game which you can play countless times. This game has many features, and that’s why people love this. It generates a revenue amount of up to 150$ million. You can play this game on Android or iOS.

So, have you wanted to be the best player in PUBG mobile among your friends? Well, if your answer is yes, then this article will help you clearly to be the best player. If you are a new player, then you also get some benefits through this. Here we explain how you can earn free UC for your PUBG mobile and purchase your favourite item. So, if you are a PUBG lover, then yes, you are in the right place. Now, without wasting your time, let’s move further to get more ideas.

This game has two currencies, i.e., UC and BP, which can you earned by without paying any amount or by paying an amount. The players can spend their money to buy some Vehicles, an Elite pass and all. But everyone can’t spend an amount to buy these. So, here we provide you with some tricks where you can get PUBG free UC hacks, or you can get free UC for your PUBG mobile.

The currency UC means the unknown cash, which is popular as the main currency of the game. You can use these UC to buy special items in this game. But the problem is the only way to buy this UC is to spend some real money. By purchasing the different items in the game, you can impress your friends, and that’s why people are continuously trying to get these currencies. They search every trick and tip to get these currencies quickly. They search for all the legal and illegal ways to buy this as soon as possible.

Some of the indirect ways are hacking UC is participating in many giveaways. By purchasing the elite passes, Use some money-earning apps, etc. It is illegal to use some tricks to earn UC, but here we provide you with the legal tricks where you can earn PUBG free UC hacks. It is not possible to hack UC directly, so here we describe some indirect ways to hack UC more for your PUBG mobile.

Amazing PUBG free UC hacks in 2021

PUBG Free UC Hacks

Hack 1: PUBG free UC hacks by participating in giveaways:

It is the most interesting and best way to hack PUBG UC indirectly. You can participate in the giveaways in a free of cost and get the PUBG free UC bundles with a Royale pass. But for this, you have to put your efforts into it by searching the PUBG giveaways on the internet. You can search it on Google and YouTube and follow the rules. 

To get the Royale pass, you have to follow the rules which are provided on the internet. It is a seasonal campaign where players rank up and earn a pass to get some rewards. Here you will get the two types of Royale to pass one is free, and the second is Elite. But if you are a student or don’t have enough money choose the free Royale pass. There are many ways to get a Free Royale to pass for PUBG. Here we will discuss the important steps through which you can try to get a pass. 

PUBG free UC giveaway

PUBG free UC giveaway

This is the easiest method to get free UC. For this, you have to search for the UC Giveaways live videos on YouTube to participate, and you can win a free PuNG Royale pass. To get free UV giveaways videos, you can follow the below rules.

  1. Open YouTube on your device
  2. Search for the videos related to PUBG free royale pass
  3. Join the live stream which is going on
  4. Subscribe and comment on that video to participate in the event. That’s it.

Hack 2: PUBG free UC hacks with coupons cards

There are many websites which provide some coupon codes to their customer on your purchase. Nowadays, everyone uses Paytm, Phone pay, Google play, etc., where you can get the coupon codes. From these websites, you can get extra coupons through recharge. Some of the websites also allow you to get some Redeem coupons through recharge your wallet. You can also get these coupon codes on Midasbuy.

PUBG free UC hacks with coupons cards

Hack 3: Purchasing Royale pass:

You can also purchase some Royale pass because when you purchase those Royale passes and play your games, then you will gain some Royale pass. In this way, you will also get some UC back or UC coupons back. Through these coupons, you can buy your next Royale pass. You can also get some other tricks to get PUBG free UC hacks. 

There are many tricks which you can try by searching on the website and from youtube.

Purchasing Royale pass

Hack 4: Use some online money earning apps:

There are some apps where you can earn some money and buy the Royale pass. You can research more about these apps and install these on your phone. To get these apps, you can search on the google play store. These are the apps that pay an amount to you if you watched their videos. You can earn money from these apps by putting no effort. You can look at some websites for this, such as Survey Junkie, PayPrizes, etc. which are popular as money-making apps. If you are interested in this, then you can download these apps from the play store and register yourself. To get money, you should complete some of the tasks provided by them. You can complete these tasks easily, such as by watching and sharing the videos, daily spin, etc. After earning money, you can redeem it to buy the PUBG UC.

Real Prople Earning Real Money

Hack 5: Google plays free credit:

The Google play store provides some free Google play credits, which you can use to buy UC. You have to select an amount to purchase. After that, your Google plays credit amount will be automatically deducted from your Google Play. In this way, you can buy Royale passes more cheaply. To do this here, we discuss the steps to follow.

  1. Visit your play store. Click the menu option and visit the notification option.
  2. Check whether you get a discount amount of 200 in your google play store for PUBG mobile or not.
  3. If you have that amount, then click on the claim now button to move further steps.
  4. After your clamming, the offer will be automatically activated.
  5. Now open your PUBG mobile app and visit the UC purchase section
  6. Click on the purchase UC button and get free Uc’s of rs 200.

Enjoy your free PUBG mobile UC by purchasing your favourite items.

Google play free credit

Hack 6: Online Surveys:

Some apps provide free cash to their users to apply in an online survey. You can also participate in these types of surveys and answer the few simple questions. After completing the survey, you will get money, which is credited to your account automatically. To get some extra money, you should be more careful while reading the questions. You should answer all the questions carefully so that you can get a lot of money to buy UC. For this, Google’s opinion rewards will be beneficial for you.

To get free UC’s first, you have to download the Google opinion rewards app, which is another way to get free UC easily. After downloading this app, follow the rules to earn UC.

  1. Open the app
  2. Sign in if you already have an account here. If you don’t have an account, then you can sign in by providing your mail or mobile number.
  3. Now you can see a survey on the homepage.
  4. Click on that survey and complete it by providing the correct answer.
  5. After completion of the survey, you will get the money.

Now you can use this money to buy the UC currencies for your PUBG mobile.

Online Surveys

Hack 7: India Bonus challenge:

Did you hear about this challenge before this? If not, then here we describe the rules and tips to win this challenge. The official PUBG sponsors this challenge. To get free UC, you can participate in this challenge and wait for some time to start the tournament. To win this, you have to be more careful while playing this game. You have to survive in this game till the last so that you can win this. The person who wins this gets a chance to earn more UC.

How to join this challenge?

  1. Open the PUBG mobile and log in to the account.
  2. Now open the icon of the small trophy which is placed on the top of your screen
  3. Now you will see the India bonus challenge tournament and click on that.
  4. Every player will get the 100 battle coins and also a battle pass and the time of registration
  5. You can join this challenge at a specific time.
  6. Play this game very carefully because you will get battle coins after each match.
  7. Here the 1 point means you will earn the one battle coin
  8. Now redeem your battle coins to convert it to UC.

How to redeem battle coins into UC? 

  1. Open India bonus challenge page
  2. Now the redeem reward page option will be visible on your screen
  3. Click on this and redeem rewards by selecting the product you want to buy.

Some other apps also provide such tournaments like this. One of the examples is Gamingmonk. It offers many paid and free PUBG tournaments to the PUBG lovers. You can also participate in this and win these tournaments to get the free UC.

How to redeem battle coin into UC

Hack 8: Refer and Earn money:

You can also get some references and earn money from there. For this, you have to share some reference links to your friends. You can also redeem these amounts to buy the PUBG UC. You can research more apps and websites where you can get other options. Visit YouTube and watch some videos shared by professional gamers to know more about these things.


FAQ’s related to PUBG free UC hacks

1. Can I earn some free UC?

Yes, you can earn UC for your PUBG mobile game by following some indirect ways. It is tough, but you have to be patient so that you can earn more.

2. Is this legal?

To buy UC, you have to pay the amount. But It is not possible for everyone, and that’s why these are some indirect ways or illegal ways. You can use these ways sometimes, and it is safe and secure.

3. Can I redeem the amount which I earn from the different apps to buy UC?

Yes, you can redeem the amounts which you earn by the above-discussed apps by following the steps. 


In this article, you can understand that how you can earn a lot of free UC for your PUBG mobile without putting in much effort. Many giveaways are going on the internet and the youtube from time to time where you can participate to get free UC. There are also hundreds of apps that you can download on your phone and follow their rules to get free UC. Some apps organize PUBG tournaments. So, in this way, there are thousands of ways to get free UC. 

It depends upon you that which one you should choose to earn some UC. So, if you are also interested in this, then Visit these apps and download these. You can research more on the internet to explore some new things about UC hacks. But aware of visiting some fake websites and apps.


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