How to Get Amazon Gift Card Codes in 2021?

By | December 2, 2021

How does the idea of a gift card sound? We are sure the reality would be much exciting than the imagination. If you didn’t know, there is more than one way to get Amazon Gift Card online. There are various websites online, which will provide you Amazon gift cards if you complete the task or work it says. Most of these tasks would be simple and won’t consume more than a few minutes of your time. After you complete the task the website says, you will receive specific points, which you can redeem to get your Amazon gif card. 

Using the gift cards you have earned, you can easily purchase your favorite items on Amazon and make the payment using the gift cards. Exciting, isn’t it? If you are unaware of the websites that provide Amazon gift cards, do not worry, as we are here to help you with that. We have shortlisted 10 great ways to get Amazon gift cards online. Take a look.

How to Get Amazon Gift Card Codes in 2021?

1. Honey


Honey is a site that lets you earn cashback and Amazon gift cards on your online shopping. Using Honey, you can earn cashback for every purchase you make online. You can earn up to 15% cashback if you utilize the ‘Honey gold’ feature. The cashback will also provide you Amazon gift card. You can save quite an amount of money by using Honey. Purchasing from third-party sellers will offer you products at a much cheaper price. You can also use PayPal to receive cash rewards.

2. My Points

My Points

My Points is an online site that will offer you rewards for everyday work you do for the website. The website contains multiple tasks like finishing surveys, playing videos, playing online games, purchasing products, etc. You will earn rewards for every task you complete on the site. On completing them, you will earn your reward in the form of points, which you can later redeem to get an Amazon gift card. Use these gift cards to buy your favorite items on Amazon.

3. AppNana


AppNana is a site, which will allow you to earn by downloading and testing mobile applications. You should have a balance of $1 to get Amazon gift cards. The best feature of this site is it will let you earn points even while you delete the application. This site is one of the easiest and engaging ways to receive Amazon gift card online. 

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

You would have come across many survey sites online. Survey Junkie is one such site where you are told to fill surveys every day. Unlike some sites, where you get surveys once or twice a month, this site offers a survey every day. So, there are high probabilities for the users to get more gift cards as there are surveys every day. You will earn reward points for every survey you complete. You can get your Amazon gift card when your balance reaches $10. Apart from a gift card, users can also get paid via PayPal in Survey Junkie.

5. Viggle


Imagine being paid to watch your favorite TV show. Using this app, you can watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows and earn rewards. The app will ask you questions during breaks related to the shows. You will earn rewards for your answers. You can also earn by playing games with other people. Redeem the points earned through the app to get your Amazon gift card. There are also other exciting prizes provided by the app apart from the gift card. 

6. Promotion of Amazon products 

Promotion of Amazon products 

If you are someone who owns a website or a blog, you can use it to promote Amazon products online. Every time someone clicks on your link to purchase on Amazon, you will be paid commissions. You should have an account in Amazon Associates to utilize this. You will receive an Amazon gift card or payment every month when people make purchases using your link. 

7. Inbox Dollars 

Inbox Dollars 

Inbox Dollars will pay you for registering your opinion. You will be offered various tasks like surveys, playing games, watching videos online, shopping Etc. Once you complete the task, you will be paid rewards through points. Once you sign up on this website, you will initially earn five dollars. You can also earn additional dollars by referring to your friends on this site. 

8. Utilization of Amazon promotional email

Utilization of Amazon promotional email

You should follow Amazon promotional emails to get great Amazon gift cards. Make sure you subscribe to Amazon promotional emails. Once you do it you will receive multiple Amazon promotional emails. Amazon will offer you an Amazon gift card when you make payment. You can easily recover your money through the gift cards provided.

9. Cardpool 


Cardpool is a website where you can convert any gift cards or coupons to an Amazon gift card. Many of you might have unused coupons like food coupons, product coupons Etc. You can make use of these unused coupons to convert them into specific Amazon gift cards. The website will also offer you cash for gift cards with which you can buy Amazon gift cards. 

10. Mobee 


Mobee is an app through which you can get reward points when you complete a task. It is a shopping app. You can redeem your reward points to convert them into Amazon gift cards. On continuous usage of this app, you will be benefited from the higher amount of Amazon gift cards.

11. Bananatic


Bananatic app will offer you simple in-game quests. On completing every quest, you will learn virtual currency – banana. You can also earn Reward Points through this app which you can later convert to Prizes or Amazon gift cards. You will be asked to download and test multiple games. You can also do shopping online using this app to reach level up. For every task, you will earn points. 

12. Gift wallet 

Gift wallet 

Gift wallet is an app that is suitable for both Android and Apple devices. You can earn points in this app, which you can later redeem to convert into Amazon gift cards. You will be asked to watch a video or attend a simple online quiz to earn rewards. On completing it, you will earn points. 

13. Swagbucks 

Try out Swagbucks to get free Xbox Live codes 

You can earn virtual money and credits through Swagbucks. This is one of the reliable sites to earn an Amazon gift card. You should complete surveys on this website to earn points for your account. When your points reach a large number, you can redeem them to convert into Amazon gift cards, PayPal money Etc. 

14. Amazon Trade-In 

Amazon Trade-In 

This is one of the useful ways to get Amazon gift cards. You can give away your old items through Amazon Trade-In to receive Amazon gift card codes. In exchange for your old items, Amazon will provide you gift card codes. You can exchange anything like electronic items, furniture, or books to get gift card codes in Amazon Trade-in. 

15. Coinstar 


Coinstar is an easy method to earn Amazon gift cards online. You should insert coins to get cash in this and you should exchange the coins to get the Amazon gift card code. The attractive feature of Coinstar is it will ask for no service charge from you for inserting coins and earning cash.

16. Amazon coupons

Amazon coupons 

Amazon coupons are a great way to get Amazon gift cards. It is also one of the trustworthy ways to get gift cards. Most of the time, Amazon coupons will offer Amazon gift card codes once you shop a specific item on the platform. Example: When you purchase a specific smartphone, you might earn a free Amazon gift card. Most of the beauty and grocery products will offer Amazon gift card codes on purchasing them. So, check out Amazon Prime to increase your points and receive gift cards. 

17. iPoll 


iPoll is a survey website in which you can earn $5 for every survey you complete. You will also receive a bonus amount of five dollars when you sign up new. Once you complete the first survey, there are high possibilities for you to earn $10. You will also be rewarded Amazon gift card along with other rewards or prizes. iPoll is one of the reliable survey sites online for getting rewards and Amazon gift cards.

18. InstaGC 


In exchange for the time you spent, InstaGC will offer you a reward in the form of a gift card. So, this is one of the simple ways to get a Free Amazon gift card. You can also complete surveys online on this website, play games, open emails, and watch multiple videos to earn a Gift card. You will also be paid to listen to music on this site. Even if your balance is just one dollar, you can still get an Amazon gift card. $1.00 will be rewarded to you every day when you access this site.

Above mentioned ways are some of the reliable and popular ways to get Amazon gift cards online easily. You can use the earned gift cards to purchase your favorite items or you can also gift them to your loved ones on special occasions or as a birthday gift.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes in 2021

  • 2MDK-536F6M-35TU8
  • 2RTT-47SMW9-G5PQ8
  • D6U5-H6T3F5-36HLV
  • R6K6-SBV5S5-D3J84
  • 2WEX-2S5W6D-728GE
  • 3VY7-4RFFDC-ZM96L


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