How to Get 7000 Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

By | December 1, 2020

How to Get 7000 Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

Tencent Games develop PUBG mobile game, which is especially known as player battleground mobile game. This game is available for android users and iOS users. This game has become a popular game worldwide, and people are exploring the tricks and tips to become an expert in this game. If you are an Android user, then you can download this game from the play store, and if you want to download the iOS version, then visit the Apple App Store.

It is probably one of the most popular downloaded games, which has 200 million total users and 30 million daily active users worldwide. This is the perfect game for relaxing and entertaining your soul. If you are interested in downloading this game or already have this game, this article will be helpful for you. Here in this article, we will discuss the steps which you can follow to gain 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile.

Get 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile

Importance of UC currencies in PUBG mobile gaming application

As you know, that PUBG mobile game has two currencies, i.e., UC and BP, which you can earn by paying an amount. The currency UC means the unknown cash, which is popular as the main currency of the game. Through this currency, a player can buy some Vehicles, an Elite pass, and all. But everyone can’t spend an amount to buy these UC currencies, and that’s why people use some other illegal ways to earn UC from other methods. So, here we provide you some tricks where you can get 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile.

When you have more UC currencies in PUBG mobile and buy some special features, then your friends will be impressed with you. But earning UC currencies without investing real money is very tough, but it is not impossible. There are thousands of ways you can get UC, such as participating in many giveaways by visiting websites or apps that provide free coupons.

You can also get some free UC by purchasing the Royale pass and using some online money earning applications. Some players also participate in India Bonus challenge to earn some money and redeem that money on PUBG Mobile. You can also visit such applications that ask people for some online surveys and provide money on behalf of that.

UC currencies in PUBG mobile gaming application

Some essential details about PUBG mobile game

The player unknown battleground mobile game application is one of the most popular gaming applications that people love to talk about. To play this game, you need a wi-fi connection or internet connection on your phone. You also need an Android phone of 5.1 and a higher model which have at least 2 GB of RAM. If you are an iPhone user, then you need an iPhone model of iOS 9.0.

You can play this game in 3 ways, such as solo, duo, and squad. The game will be started when you land on an island. Here you have to collect as many things as you can. You have to collect weapons, clothes and all. Each game lasts up to 30 minutes. You can play this game as many times you want in a free of cost anywhere and anytime.

Earn coins from PUBG mobile

As you know, it is a free online game that anyone can download and play if they have things which require to play this game. In this application, you can also get some points or coins by completing the daily tasks. By login to this game, by traveling a particular distance and surviving in the battleground at a particular time, you can complete the challenge and earn some coins to buy weapons and cloths.

Download We Game application to get 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile

Here we discuss an application where you earn free 7000 UC by putting a little effort. This application is known as “We Game App.” By using this app, you can earn a number of UC coins and buy a crate, skins of weapons, etc. for your PUNG mobile game. So let’s discuss this application in brief.

We Game application

Introduction of We Game Application

We Game app is an application in India which is available online. It is a free application that you can download on your android set and iOS devices. It has used a friendly interface and also consumes less space on your mobile phone. This game doesn’t contain any advertisement which is the plus point of this game. You can say it is a helping application which helps to PUBG mobile players. Here you can learn how to play better and how you can get the chicken dinner easily.

The We Game application helps to boost the player’s ranking. It provides a module where you can review the details of your PUBG stats and the ranking of your friends and all. It can record your game plans like weapons and all while you are playing the match. With this application, you can clearly review and analyze your performance. By this, you can try to improve your gaming skills to become an expert player. Here you can also view your past stats at any time anywhere.

This app also works as an alarm to you about your online friends. It means you can know how much of your friends are online without login into your account. Here you can also make appointments with your friends about the next tournament. It works as a one-click game booster application. It also notifies you when you need the update and clears your phone storage automatically. Here you can also participate in the events which organize some times to get the gifts and coins. Although we can say that We Game Application provides you the best support to play and learn new skills for PUBG mobile games.

Free 7000 UC from Pubg

Is this application affects your PUBG mobile account?

No, it doesn’t affect your PUBG mobile account. This application is officially launched by PUBG mobile, and it doesn’t include any illegal acts. It works legally, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of damage or hacking, ban. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and download this application to your mobile and become an expert player of PUBG mobile. But one thing you should make sure that you know the proper rules to use this application for better results. To run this application and get 7000 free UC hacks, you need to follow the steps we will discuss below.

Steps to earn 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile

  1. To get 7000 free UC currencies, you have to follow the below steps and buy the exciting features on PUBG to make your friends jealous.
  2. To earn the currencies first, you have to download the We Game application from visiting the website or play store.
  3. To register yourself, you have to sign in the account with your Gmail account or any of the social site accounts.
  4. Now after registering yourself, you will get a chat icon on your screen open it.
  5. Now type your user name and game ID by putting a comma between them and send it.
  6. Now you are done, and you will get the 7000 free UC currencies to your PUBG account.

Now, you understand how to run this application, so visit and download this application as soon as possible to get some more exciting things.

An important note related to We Game Application

The We Game Application is only working in India. Yes, if you are living anywhere else outside India, then you can’t run this application. But still, you can use and enjoy this application by doing one thing. You can use a VPN. You can download the VPN and connect it to India, and now you can download this gaming application. The size of this We Game application is only 50 MB. This is the perfect time to download this application and share it with your friends and colleagues.

get the 7000 free UC currencies to your PUBG account

Some other ways to get 7000 free UC in PUBG mobile gaming application

1. Purchase UC in a free of cost by giving online surveys

This is one of the easiest methods which you can use to get the free UC. There are some online websites and apps which provide you an amount if you fill out their survey. You can also choose the Google credits, which you can use to get some more money and then redeem them in your PUBG account.

For this, you have to download the sites and participate in surveys. You have to be more careful while giving the answers to the questions because, according to that, they will pay you some money. For this, you can try Google’s opinion rewards, where you can get $1 by completing a survey. Google arranges these types of surveys based on your habits. You can download as many apps and games in the Google app store to complete the surveys.

2. Download Swagbucks Application:

It is another great method that helps you to get the free UC PUBG mobile currencies. Here you can get the Google credits for free. You will get various types of competitions or challenges in these applications. This app will be paid you some amount when you watch or share their videos by playing games and all. Every day you will get the new challenges, and you have to fulfill that for qualifying to get coupons. The gift card which is available in the Swagbucks is $25, which means you can earn 2500UC for free. You can try it more time to get some more money.

3. Participate in the game challenges to earn free UC:

Many sites organize many challenges. You can learn more about these challenges by visiting the sites or through YouTube channels. One of the most popular challenges to earn free UC is the India bonus challenge. It is a new feature developed by PUBG to get some exciting gifts and items. This challenge provides you some challenges which you can accept or not as per your need.

If you accept this challenge and win the game, then you will earn your battle points. Otherwise, you can try for the next time. The number of coins depends on the type of challenges. You will get more points when you accept a harder challenge. You can redeem these battle coins as your UC coin. For every 1000 winning coin, you will earn 100 UC coins. If you want to earn more coins, then you have to compete with each challenge daily.

Other then these, there are many ways to earn7000 free UC coins in PUBG mobile game. You can explore more things about this topic by visiting YouTube channels.



Now you can clearly understand that how can you earn more UC currencies without spending your real money. There are thousands of sites and apps present that provide such information to PUBG lovers. If you follow each and every step we discussed above to get the 7000 UC coin, you will surely earn. You have to be more focused while playing the challenges, and you have to try again and again to win.

FAQs related to free UC in PUBG mobile

1. Can I earn more than 5000 free UC coins?

Yes, you can earn up to 10000 UC coins free of cost by following the different ways of getting currencies.

2. I am living outside India, so can I use the WE Game application?

We game application is only accessible in India. You can’t run this app legally if you are outside India. But yes, you can download the VPN and connect it to India and enjoy this app.

3. Can I redeem the amount which I win from different apps?

Yes, you can redeem it and buy your weapons in PUBG mobile app.

4. Can I use these apps multiple times a day?

Yes, you can use these above-described apps multiple times a day.

5. Can I buy the weapons and clothes on my PUBG gaming app using the winning points or coupons?

Yes, you can buy weapons cloths and anything which you want to buy by redeeming your points.


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