Kuttyrockers [Top 7+ Best Alternatives For Your Ultimate Movie in 2021]

By | February 3, 2021

A Brief Introduction

The present-day scenario requires all of us to have lives where we are very busy throughout the day. Most of us are either employed or have things to look after at home or outside. As a result, people have found less and less time to spend on their own. Since we barely find any time to take care of ourselves, we find even lesser time to take care of our family beyond what is necessary. In between all of this, some people manage to find quality time for their family, partners, and themselves. That comes at a great cost and tones of uncertainties.

A great way to spend time together or with oneself is to watch a movie. On that note, watching a movie may be a painful experience in today’s times as there may be long queues or sold out timings. The shows in the afternoon or night are highly-priced too. Thus, most people of this generation resort to watching movies at their comfort. They use their mobile phones and laptops to enjoy a movie at home or while they are by themselves – waiting at the airport or at an idle time in the office.

Thus, watching movies online is a great way to pass the time. You can set the movies to download and watch it offline later, or you can directly watch the movies on an online platform. Platforms that allow download and viewing of movies are often illegal but very resourceful. One such platform is Kuttyrockers. Kuttyrocker provides for excellent content for people speaking every sort of regional language in India. It particularly focuses on Tamil and Telugu movies, but you can find other varieties as well. Let us find out more about this particular movie-watching and download website.

What Is Kuttyrockers?


Kuttyrockers is one of the best websites that allow people to download and view movies on it. Most of the movies that are available on Kuttyrockers are pirated or leaked. Nevertheless, this website makes for a great platform to find good quality pirated movies and other video content. One of the best features of Kuttyrockers is that users can find some of the most recent movies on this page. The movies that are uploaded on Kuttyrockers are mostly of high grade in quality. The best part is that the movies available on the Kuttyrockers website are completely free of cost. You can download them without paying a penny.

The collection of Kuttyrockers makes the website one of the top favorites of every movie buff living within India or outside the country. You can choose from various categories to find the film that you are looking for. Alternatively, Kuttyrockers also makes for a great platform to watch movies online stead of downloading them. You can open an online media player to watch the movies in case you are running low on mobile data and space on your phone.

Features Of Kuttyrockers

It is a great website to engage in as it allows smooth and hassle-free downloads for movies and other video content. You can find some of the most regular movies made available on the Kuttyrockers website without any delay. Due to no delay between the release date and online release, Kuttyrockers has often run into legal issues. However, downloading movies from the website offers many more benefits than the trouble that you may or may not face. Let us look at some of the features of this website.

  • It has a Great Movie Collection

The movie collection of the Kuttyrockers website is vast as it accommodates movies of various categories. The language of the movies is never a barrier as one will find movies in various languages and dubbed versions for people who do not speak that language. There are various genres available on the website, as well.

  • High Quality Of Pictures

The movies available on Kuttyrockers come in high-quality definition, which means they are either 720p or 1080p high definition movies. If you are lucky enough, you might find the movie that you were looking for in 4k HD picture quality. 

This is not bad news for people who do not have the provisions to download high-quality movies as most of the movies are available in lower-quality videos, such as 360p and 240p. You can save on your Internet data plan and download the movie on your phone for a one-time watch.

  • Free Movie Download

All the movies that are available on the Kuttyrockers website are free of cost. This means that anyone can download them without having to pay any money. Kuttyrockers do not require monthly or yearly subscriptions as well. Even if you watch a movie on the platform, you do not have to pay for the session, and neither does anyone need to purchase a movie. 

  • User-Friendly Interface

The interface that the Kuttyrockers website uses is user-friendly as the options on the website are neatly arranged. A lot of care is taken to make sure the website can be used by all sorts of people who belong to any age, no matter how far their technical abilities go. Besides, the entire reason for making the website user-friendly is that people can access all they need without much trouble or look around on the web page. 

  • Recent Movies Available

Most of the movies that are being released on the big screens find their way to the website as soon as possible. It takes a week to find a copy of the movie on this website barely. As a result, most users of Kuttyrockers do not have to wait at the lines outside a movie theatre. They can sit at their homes and hit on download to download the entire film and watch it at their convenience.

These are the basic features of Kuttyrockers, making it one of the best-pirated movie websites in India. It appeals to the movie watchers living within India and outside. You can not only find big Hollywood and Bollywood movies but also look for regional content, which makes Kuttyrockers a great hub for all sorts of videos and film content.

Categories On Kuttyrockers

Kuttyrockers has a huge collection of films which is divided into categories. Some of the categories of movies that you will find on Kuttyrockers are given below:

  • Any Tamil Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • English Movies

Kuttyrockers is a page that promotes some of the biggest and the best Tamil movies. Apart from that, you will also find Bollywood movies within the same category dubbed into Tamil or other languages.

Best 7 Alternatives To Kuttyrockers in 2021

There are several alternatives to Kuttyrockers given the rise in movie-watching platforms these days. Some of them are given below.

1. Gostream

Gostream is a website that allows people to browse movies online at a high-quality picture or video quality. The interface is super cool, and it accommodates a large number of films for free. 

2. Vumoo

Vumoo is a website that is known for collecting films that belong to several languages. It has films that belong to various genres as well. Besides movies, people will also find documentaries, web series, and short video content to watch on this platform.

3. Movierill

Movierill is an online website that allows movies to watch for free. Users can either choose to download the film of their choice or stream it online on the website itself. People do not have to pay for any of the movies, and neither do they have to create an account with subscription every month or year. The films are free. 

4. Mxplayer

MXPlayer is one of the biggest websites and mobile applications to exist. Apart from functioning as a media player, it also allows people to view content that is made available on the platform itself. It runs on Android and iOS for mobile phone use and on Windows, Linux, and Mac for desktop use.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is a legal website that allows one to watch movies, web series, and other original content with a monthly or yearly subscription. You can watch them online without having to download them. 

6. Filmyzilla

People unable to afford the high subscription charges of the legal alternatives find this site highly beneficial. The site offers a variety of movie options for streaming and downloading without requiring users to pay. Not only do you get innumerable regional movies on this site, but also Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed ones. If you are a movie lover, searching for a free site, rich in movies, Filmyzilla is the one. Besides allowing you to stream and download movies, the site also offers a wide variety of documentaries, web series, tv shows, award functions. You can watch trending trailers and music videos too. 

7. Dvdplay

One of the excellent movie streaming websites that offers interruption-free entertainment is Dvdplay. Despite being an illegal site, it has been operating since years, through VPN servers and delivering an immense number of the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and regional films to users. People prefer this site because they get access to a wide variety of content for free. They can stream and download any Content, anytime in HD resolution. The site allows for unlimited downloading of contents, providing people with fast downloading speed and good audio quality. The site has become popular because of its fascinating features, one of which is its user-friendly interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) About Kuttyrockers

1. Can I Use Kuttyrockers On My Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can use Kuttyrockers on your mobile phone.

2. Does Kuttyrockers Have Hindi And English Films?

Yes, Kuttyrockers has Hindi and English films. However, you will find more Tamil films on the website.

3. Is Kuttyrockers A Legal Website?

No, Kuttyrockers is not a legal website.


As we have mentioned before, Kuttyrockers is not a legal website, which means that it can be shut down easily by the government of a nation. The reason behind this is that Kuttyrockers put out content that is often stolen or not accounted for. Thus, officials are always on the lookout to shut down websites that violate the movie’s copyrights.

Make sure to use a good VPN and a stable internet connection to download the movies.


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