How To Stop Sharing Locations Without Them Knowing?

By | August 4, 2022

Sharing your location with your friends and family is quite common. It could be due to safety measures or even to let them navigate when they are visiting you. But there could be times when you have shared the location with someone but them you don’t want to continue that.

It could be a breach of personal privacy, something that younger people tend to avoid. Everyone doesn’t need to know about your whereabouts 100% of the time. But the last thing that you want to do is let the other person know that you aren’t sharing the location. 

Talk about an awkward encounter. There are ways in which you can stop sharing locations without your friends and family know. It’s easy and won’t end up hurting anyone’s feelings in the process – a big win for everyone, right?

We will walk you through the top 6 tips and strategies that you can give a try and see which one works the best for you.

Is it possible to stop sharing locations without anyone knowing?

If you have shared your location with someone but don’t want to anymore, there are ways in which you can stop doing that without any hassle at all.

There are multiple ways to stop sharing locations, both manually and by disabling a few applications that are responsible for keeping track of the locations. For your convenience, we have managed to sort out some of the best tips.

How to Stop Sharing Your Location Without People Knowing?

After a lot of research, we have managed to shortlist some of the top tips that we know for a fact works and will allow you to stop sharing the location without any hassle at all.

#1 Turn on Airplane Mode

If you want to temporarily prevent people from tracking your location to maintain peace and personal privacy, we’d recommend that you turn on the airplane mode, which will allow you to conceal your location for the time being. It is hands down one of the most effective tips that work effortlessly.

However, keep in mind that when you enable the airplane mode on your smartphone, it will switch off your mobile data, Wi-Fi, and network connection too. So, you won’t receive any calls, messages, etc. if you want to stay connected to the internet, we’d recommend that you switch on the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Enabling Airplane mode in your phone is pretty simple. Follow the steps mentioned:

  • Go to the notification toggle on your phone
  • Search for the airplane mode button and tap once on it
  • This will put your phone in Airplane mode

When you are ready to disable it, tap on the button again and that should do the trick just fine.

#2 Use a separate iPhone

This is a hack that’s exclusive to just iPhone and iOS users. So, if you use Android, you won’t be able to use this particular hack. That said, one unique feature of the iPhone is that it allows the users to share their location from another iPhone, keeping their current location concealed. So, once you share that location, you can leave the other iPhone at home or stationary somewhere and forget about people knowing about your actual location.

However, you need to ensure that you are logged into both iPhones with the same Apple ID. Not doing so won’t allow you to go through with the process.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Navigate to the iPhone profile
  • Turn on the “Share my location” option
  • Open the other iPhone and tap on the “Find My” app
  • Tap on the Me icon
  • Tap on “Use this iPhone as my Location”

Doing so will use the spare iPhone’s location as your current location and allow you to conceal your actual location from friends, family, or someone else.

#3 Turn off the “Share my Location”

This option is another easy method for you to prevent others from accessing your location without your consent. Also, it is an effective measure that will prevent anyone from knowing that you have turned off the location sharing, so there are no awkward encounters in the future at all.

When you disable this option, it doesn’t send any kind of notification, so you are in good with this.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Unlock your iPhone and navigate to Settings
  • Tap on the Privacy tab
  • Tap on Location Services
  • Tap on “Share my Location”
  • Disable the toggle if it is switched on

It is hands down one of the easiest and fool proof ideas that you can implement without any hassle at all. The users connected won’t be able to see you on the list of friends when you disable this option, so make sure you keep a check on that. The only downside to this trick is that when you reactivate the feature again, the other person will receive a notification of the same.

#4 Disable location From the Find My app

If you use an iPhone, chances are that you know about the Find My app. It’s what iPhone users can leverage to share their location with both friends and family. However, if you want to prevent other users from knowing about your location and keeping track of it, we’d recommend that you disable the location without any discussions at all.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • From there, open the Find My app
  • Turn off the “Share my Location” feature under there

Also, under that feature, you will find a separate feature wherein you can select which people you wish to share the location with. If there are any individuals that you don’t feel comfortable sharing your location with, you can directly remove them from the list. 

The good thing is that no one is notified during the process, so you aren’t going to embarrass yourself at all in the process. Just ensure that you stay vigilant throughout the process of who can access your location.

#5 Using a GPS Spoofer

Now, the above-mentioned methods are simple and free of cost entirely but there are chances that all of them might not work as efficiently as you want them to. In that case, the best alternative is to use a GPS spoofer. It works effortlessly and conceals your GPS location without notifying anyone that you have shared the location with.

Using a GPS spoofer is also a good way to protect your privacy if that is something you are particularly afraid of. There are paid and free spoofers available in the market. Ideally, we’d recommend using a reliable option that is trusted by people globally. You want to use an app that’s developed by a trusted developer.

One of the best GPS spoofers that we’d recommend is AnyGo. The app is fairly simple to use, provided you are following the steps mentioned.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download and install AnyGo to your laptop or desktop
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer you downloaded the app to
  • Launch the AnyGo app and tap on Start
  • Navigate to the top-right corner and tap on the Teleport icon
  • Enter the location you want everyone else to see
  • Tap on Go

Doing this will conceal your current location and help others stay distracted without any complaints at all.

#6 Set up a Virtual Location

If you want to have a better chance of concealing your location, we’d recommend that you use a virtual location. It is quite simple to use and doesn’t involve any hassle.

There are a variety of third-party tools and software options that you can download to your computer and then use to manage the phone’s location.

The steps typically depend on the app you have downloaded. However, most of them need to be installed on your computer and not the phone. You can change the location of your phone on the connected computer with a few simple steps.

Tenoshare iAnyGo is a good tool you can use to set up your virtual location. It is free and 100% reliable and safe, something that you won’t have to worry about or compromise at all if that is something you are concerned about.

If you are using iMessage, there is an option for you to conceal your location from there as well. You can also select the duration up to which you wish to hide the location from a selected contact on your phone. The good thing is that it doesn’t involve any kinds of risks of notification alerts when you disable the location.


Sharing your location during times of need is justified. It keeps you safe and keeps your friends and family at peace knowing that you aren’t in any trouble. However, there are certain situations where you might not feel comfortable sharing your phone’s location and that’s completely alright. We hope the tricks mentioned in this article give you a good insight into ways you can conceal your location without notifying anyone on your contacts list.


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