7 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone 

By | August 8, 2022

SMS trackers have been around for years now. And, before you go around thinking they aren’t worth the time or they are violating someone’s privacy, understand the primary objective of these apps. 

Most of them are predominantly used to prevent scams and for parental control. Most parents use these apps to ensure the safety of their children and keep track of the people they are conversing with via their mobile phones. 

However, with so many different SMS trackers available online, finding a few reliable and worthy options can be challenging. We have managed to browse through the Internet and sort out a list of the top free SMS trackers that you can consider using. 

1. uMobix 

If you are hunting down the most reliable, non-invasive, and worthy SMS tracking apps online, we’d recommend looking into uMobix. Not just messages and chats, the app also allows you to track their phone log, contacts, etc. The best part is that the target phone users don’t even have an idea of what’s going around. 

One of the unique features of this app is the screenshot function. Using it on an iPhone allows you to capture screenshots of the target phone without any complaints. You can also track the incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone, which is quite promising too. 

Another factor you will appreciate is the easy access to the gallery and Internet activity. This allows parents to monitor the online safety of their children and ensure that they aren’t getting derailed in their lives. The geo-tracking feature on this app is also a superior functionality you can look into. 

2. eyeZy

Another popular yet free SMS tracking app that we’d 100% recommend looking into is eyeZy. Using this app, you can seamlessly track all the incoming and outgoing text messages without any hassle at all. Also, the tracker app works independently, which means that you won’t have to worry about installing anything extra on the target phone. 

Having such inconspicuous features ensures that the target phone’s user has no idea that you are tracking any of their data. So, you can seamlessly get through the functionality without any hassle at all. It is one of the most popular spying software that you can get your hands on. 

If you are a parent who is worried about your child’s phone usage, we’d recommend that you look into this spying software without making them feel like you are intruding on their privacy or being too tough on them without any reason. The best part about using this software is the versatility of features. Not only can you spy on the messages, but you can also use this to sort out the internet activity of your child, which is a bonus. 

3. Hover watch 

Hover watch is quite underrated but worthy spying software you can consider looking into. It is a free text message tracker but it does a lot more than that. This is complete spyware software that assists you in sorting out all your tracking work without any hassle. There is a hidden phone tracker option with this app, which is a benefit too. 

The best part of this software is that it works in stealth mode, which means that the target phone’s user will not have any idea that you are spying on their device. Also, the software allows you to track multiple data types, including the location and internet activity as well. 

Both outgoing and incoming messages can be tracked. Also, users can track their social media chats and activity to ensure that kids are safe while browsing through the platforms online. There is a free trial version if you wish to root your Android device, which is an additional benefit that you can make the most use of. Also, in case you are stuck while using the app, they provide round-the-clock email and chat support. 

4. mSpy 

If the name of this tracking software wasn’t a giveaway, it is another one of your popular free text message trackers that you can use to anonymously track your children’s or employees’ phone records. It allows you to view all the text messages without any hassle while maintaining optimal anonymity throughout the process. 

Since the software works in the background mode, the target user doesn’t have any idea that the app is tracking their phone’s activity. So, there’s no doubt why it is such a popular app among parents. You can keep a log of all the incoming and outgoing messages using this app. 

The best part about using this free SMS tracker is that it syncs the messages in real-time. This means that you won’t have to go back and check in time and time again. You will instead continually get updates in case new messages pop in here and there. There is a live tracking feature available as well, which adds to the benefits of using this software in real-time. 

5. Clevguard 

Another underrated but highly functional SMS tracker app that we’d recommend looking into is Clevguard. This one is unlike anything else that you will come across and rightfully so. It allows you to track the data on the target phone without them knowing. But, what’s the best part about this application is the seamless navigation and the stealth mode. Despite the target phone’s location, you can easily access all the data without any hassle at all. 

The reason why this app has gained immense popularity among parents is because of the live GPS tracking feature. It allows the users to keep a track of their child’s location to ensure their safety round the clock. The messages can be tracked in real-time, which is a benefit as well. Both the incoming and outgoing messages can be tracked. 

Also, the free SMS tracker app comes with multiple language support, which is a bonus. You do have a trial version of this app, following which you need to pay extra to be able to use this app. Despite the kind of features they have, the software is 100% safe and won’t record or store any of the data from either of the phones in question. So, you won’t have to worry about putting your data at risk of a security breach. 


If you are on the lookout for an OG-free SMS tracker app, we’d highly recommend XNSPY. It has been around for years now and offers some of the most secure yet functional spying abilities on a different phone without any hassle at all. The good thing about this app is the live version of the demo. If you aren’t sure about splurging out, their demo should give you a good idea of what you should look out for. 

Another benefit to this application is that it is available on both iPhone and Android. So, you can track all the relevant details without any hassle at all. The software was developed with the intent to support and optimize parental controls to create a safer digital space for the children while they are browsing online. 

Also, since there are questions about the usability of various SMS tracker apps, XNSPY constantly monitors the purpose of use. If they find any of their users violating any privacy concerns or misusing the software, relevant actions are taken. Also, the apk itself doesn’t record any data or store them, which ensure optimal safety of both the users in question. 

7. FlexiSpy 

When talking about free SMS tracking apps online, FlexiSpy is an option that you won’t regret at all. From mobiles to computers, the app is functional across all platforms without any hassle at all. You get access to a remote installation service, which allows you to streamline a hassle-free installation process without any complaints at all.

If you want to make the most out of the parental control feature, this is the app that we’d recommend you look into without any questions asked. Besides online activity, the app works equally well in reducing the risks of explicit text messages which is a very common violation among most children today. Their mobile viewer app is quite promising and works effortlessly to keep track of all the different messages and digital activity online. 

You can start with their free trial, following which they offer a free remote installation without any compromise. One of the biggest downsides to using this application is the need for physical access to the target phone. However, it is a one-time thing so you should be able to sort that out initially. Once it’s sorted for the first time, you can then anonymously keep track of all the various information without the other user knowing. 


The need for good, reliable, and free SMS tracker apps is a need of the hour right now. With the emerging cybercrimes among children, keeping them safe in the digital world is important. Unlike what most users might think this tracker software help in ways that are legal and not a violation of someone’s privacy. However, since more and more unregulated apps are coming on the internet, we’d highly recommend that you look into options that are safe and reliable and won’t end up intruding on anyone’s security and safety. 


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