How To Clear Cache On Roku?

By | February 11, 2023

You can stream content on your smart TV, among other things, with a Roku streaming device. Roku gadgets come in various shapes, including sticks, players, and TVs. Even though these gadgets were made for extended periods and are durable and well-built, freezing and sluggish performance are not unheard of. 

But, it’s not the end of the world. So clear the cache or restart your device to enhance your Roku’s efficiency and restore it to its former glory. Over the past few years, Roku has established itself as a household name in streaming. Although the streaming gadget was first intended to be used for watching TV episodes and movies, it now includes apps for music, games, sports, and other forms of entertainment.

Your Roku streaming media player ought to function mainly faultlessly in general. This is because it was made without regular upkeep or troubleshooting. However, even the most straightforward gadgets can occasionally experience issues, and your Roku might act strangely. You may have read that you can clean your Roku’s cache if it has performance problems, notably with jerky video playback or incorrect channel loading.

Your Roku can be restarted to fix performance problems if you experience them. After the restart, continue using your Roku as usual. Your concern should be solved if the problem you were experiencing can be fixed by restarting the gadget. If not, you should contact Roku technical support for more assistance.

Why Isn’t My Roku Working Correctly?

There are a lot of issues that might arise with contemporary smart devices, and Roku is no exception. Your Roku’s poor performance could result from a glitchy software update, a recently added channel, or even a cache buildup. Your Roku device can also be old-fashioned; even while they are made to last, its performance will only improve over time. With any piece of technology, there is always a downward spiral.

You may avoid many streaming issues by learning how to delete your Roku cache. Although Roku gadgets are typically quite simple, they can experience problems like any other item. For example, you may have a cache problem if an app has started to operate very slowly or has stopped responding to instructions after being open for a while. 

Since there are few moving parts in Roku devices, there’s a significant possibility that the issue is with the device’s software rather than its hardware. If you factory reset your Roku, you can usually fix any problem, but you’ll have to log back into all your accounts patiently. Try first emptying your cache as an alternative.

Although Roku doesn’t provide instructions for clearing your cache, a relatively easy workaround is compatible with all current Roku devices. You only need a functional remote and a few minutes of your time. First, you’ll need to uninstall the problematic app, so be prepared with your login credentials.

How to fix my Roku?

We are not accustomed to needing to restart our devices in the age of modern technology. However, there are situations when a restart is necessary and advised. There are several ways to restart Roku devices. 

On the other hand, your Roku may perform better because of the total cache. Similar to any other device, the cache essentially stores data to load it more quickly in the future. However, because this information is kept in the cache memory, it can quickly overload your device once it accumulates. This may occur on your computer, game console, or Roku device.

System Restart

The Settings menu is where you can restart your Roku first. Then, using the OK button on your Roku Remote, navigate to the Home menu and pick Settings from the drop-down menu. 

  • The System option can be found in the Settings menu; click the OK button to access it. 
  • Scroll down to the “System restart” entry, choose it, and then press OK once again.
  • Choose Restart from the following menu to finish.

Rebooting device

For more significant glitches, the second restart technique works wonders. The Roku device may restart after a series of button presses if you can’t effectively browse the menus. Start by pressing the Home button five times, followed by the Up, Rewind, and Fast Forward buttons twice each. Hold off till your Roku shuts off and restarts. If you uninstall the apps, they will still be on the Roku device. 

Restarting the Roku device is the following procedure. Choose settings from the Roku home screen to accomplish this. Select System next. Select the System restart option from the right pane of the system options. Next, select Restart. Restart is then confirmed. The Roku device will restart automatically, and all cache will be cleared. 

To add an application to Roku, take the following actions: Choose Streaming channels from the Roku main screen. Choose Search Channels, and then pick the program you wish to add.

Clearing Cache

When you clear the cache, your Roku device will have a clean stream slate. This is especially useful if you’re having playback troubles because emptying the cache might be able to fix them. If your Roku subtitles don’t turn off, it might also help. 

All you have to do to remove the app cache on your Roku is follow the second approach described above. The device will restart after you have inputted the sequence above, which should take about 30 seconds. It will also erase the app cache during this time.

The app can now be reinstalled for a fresh start. You may browse the Roku Channel Store or conduct a voice or text search to discover your needs. The outcome will be the same regardless of how you get there: Then click Add channel after selecting the desired app.

How to restore my Roku by clearing the cache?

If your Roku continuously buffers, you should delete the cache. On a Roku, deleting caches releases storage. According to our research, the best method for clearing the cache is to restart your device, unplug it for a short period, and then plug it back in. This will clear off any cached data that might interfere with your Roku functions. 

Even though using these techniques should improve the performance of your Roku, if the device is outdated, you should consider buying a new one. Brand-new gadgets won’t suffer from a restart and a cache clear-up. 

Why do we need to clear the cache in Roku?

Your Roku’s web browser saves information about websites it visits, so they will load faster the next time you use it. The browser saves this data when you visit a website like Amazon, Google, Facebook, or Twitter so that it won’t have to download it again the next time you visit that page. Most people find this technique effective, but occasionally it might need to be revised. Due to the outdated cached version, some websites need to be fixed. 

Other times, the cached version becomes tainted, preventing the browser from accessing the accurate version of the page. This occurs more frequently than you might imagine. It’s one of the reasons why plenty of people have issues using particular websites on their Roku. 

The cache may need to be cleared if your Roku is experiencing problems, such as poor speeds or errors. Your device’s performance will be enhanced overall if you clear the cache. Additionally, it may speed up your page- and menu navigation.


1. What is cache?

The cache is a location where data and information are temporarily stored. A web page or program initially caches the necessary data in the cache before being opened. The cached data is then saved when the software or website is closed so that it does not need to be accessed from the server repeatedly.

2. Do we need to clean the Roku device’s cache?

Yes, if you have any performance problems while using the Roku device, such as buffering, sluggish loading, or freezing. On Roku devices, you can clean the cache using the following techniques.

3. Is it possible to make my Roku faster?

You can use these suggestions to boost your Roku device’s performance. For example, you can benefit from clearing the cache and cookies on Roku by improving system performance. Additionally, it will ease the strain on your network’s capacity. Getting rid of some Roku channels is another option.

4. Can I use the secret menu on Roku to remove the cache?

No, there is no option to clear the cache files under the Roku secret menu.


Most Roku-related issues can be resolved by clearing the device’s cache. However, deleting the cache and cookies on Roku may not function as intended. It would help if you used different troubleshooting procedures in such circumstances. These consist of installing new updates, restarting the gadget, updating the firmware, etc. 

If your Roku device or TV is still sluggish after clearing the cache, erase any channels you haven’t used recently. The storage on Roku will be cleared as a result. Your Roku’s insufficient storage capacity could be the cause of its slowdown. 


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