How do I cancel Peacock on Roku?

By | February 8, 2023

For happy streaming, Roku is the only option, which is better than the best. Online Roku streaming has made watching movies, series, sports, and live shows easier. It has created a hub for entertainment lovers.

Roku is such an amazing device—it can support all the channels in distinct languages, has advanced features, and fulfills the demands of users. Roku has created a new legacy in the world of entertainment.

Roku can offer so many amazing channels that it is enough to make your day or family time on Sundays. It is the biggest player right now. Roku is like a smartphone or computer that can be connected to the Internet and you can watch anything you want. 

Roku has a perfectly designed menu that can offer you anything; Peacock is one of them. Peacock is the latest channel on Roku that got so famous.

Are you sure about Peacock’s subscription to Roku? Do you want some changes to the plan? It is very simple, and we have the perfect guide for that.

Is Peacock Channel worthy of Roku?

Peacock is a significant channel on Roku. Peacock can offer unconditional content for entertainment. Roku users will be very familiar with Peacock Channels. This is the name, which comes on the menu most often.

With the help of the Peacock Channel, you can stream popular TV series, hit movies, sitcoms, and anything else that you like on Roku television. You can get hours of entertainment on Peacock channels. There is no doubt that this channel offers multiple genres to its users.

Anyone who wants to watch the Peacock channels has to subscribe. There are multiple offers applied to Peacock channels, based on the choices and tax. The subscription gets auto-renewed unless it is canceled from Roku television. The Peacock app is used on Roku television to watch limitless live sports highlights, documentaries, and so on. Peacock was considered an exclusive brand until it started malfunctioning slightly.

A peacock is indeed a good option for kids as well as adults. They can watch more than 50 Peacock channels on Roku TV, but what about the technical glitches? It offers hours of entertainment, but at a cost. Peacock Channel is not applicable outside the United States. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of Peacock channels. No matter if you subscribe, you will not be able to enjoy all the original content of the channel.

It has come to light that most Roku users are facing problems with the Peacock Channel. Issues are going on with the billing as well as technical glitches with Peacock Channel. That is the reason some people tend to cancel or unsubscribe from Peacock Channel.

 Sometimes, Peacock channels can also drive you crazy because of the outage. That does not make it a bad channel. Of course, Peacock is worthy of a Roku device; if you have already made up your mind and want to try something new, it’s your call. 

The next paragraph will explain how to cancel your Peacock Channel subscription from Roku devices.

Easy steps to cancel Peacock channels from Roku television

Peacock is one of the most frequently subscribed channels on Roku. This channel has a complete set of entertaining shows, movies, series, and everything that you would love to watch. This channel offers multiple genres for gamers. If you are fond of digital entertainment, you may have come across Peacock and subscribed to it at first sight.

For a few months, Peacock has received many troubleshooting requests due to technical glitches and some issues with the auto payment or double payment from the Peacock account as well as Roku. 

For such reasons, you may want to cancel Peacock or unsubscribe from it. But how will you do that?

We are here to give you our full support. We will explain to you how to cancel Peacock Channel on Roku. With some easy steps, you can do it on your own and get rid of Peacock anytime you want. Follow the steps mentioned below and do it as instructed.

  • Home page

The very first thing you need to do is go to the homepage on your Roku device. Use the Roku remote to do the same. You need to press the home button on the Roku remote; it will direct you.

  • Choose the channel

The Roku remote has a set of functional buttons that will help you select the channel you want to cancel. Use the directional pad, which is in the center of the Roku remote. Then you need to select the Peacock channel.

  • Select options

After you are done selecting the channel, you need to use the Roku button to open the option. You need to press the start button on your Roku remote; it will automatically open an entire menu of options so you can take the right action. Use the buttons on the Roku remote to browse the menu. 

  • Manage subscriptions

You will be given a chance to review your subscription plan on your Roku device. Check out the subscription plan for Peacock on your Roku device by selecting “Manage Subscription.” This option will open the renewal date and additional options related to the Peacock subscription on your Roku device.

  • Unsubscribe

Now it’s time for the main task. You have to unsubscribe from Peacock on Roku. For this, first, you need to choose the “unsubscribe button” with the Roku remote. After that, you will receive a message regarding the cancellation of Peacock on your Roku TV. The message will mention the cancellation of the subscription and the duration until when you can continue accessing the channel, its content, and its services. 

Read the entire message and decide whether you need to cancel it at the moment or you can spare some days and then cancel the subscription to Peacock Channel.

  • Cancel your subscription

 If you have made up your mind to cancel anyway, you will receive another message confirming the cancellation of your subscription to the Peacock channel on your Roku device. The confirmation message will end all the services and content accessible from the Peacock channel on your Roku TV.

  • Done with cancellation

Once and for all, you need to select the button “done” with your Roku remote. This is the final task you need to do when you are satisfied with all the terms and conditions and have canceled the Peacock channel.

What are the alternatives for Peacock on Roku?

Peacock is a very popular channel and is also known for providing the right content for entertainment. No matter if you just want to cancel Peacock and try something new because that is what matters, you should always try something new and find the right one for yourself. Check out the alternatives mentioned below that can be a good substitute for Peacock channels on Roku. 

  • Starz

Starz is an online streaming channel, always on demand. This Roku channel has a very convenient monthly price and also comes with a 7-day free trial. Starz will provide you with cable television channels as well as videos, which are always available on demand globally.

Starz can function well on Roku platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. Once you subscribe to Starz, you can enjoy everything, including a variety of entertaining videos. Let’s stream online on Starz.

  • Disney Plus

Disney has been a part of our lives since childhood. Now you can get the same channel as an alternative on your Roku television. Get the chance to watch everything on Disney Plus. This channel is available in more than 59 countries. 

Watch all your favorite shows, Disney movies, documentaries, cartoons, etc., only on Disney Plus. This channel can entertain your entire family; no doubt Disney Plus is a suitable channel not only for children but also for adults.

  • Paramount Plus

If you are fond of Netflix and want to have a similar experience on Roku as well, then go for Paramount Plus. This is exactly like Netflix. It is famous for streaming TV shows, movies, sitcoms, series, and many other entertaining things. You will get a chance to get online streaming services from Paramount at a very sustainable cost. 

Watch the perfect channel for entertainment, like CBS Sports, the NFL, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon Junior, Paramount Pictures, etc.

 You can also get a free 7-day trial of Paramount Plus. Get all the exciting channels—this is one of the best alternatives to Peacock on your Roku device.


Can you imagine staying without Peacock? If that is a very tough decision for you, then go for the above-mentioned alternatives to Peak. Do not worry; Roku has brought you multiple entertainment opportunities. You should never compromise with only one thing when you have so many alternatives.

Have a great time on Roku and watch your favorite shows. Try to find out the best channel for yourself, as well. Roku is such an amazing device for online streaming. Anything or any channel like Peacock will work flawlessly on it. It doesn’t matter if you do not want to continue with Peacock anymore because you can get other alternatives in its place. So be excited to explore them all.


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