How Long is the Roku Remote?

By | February 8, 2023

Roku TVs have become a hot topic all around the globe. There’s no doubt that Roku TVs have become the dream television for anyone. Along with this fierce TV comes another gadget that is as incredible as the television—it’s none other than a Roku remote. The Roku remotes are specially connected remotes for the Roku TV, which works extraordinarily. Roku is a wondrous gadget, and it has saved us in multiple ways. 

The Roku remote is just like a magic stick that can show you what you want within a blink of an eye. The Roku remotes have a classic look and a perfect size that can fit anyone’s hand. Today you will get to know more about the one and only Roku remote. This remote has got something more you can imagine. So here we go. Let us check out every detail of Ruko and how will measurability is.

Roku remote and its shape

Roku remotes come in an awesome package. These remotes are generally used for Roku devices. The Roku remote acts as a magic stick that can fit in the palm of your hand. If you are addicted to Roku streaming media players, then this remote can be a plus point. 

It will help you select any streaming channels from the Roku TV. You can also jump from one channel to another with shortcuts and preset channels with the help of the Roku remote. Imagine so many functions happening right in your eye. All of these are possible because the Roku remote has the perfect size to fit anyone’s palm. 

The Roku remote has a width of 42 mm. The length of the Roku remote is about 142 mm, and its height is around 21 mm. The entire unit of a Roku remote weighs around 0.045 kg. Can you imagine that? One remote that can easily do so many functions, but still be so light and perfectly shaped for your palm, is the Roku remote. Well, yes! That’s how Roku has made things possible for Roku TV users. 

Characteristics of Roku remotes

Wondering why Roku remotes have become so famous? Anything that comes with so many features can never skip the popular stage. The Roku remote is a new sensation in every household because this remote has made online streaming far easier for TV. 

The Roku remote can do more than you can imagine. You will be amazed to know some of its amazing features that can make your work easier.

  • Single tap

 A single tap on Roku remotes is enough to change the channel. Choose any of the buttons among Netflix, Apple TV, Disney, and Paramount—these channels have made it to the first Netflix. Now you can enjoy any one of them anytime you want to. Just click on your favorite online streaming platform with the help of the Roku remote.

  • Fit for the Roku brand

Do you use any of the gadgets on Roku? If yes, then you must know that this Roku remote is compatible with all the gadgets of the Roku brand. Let it be any TV model of Roku; the remote will still work on all of them.

  • Multiple channels

You do not have to juggle from one remote to another all the time because Roku remotes have a new feature that lets you control the TVs. With the help of the Roku remote, you will be able to adjust the TV’s volume or completely muffle the audio. The side buttons of this remote are remarkable.

  • Shortcut

Are you still stuck with two remotes and cannot figure out which button to click to change the online streaming channels? Well, it’s a very simple thing for the Roku remote. You can use it to jump from one streaming channel to another without delay. A single press can change the entire show you are watching on Roku television, so this remote can be a savior. 

  • Use of your voice 

This time, the Roku remote has a new feature that uses your voice. That’s how you can control everything. Roku remotes have made it possible for users to use the microphone. You should press the microphone button for a long time, and then you will be able to watch everything going on around you. This new feature is all you need for an extraordinary experience with Roku remote. Your work will be done have you ever seen such a remote before?

  • Power up remote

You do not have to run after batteries again and again if you are using a Roku remote. This remote is widely famous because it does not need support from anyone. Instead of 2 batteries, one is included so the gadgets can be charged up. This feature can save you money that you spent on subscriptions. Just 2 batteries can power off the remote anytime and anywhere. That’s how you never get in touch with the source of entertainment and have a wonderful time with TV.

Are all Roku remotes the same?

Roku remotes are mostly the same, with the same functions. This entire unit can function with multiple Roku devices. The functionalities of Roku devices are incredible; without a doubt, this remote can easily control all the channels on your system. That’s how Roku remotes help to control everything. 

The Roku remotes can work in the same way as any other Roku television. That is one of the most impressive parts of Roku. All the Roku remotes have the same memory, and each one of them functions perfectly.

How do I place the Roku remote behind the TV?

You may know how Roku’s remote will be able to help. Before you fully take advantage of the advantages of Roku remotes, you should know how to install them behind the television. That is how you will be able to control everything with a single finger. The formalities start with installing the Roku remote and then go to select your favorite show. 

Roku remote does not need many cables compared to others, that is the reason you can initiate free movement while watching your favorite show on the television.

After successfully installing the Roku remote, you just need to put on the batteries and let the Roku remote work its magic. Use the remote to watch the ending. We were careful about keeping or installing the cool remote behind the television. It doesn’t take much time, but a little bit of concentration and your streaming screen will be ready with a perfectly matching remote.

Why do Roku remotes drain batteries easily?

Roku remotes always have an issue with battery drainage. This remote is a masterpiece, but at the end of the day, it also consumes more battery. But this drawback never becomes a big deal because the services provided by Roku are incredible. It has the main job and functionality that can make anyone’s TV session easy. 

You know how helpful the Roku Remote can be. This remote is no less than a magical wand. No matter if the Roku remote dries the battery, it can fit the audio, video, and online streaming channels, which are important. It is perfect, along with the charge. 

Roku’s remote consumes the energy of two AAA batteries, but instead, it is taking a new initiative by charging the remote with natural light. But the heavy workload on the Roku remote has twisted things, so that’s why things don’t work.

With which devices is the Roku remote compatible? 

Roku’s remote comes with a bulk of surprises. You may never know how well-designed this model of remote is. It’s the future of every remote control all across the world. You will be amazed and more impressed after knowing the bucket full of devices’ names. Along with the Roku remote, things can work fabulously. 

Want to know them all well? You can just check the names of the devices, which are mentioned below:

  • Roku Stream bar
  • Roku Smart Soundbar 
  • Roku streaming bar Pro

The devices that can be controlled with the single Roku remote It has helped you watch wonderful movies or series, even with your friends. These are the reasons the Roku remote has become a hot topic right now. This remote comes with many benefits. Or a single investment can provide multiple opportunities if you pursue them with the help of a single remote. So grab it and use it well.


Roku remote—this invention has saved many people’s time. You may never have imagined a specialized remote that has so many unique features from any other normal remote. The Roku remote does not need any Internet connection to work, but it still worked fabulously. 

Roku remotes can be used to make online streaming sessions more fruitful. Instead of jumbling up different remotes for different devices, you can simply use the Roku remote and watch what you want, whenever you want, the way you want. You do not have to spend any further time on useless things when the best movies in series are waiting for you on the screen of TV first.


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