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Robert Mueller took advantage of cellphone GPS so that he can track Trump associate

Robert Mueller has said that he was successful to locate the position of Trump Tower in New York City with the help of security company executive Erik Prince’s accurate location. It was done in the year 2017 which took several years by cellphone signal. The special counsel’s report announces the investigative technique with which they… Read More »

Four-hour outrage of YouTube, Gmail and other service confirmed by Google

The company Google Inc. has reported on Sunday that their major services which include Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendars and others have faced some serious service problems for a total of 4 hours. Users all across the country have complained about this problem and finally, Google has come out with a statement. According to Google, The… Read More »

NASA in the final planning stage of their mission on exploring 16 Psyche’s full metal asteroid

The valuation of iron and nickel that scientists believed was made up by 16-Psyche’s potato-shaped asteroid in the outer reaches of the asteroid belt is about $10,000 quadrillion. The sum is very astronomical and it is now time for NASA’s Psyche mission to receive approval so that they can enter all the designs which are… Read More »

New Gaudi Artificial Intelligence training processor launched by Habana Labs

Habana Labs, which is a Tel Aviv based Artificial Intelligence startup has announced today that they will be releasing their Gaudi AI training processor. This will promise to simply beat all the systems which are GPU based on four factors. All the individual Gaudi chips are able to beat other GPUs because of their raw… Read More »

San Francisco will soon be banning e-cigarettes to protect kids but might end up hurting adults who use vaping to quit smoking

San Fransisco is getting very close to banning the sale of electronic cigarettes in their city so that they can ban minors from getting into this bad habit. This new rule will end up hurting all the adults who are trying really hard to make sure that the quit smoking with the help of vaping.… Read More »

Days after the expansion, Ethiopia’s government shuts off the internet

A couple of days after the Ethiopian ICT officials made all the public pledges so that they can improve net access, the government started to play off again. The government decided to shut off the internet so that they can coincide with the country’s national examination. Data Provider from Oracle said to Tech Crunch that… Read More »