Production starts for the New Nintendo Switch at the E3 2019

By | November 28, 2020

According to the news, Nintendo is coming out with two new Switch consoles this year. There has not been any kind of official announcement from Nintendo till now. It is expected that Nintendo will be announcing their consoles during E3. According to the report from The Wall Street Journal, this week during E3 2019, the company has revealed some of the details of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. The report also proves that Nintendo has started its console to Southeast Asia instead of China.

The President of United States Donald Trump has put an import tax of 25 percent and this would impact the gaming consoles a lot. The prices of gaming consoles will also increase rapidly. This will not only affect Nintendo but also Sony and Microsoft. Consoles are not the place where a company makes money. A company ends up making money on the games and services that come with the console.

If the 25 percent import tax is levied, then the prices of Nintendo will surely go up drastically. This will directly affect the sales numbers for all the console companies. Nintendo has tried making money on each and every console since 2017. The 25 percent tax will surely eat up the profit for Nintendo. This is one of the major reasons why the console company decided to shift its production from China.

According to the latest reports from WSJ, Nintendo has already moved production from the Switch model. The new consoles will only be different from each other in the form factor. One will be a high-end variant with more specifications and another one will be a cheaper option with fewer options available. Since the consoles are now in the production stage, they will be released soon.

Nintendo did not comment anything on these rumors. It is still not clear when Nintendo will be announcing all their consoles. The company has not discussed any new hardware in the conference this week. This decision has shocked a lot of people. Nintendo has a history of revising their older models and selling them. According to the rumors, it will definitely be a refined new version of the old console. A lot of things will be changed in the new consoles which have made a lot of Nintendo fans very excited. There will be a new release of Witcher 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available for this console.