Days after the expansion, Ethiopia’s government shuts off the internet

By | November 28, 2020

A couple of days after the Ethiopian ICT officials made all the public pledges so that they can improve net access, the government started to play off again. The government decided to shut off the internet so that they can coincide with the country’s national examination.

Data Provider from Oracle said to Tech Crunch that there was an internet blackout day from the 11th of June till the 14th of June. The connectivity of the internet was returning for a very brief period in the whole time span.

Some of the sources which are in the ground are known to include the countries tech community. The connectivity of IP and Mobile is now managed by a company called Ethio Telecom, which is owned by the state.

Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde were the people who came up with this solution. Both of the officials have committed that they will break up with the existing telecom company and privatize it.

There are other reasons for the outrage because of that government of Ethiopia has not released the statement. The government official has still not ended up changing the ICT Policy. They also refused to respond to the tech crunch industry.

According to the internet, people are saying that the only reason that the Internet was switched off is because of the students. If the internet was fast, students will end up cheating.

Ethiopia is basically an East African nation with 100 million economies and the continent’s largest economy and the next cyber hub.

The start-up culture of the country has begun to grow and in just a couple of years, you will be able to see the growth of the company along with new startups.